Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ever wondered what happened to those adorable little creatures from Star Wars, the Ewoks. Believe I have the answer. They are here among us, living quietly.

Isn't he adorable! His name is Chewy. He's my friend's little darling. Under all that fur he weighs only 4 pounds. Went to visit her yesterday. She only got him a couple of weeks ago. I'm so happy for her. He is the cutiest little thing. He's so little but was dragging and rearranging his toys and bed all over the room. And he doesn't shed. I'm so envious. My dogs don't stop shedding!!!! He's so little she could get one of those oversize purses and he could go anywhere with her.

There is nothing like a having a dog. I guess people will say that about cats too. I couldn't live without my doggies. There is nothing like coming home and seeing their happy faces. Of course, my puppies are in their teenage years. They would have to be-they are acting just like teenagers! Yesterday I was ready to get them both. They went running through the neighborhood. Simply left the yard. Figured out the batteries to their collars must have went out. Ah, freedom. Nothing like it I suppose. Ignore your masters calling you back home. No, there is so much to see and when you're found act as if you just went for a stroll. Driving back up in my husband's backseat it looked like they had been picked up by the police (remembering my previous lab Buddy who got picked up by the police and I ran the police car down eight months pregnant to resuce him for doggie jail). So, the next few days should be interesting keeping them in the yard until we get the batteries we ordered in the mail.

Finally done with the rough draft of Seductive Secrets!!! Now the revisions, the dreaded synopsis, and the query. I really do hate writing the synopsis, can't stand writing a hook, then the query...I really need a agent. Not going to happen too soon since I don't query them anymore.

Interesting, looking through the interenet as I do occassionally I went to Fictionwise. Haven't been on the site for a while since for whatever reason my publisher hasn't put Patriot Secrets up on Fictionwise. Not even going to say how long it took for Patriot Secrets to go up on Barnes and Nobles...but anyhow...Dream Walker is the number 2 best seller for Wild Child Publishing on Fictionwise! I thought that's pretty good! Should have done a sequel to it by now. Haven't. Would if it was in print. Now Patriot Secrets is different. I have two manuscripts in the rough draft as sequels, but its the same thing. If Patriot Secrets isn't in print, why put out the sequel yet?

Publishing is a hard business especially given the economy. I am so appreciative of being given the opportunity to be a published author, but...with Patriot Secrets at times I was convincing people it was from a publishing house...had to go and get my own reviews... do my own PR work on my own. Even if I had the opportunity for it to be in print, I would have taken it. I could do book signings which would pull people in. Then when you try to enter it into contest if its not in print you can't enter it. Of course, I doubt seriously it would be considered because it from a small publisher. That's why I'm debating whether to pay my dues for RWA. I really don't see what they do for the smaller published authors. It seems only for the larger publishers. Am I wrong?

Last week I wanted to post the winners of the RWA RITA awards on Novel Works but decide just to post the finalists. The reason...first I didn't know any of the winners. I have only read one of the authors that won and to be honest the book I read of hers was probably one of the worst books I read in ages. Talk, if I say anything then you would know and honestly I didn't read the book she won the award for. To be fair it could be totally different. So I decided to do the next best thing and post the finalists I liked. So many good authors and books. Didn't have an issue posting their books and it's my fan page.

But I'm enjoying the summer. Went out to the movies last night. One of those theaters that have luxury seats where you can have drinks and food served to you. OMG! Loved it. It helped that we watched the funniest movies- Horrible Bosses. One part I laughed so hard I had to take my inhaler. Now I have to get back to revising Seductive Secrets, back to the beginning, Chapter One...

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