Monday, July 25, 2011

Week Off from Novel Works

So, it's Charleston. Never been to England to take pictures.
Okay, I have to finish up Seductive Secrets. No more deleting the end. I have already done it twice! You know I have the ending in my head. Unfortunately, it's not coming out on paper like I visualize it! So in turn, there goes that delete button! Not that I have a deadline with Seductive Secrets. It's a self imposed deadline of my own.

I have so much I want to accomplish mainly going back to revise Whisperings and make it Belle of Charleston. I can't with an unfinished manuscript. I just can't. So I'm going to hold back on Novel Works this week. I will do new releases, of course. It's just I have to concentrate, really, concentrate. And...keep away from distractions, totally.

Seductive Secrets is important to me for a couple of reasons. One- for once I tried to follow the standard romance formula. I did say tried. Of course, I had to be original or I hope its original. Second- I like it. It was so hard at first because every time I started a scene the characters pulled me in one direction and that darn formula...well, needless to say it took a while. In the end though it all came together, just took me longer.

Okay, now that my "Regency Romance" is almost complete, can I tell you what irritates me about Regency romances? A lot. Historical inaccuracies mainly. Of course some of the stringent rules that English society applied to their members gives way to numerous conflicts to write about, but do romance writers push the limits? On this rant, I'm not going after romance writers, I'm one, but how many times can a Duke fall in love with a totally unacceptable young woman? How many dukes, earls, viscounts, barons, are there in England?

Do you really think that a Duke would marry a school teacher? Do you? Really? Or marry his mistress? Granted, I have read a case of one, but it didn't happen often and the ton deeply frowned upon it. Although I have to say from what I have read, the lords knew how to kept their mistresses happy. The other thing I don't understand why everyone is so enthralled with the idea of aristocrats. Did you know that adultery was accepted practice back then for the aristocrats?

It's all kinda ironic that so much romance has been written about Regency England and the Season when the ladies barely got to speak to their suitors alone. They hardly got to know them before they were married. Being a writer, we become inventive on ways for them to see each other (totally inappropriate of course).

I know I'm ranting about myself now because I caved and wrote one. I did. Lets see how it does or if I can even get another to read it. Funny, I have faith in this book. I think its a winner. After all that ranting...but I did say I believe its original to a certain extend.

So let me finish it up this week and start sending it out.

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