Friday, July 12, 2013

Winds of Betrayal Series- Embrace of the Enemy

Winds of Betrayal Series had a good week. The Cry For Freedom was advertised on Book Bub. This shows the power of a good advertisement.

The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy were once one book-Patriot Secrets. I split the book into two because Patriot Secrets was over 110,000 words. That's too long for an ebook. Kiss of Deceit is the third book in the series. The Heavens Shall Fall will follow.

I just want to take a moment. I don't usually say much about when something good happens to any of my books. I can't really, not when I have a cyber-stalker that won't let go of me even after a year and a half. When she attached herself to me, I was told the only thing I could do would be to leave all my works behind and go underground. I didn't do that. I'm so stubborn, but looking back I probably should have. I'm only one person. When you're an Indie, you don't have the support of a publisher. When you're an Indie with a group of trolls attached to you, you don't have a lot of support from other writers...some but nobody wants a group of trolls to attack them in this manner. So they distance themselves from you.

But sometimes something good won't last. I know it won't—but for the moment...

Embrace of the Enemy is in Amazon #100 Family Saga!