Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love Charleston!

I love Charleston! What a wonderful time we had visiting the lovely city. My husband and I took my youngest for a small tour of colleges along the coast last week. One was the College of Charleston which had to be the most beautiful campus I have ever been on. Yet, I admit I might be a tad bias because I have wanted to visit Charleston for so long.

I've heard people talk about Charleston. I have read about it. I have researched the history. And it did not fail to still impress me. When I first began research for Patriot Secrets, I began getting a glimpse of some of the history of Charleston starting with the fact that originally Charleston was called Charles Town. It wasn't until after the Revolutionary War when it was renamed. Up until that point when I thought about Charleston, I thought about antebellum times and the Civil War. Once I started researching the history, I couldn't stop. Charleston, South Carolina, has to be one of the most interesting places in the United States. What a riveting history! Explosive...intriguing...fascinating!

I walked all around Charleston. One of the tours I was suppose to go on got canceled. So instead I walked the streets alone. I loved it! I knew a lot of the history so the whole of the walk enthralled me. The churches, the shops, the waterfront, the Battery, the homes...need I go on. Moreover it was just how I pictured it in my mind from all my readings. The homes along the Battery are simply gorgeous! The people themselves couldn't have been nicer. Don't get me wrong. I realize no city is perfect, but my husband and I fell in love with Charleston. It was hot. One day I believe it hit a 100. For us up in New England that's hot.

Such a pleasant trip! When I got home, I heard from Whiskey Creek about my release date for The Sun Will Rise, Part I!      JANUARY, 2012 
Excited to become a part of Whiskey Creek Press. I've heard so many good things about them. I am going to revise on thing with The Sun Will Rise. It's title. The story is set in Charleston during the Revolutionary War as well as the sequel. After visiting, I have to change the title to include a connection to Charleston. I just have to decide what first.
I have had the best time with my trailer. I'll confess I've watched it a few times. I can't help it. Wish I thought of some contest to connect Patriot Secrets to the 4th. Wouldn't it have been a good idea to have released it around the 4th of July? So many things learned, but I have say I have been pleased lately with the feedback on Patriot Secrets, extremely so.

I have included some of my pictures of Charleston. If you haven't gone and have the opportunity to do so, go! From the ghost tours (you have to go), to the plantations, to the food..I know you'll love it like I did! 


Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, so its a little on the late side since Patriot Secrets was released last October, but better late than never. And I love it. You know it's almost the 4th of July. What better time to read Patriot Secrets than the 4th! It would be a great read!

Feel like I'm so behind. Getting back from a week off. Between everything happening before I left, it was just the break I needed. We took our youngest on a tour of colleges. She has it in her mind to go down South, but somewhere along the coast. Oh, we had the most wonderful time in Charleston! We loved it. It was just like I pictured it which is a good thing since I wrote about it in almost every historical book I've written.

Went to Drayton Hall. Its the plantation I use in my head when I wrote The Sun Will Rise (due out later this year with Whiskey Creek Press) and Another Night Falls. It's also the plantation that I was inspired to write Whisperings of a Southern Heart. Oh, while I was there I decided I have a better title for Whisperings- Belle of Charleston. The trip motivated me to the point where I have decided to revise the beginning of Whisperings. Walking the streets of Charleston, I thought about Whisperings. Sometimes it is better to let a book sit for awhile before revising it. I'm excited about it, but I have to finish Seductive Secrets first.

Then I have the sequel to Patriot Secrets and guess where its set...Charleston, except back before the revolutionary war it was known as Charles Town. My husband corrected me several times about calling it Charles Town. In my head you know when I'm writing, it's how I see it. Even my current book I'm almost done with Seductive Secrets has a connection to Charleston being the heroine is from Charleston. Charleston is the most interesting place. Full of exciting history and adventures.

You haven't heard the last of Charleston, but I have to get back to my trailer I want you to see. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Reads...Game of Thrones?

When I posted my Summer Reads on Novel Works at the end of May, I missed one. One of my all time favorite trilogies is Lord of the Rings. I admit I never read it until the first movie came out. I had tried before but my interest wasn't peaked until the overwhelming pull of the movie. Maybe I could better visualize the book? More than likely, I was older and had the desire to read it. So, now...what about A Game of Thrones?

It seems I'm not the only one drawn to A Game of Thrones. Doing a little research, I found George R.R.Martin first published A Song of Ice and Fire, in 1996. The first book in a epic fantasy series, winning the 1997 Locus Award. It was nominated for both the 1998 Nebula Award and the 1997 World Fantasy Award. is it that I didn't hear about it until HBO turned it into a series? Does that mean I live in a bubble encompassed by only authors I know? Probably. Although I do love fantasies, I can only surmise I'm like everyone else and tend to read only what I know.

That is the exact problem I face as an unknown author. More than likely, you will not pick up one of my books unless a friend, a coworker, someone on Facebook, talks about it. It's why reviews are so important. When a reader is looking for something different, naturally they will turn to a source they are familiar with to help determine what to read.

Last summer year, I read alot of Teresa Mederios older books and found Madeline Hunter. I love it when you find an author you love (although I have to say I was a tad disappointed in Ms Hunter's last book). This year I into reading Anne Stuart again. I know its because I met her at the conference, but I do so enjoy her writing. She is not boring. I'm also into Hannah Howell this summer. I love the way she intertwines paranormal and history.

What about other authors, though. Ones that haven't made it to the New York Best Selling List yet. Do I enjoy their books? Yes, I do. I have to be honest its because of my connections on Facebook. I get to know them somewhat and yes that draws me to their books. I can name a few off the top of my head-

Cate Masters (Angels, Sinners, and Madmen). She also has a new release from Whiskey Creek Press, The Bridge Between.

Susan Gourley/Kelley- Meg Benjamin- Haley Edwards

There are others I have omitted, but not on purpose. I'm planning this week to talk about books and what draws people to them. I want to talk about publishing houses, new and old. Has anyone been reading the books from Crescent Moon Publishing? But as for A Game of Thrones, did you know that it became a New York Best Seller after it became a HBO series back in January? Remember it was first published back in 1996. Interesting...

Don't forget to check out Patriot Secrets...its now available at Barnes and Noble!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dexter and Colbie's Summer

My puppies aren’t so little anymore. They’re huge puppies! Dexter weighs in at 65 pounds and Colbie around 45, but they are still puppies and play like puppies. Thank goodness the weather turned. My house was being turned inside out. I swear Dexter uses my house as a teething ring. Colbie isn’t innocent either. The smart thing watches what everyone does and if she can reach it, she gets it and chews it up. Yes, she chewed my daughter’s Coach glasses! Remote controls! Oh, and don’t take off your shoes. If you do, they’re doomed. She can climb to get to what she wants, you know. Dexter, on the other hand, is happy go lucky as any one dog can get. He’s content to follow Colbie, especially if there are birds outside.

Dexter is kinda of a wimp. Well…no…he is a wimp. When someone lets him outside, he hesitates if he thinks there are birds out on the lawn. Of course there are birds. We have bird feeders, a water bath, and live in a wooded area. Ah, but he’s scared of birds, not only the wild turkeys. Little robins, bluejays, finches, cardinals… He lets Colbie attack and waits until the coast is clear. He’s comparable to a big teddy bear. Both doggies love to cuddle up to you whether you’re on the couch or in bed. Having my Boston Terrier as a role model may have backfired considering both think they’re lap dogs.
Ah…Max. My baby dog turned fourteen this last week. Poor thing can’t romp with the puppies and I confess I think the two together might aggratate Max a tad more than they should. It's Colbie, trufully. Dexter will just lie around with Max. Colbie wants him to play.
Dexter and Colbie love outdoors! They romp around the yard and rough house with each other, hiding and tackling each other. Their favorite game? Fetch. Dexter fetches the ball; Colbie fetches Dexter. She leads him back by his collar with the ball in his mouth.

I've had this written for a week. I have to apologize.  My mind has been on other things, but I'm  coming out of a fog that I've been in for the last month and a half. Now that things seem to be going back to normal, I will concentrate better on my blog.

I promise its not only my blog. I only noticed last week that my daughter's school got backed up four days due to the snow. I don't know where I was when that happened. I still haven't started edits on my book I signed my contract back in January. I've let that go because I was concentrating on other things, but I have to get back in the groove. Oh, Patriot Secrets is finally on Barnes and Noble! And lastly, I feel the end to Seductive Secrets coming. Oh, I have about another 20,000 words to go, but its falling into place. Maybe the sun is coming out.