Thursday, May 31, 2012


Destined to Die

Tormented by Darkness
Cursed To Kill

Spring Fling with Books is coming to an end with a bang. All month long we have supported Brenda Novak's Online Auction for the Cure for Diabetes. A great charity. Thanks to everyone for supporting Brenda...remember all proceeds go to such a good cause. Closes tonight so don't miss out.

I also welcomed in numerous authors and gave a way books, books and more books.

Today is no different. Novel Works welcomes Claire Ashgrove today. She is giving away 3 books today! The first three books in her Inherited Damnation Series. Claire has been a busy author this year. Talk about books, books, and more books. Besides the Inherited Damantion Series with Wild Rose Press, she has The Curse of Templars, contemporary romances including her latest contemporary release, Waiting for Yes, and this August she will release a historical, Bound by Love.

Claire Ashgrove also has a great blog. Check it out From the Muse...

Tommorrow I'll be announcing the final winners of the books- Resort to Murder by Glenys O'Connell, Honey on Whitebread by Brenda Whiteside, The Promise by Jerri Hines and the readers copy of When Lightning Strikes due out August 28th. And of course the winners of today's give away from the Inherited Damantion Series.

Enjoy the last day of May.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

When Lightning Strikes- Coming August 28th
Happy Memorial Day weekend. Want to give a thank you to everyone that has served in our armed forces. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful and safe weekend.

Honey of White Bread
Been busy finishing up my next book. Hopefully will have it out by the end of the summer. Shooting for July...we'll see. So we're coming to the end of May. Can't believe it. My youngest is graduating next weekend. Honestly, I'm having a hard time with it. She's going out of state for college. Time goes by so fast. I can't believe how quick. I mean this July hubbie and I are celebrating our twenty-fifth!

Spring Fling With Books is winding down. The last few days will be filled with book give-a-ways and at the end a week of hosting Novel Works! Brenda Novak is giving away a readers copy of her upcoming release,
When Lightning Strikes!

Resort to Murder
Brenda Whiteside's Honey on White Bread; Glenys O'Connell's Resort to Murder; Jerri Hines' The Promise will be given away by week's end.

Last week saw Helene Radieski-Edwards win Delilah Marvelle's Book- Rules of Engagement. Abigail Brown won a copy of Andrew E. Kaufman's book- The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted.

Don't forget to bid on an one of the great items over on Brenda's Online Auction. It's coming to an end at the end of the month. Remember proceeds go to such a good cause!
The Promise

You know I love to give away books...good books. But don't forget if you want your chance to host a week on Novel Works- you have to comment or like Novel Works. Easy.

Rules of Engagement
Have a wonderful day and beginning to summer. Can't wait to see what this summer brings!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Day, Another Author- Welcome Andrew E. Kaufman

Another day, another author- Andrew E. Kaufman! No, he isn't a romance writer. He writes mysteries and suspense- very well I might add. He is an author of psychological thrillers! As a matter of fact, he is a bright and upcoming star. His release, The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted has spent more than two months on Amazon's Top 100. He was named as one of the Top Indie Authors to watch for April and May selling more than 100,000 books during that period. Impressive!

I'm so excited to have him on Novel Works today. I met Andrew on Facebook. He's one of my over 6000 friends I have (two different pages). I will admit at first it wasn't his writing that caught my was his dogs. He has three- two labs and Jack Russel Terrier. Then suddenly I began to notice his books all over the place. With reason, he has done amazing!


She only stepped outside for a minute...
But a minute was all it took to turn Jean Kingsley's world upside down--a minute she'd regret for the rest of her life.

Stepping into her worst nightmare

Because when she returned, she found an open bedroom window and her three-year-old son Nathan gone. The boy would never be seen again.

A nightmare that only got worse.

A tip eventually leads detectives to their killer, a convicted sex offender. Inside his apartment, a gruesome discovery, confirming everyone's worst fears. A slam-dunk trial sends him off to death row, then several years later, to the electric chair. 

Case closed. Justice served...or was it?

Now, more than thirty years later, Patrick Bannister unwittingly stumbles across evidence among his dead mother's belongings. Evidence that may throw the entire case into reverse. It paints his mother as Nathan's killer and her brother, a wealthy and powerful senator, as the one pulling the strings.

What really happened to Nathan Kingsley?

The more Patrick investigates, the less things add up. There's a hole in the case a mile wide, and he's determined to close it. But what he doesn't know is that he's already become the hunted, and the closer he moves toward the truth, the more he's putting his life on the line. Someone's hiding a secret and will stop at nothing to keep it that way. The clock is ticking, the walls are closing, and the stakes are getting higher as he races to find a killer--one who's hot on his trail. One who's out for his blood.

Excerpt click here.



Cameron Dawson's got a past he can't seem to shake, but he's hoping to change that. He's moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff. What he doesn't realize is that his newest nightmare's about to begin. Strange things are happening. People are disappearing, and for others, it's far worse …

Miles away in Albuquerque, Kyle Bancroft's life is spinning out of control. She's seeing, hearing, and dreaming things she can't explain: Flashbacks to World War II and an eerie hospital ward with locked doors, empty gurneys, and guttural screams. To make matters worse, a ghostly green-eyed girl is complicating her visions with an urgent message: Time is running out.


Kyle's otherworldly encounters are driving her straight toward Faith … and right into Cameron's life. The body count is rising, the pressure is mounting, and the clock is ticking as they rush to uncover a dangerous secret hiding just below the surface of this all-American town—one that's threatening to destroy Faith and everyone in it. A secret they must hunt down quickly … even if it costs them their own lives.


For an excerpt click here.

Andrew E. Kaufman's work is being highlighted on Novel Works today. For a chance to win a ebook copy of The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted comment or like here or on Novel Works.

Congratulations to yesterday's winner of The Rules of Engagement by Delilah Marvelle, Stephanie Laurens, and Kasey Michaels- Helene Radjeski-Edwards!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome Delilah Marvelle!

Rules of Engagement
Spring Fling With Books welcomes Delilah Marvelle today. This is one of the reasons I began Novel Works a little over two years ago- meeting authors. I don't think its any secret I'm an avid reader and also an huge fan of so many authors. I love to read. Reading is an escape to me; it relaxes me.

When I went to my first conference two years ago, I was like a little kid in a candy store, seeing and meeting the authors I loved to read. I've become an even bigger fan of some of the authors I have met or have talked with like Teresa Mederios, Eloisa James, Carolyn Hart, Ruth Cardello, Brenda Novak...I'm going to stop here. I'm going to leave some one out and that's not my intention... I have an ever growing list!

As it is today with welcoming Delilah Marvelle to Novel Works! I read her book, Prelude to a Scandal. I was drawn to it because it didn't sound like the average historical romance. The world of historical romance begs for originality. I found Ms Marvelle not only to be original, but refreshing. I found a review of this book with Love Me Some Romance . Part of the review stated

Delilah Marvelle has definitely earned her place on my list of must read authors. Her unconventional and thoroughly researched history makes for hours of simply good reading. She challenges her readers to open their mind to a new brand of hero, one that makes you fall in love with him for a whole new set of reasons.

I believe that says exactly what I was thinking. When I saw that Prelude to a Scandal was the winner of RT's Reviewers' Choice Award of 2011 for Best Sensual Historical, I asked Ms Marvelle if I could highlight her during Spring Fling With Books. I was ecstatic when she agreed. I love hosting Novel Works. It allows me this opportunity to share not only books that I enjoy, but also a tiny glimpse into the person that creates these worlds that we use as an escape.

I love Ms Marvelle's website. You have to check out The Lady Behind the Quill.- 28 Random Facts about Delilah. Personality oozed from the written lines. Now after reading about her new release with Stephanie Laurens and Kasey Michaels, Rules of Engagement, I can't wait to read it! And guess what- she's giving away a copy of Rules of Engagement today to one lucky commentor or like (on Novel Works)!


The first rule of engagement?
There are no rules.

Delve into UNLACED by Delilah Marvelle

Mark Jacob Danford, the fourth Earl of Thornton and the Dowager Countess of Kent have been the best of
friends for years. After all, they have a lot in common. Both are parents, widows, had been miserable in their respective marriages, and neither of them were interested in getting involved with the opposite sex ever
again. They even cheekily toast to the anniversary of their spouses' deaths twice a year. Until one afternoon, whilst playing chess, the game changes and they find that their "friendship" will never be the same.

For an Excerpt click here. Also I have to include her message about Rules of Engagement-

Steamy Ever AftersA note from Delilah Marvelle:
Dear Reader,

Welcome to man meets woman at forty. Whilst, yes, debutante stories are very lovely, stories about women who have bustled their skirts around the block and have gone through married life (and children), only to start all over again, lends to a different flavor. I hope you enjoy my nod to the beautiful women of forty (and their hot men) in the era of the corset.
Yours Truly,
Delilah Marvelle

I'll be the first to admit- I'm looking forward to a good book about an older heroine!

Coming July 24- Forever a Lady by Delilah Marvelle!

Two different classes, One common desire...

Bernadette Marie Burton may be the richest widow in England, but like her dreams of finding true passion, her reputation is deteriorating. Cruel gossip, loneliness and hoards of opportunistic suitors have her believing Society couldn't be more vile....or dangerous. So when an attacker threatens her life, she finds safety in the most unseemly of places: the arms of a mysterious, Irish-American gang leader.

His fortune stolen, young Matthew Joseph Milton is done playing the respectable gentleman. In the slums of New York, only ruffians thrive. But from the moment he arrives in London and encounters the volumptious Lady Bernadette, he can't help but wonder about the finer pleasures he's missing. Or just how much he's willing to risk -- not only to bed her, but to prove his worth...

For an Excerpt click here!

So join Novel Works today while I spotlight Delilah Marvelle! Don't miss out on the chance for a copy of Rules of Engagement!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Books, Books, and More Books This Week!

Spring Fling With Books is drawing to an end because summer is coming! What better way to end this celebration than to win some books. Last week we celebrated Only Romance. What a great blog! So much to offer! To help in this celebration, I have some books to give away from last week participation in this celebration! And don't forget to stop by Novel Works.

I love this coming week. I have some new authors that I haven't promote on Novel Works...but not new to readers. Delilah Marvelle will be featured Tuesday here and on Novel Works. Don't miss out. She's giving away a copy of her new release with Stephanie Laurens, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!

The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted
Andrew E. Kaufman will be the featured author on Wednesday!  A copy of his bestselling ebook, The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted, will be given away on Wednesday!

When Lightning Strikes
Thursday will bring back Brenda Novak. Can't have May go by without another day of Brenda's work. She's giving away an advance reading copy of her newest release- When Lightening Strikes- due out August 28th! And as always in May, I will be continually posting Brenda's Online Auction for the Cure for Diabetes!

Friday, Claire Ashgrove will join us!

Isn't it great! Wonderful books for summer reading fun. Have you been to the beach yet? I asked because where I live the warm weather has already arrived. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! My flowers are in bloom about two weeks ahead of schedule. Can't wait to take my kindle down to the beach.

So who at last weeks lucky winners?

The Trouble With Playboys
Linda Lattimer-  The Trouble With Playboys- by Margaret Tanner

Storm's Interlude
Nita Kemings Day- Storm's Interlude by Vonnie Davis

Shyanne's Secret
Rose Hariston- Shyanne's Secret by Jena Galifany and M.J. Conrad

The Promise
Adrienne Thompson- The Promise by Jerri Hines

Don't miss out this week! More books and your chance to win a win to host Novel Works!

Also later this week, don't miss out on Whispers of a Legend, Part Two- The Path Now Turned. It goes free on May 23th and 24th. Remember Whispers of a Legend, Part One-Shadows of the Past is always free! So you can get the first three installments of the series for only $.99 if you pick up Whispers of a Legend, Part Three- Vision of Destiny on those two days!

Shadows of the Past

The Path Now Turned

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Surprise to me! The Promise has been released!


The release date was May, but it was changed to June 1st. Guess what? They changed it back! So I'm excited, maybe a little unprepared, but excited. I absolutely love this cover! Gemini Judson did an awesome job! You have to read it with a cover like that. Don't you?

The Promise is the second book in the Tides of Charleston series. The third, Another Night Falls, is due out in September. The first, The Judas Kiss, is available most places including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Cathryn Blankenship Eversleigh suffered greatly in England. Returning home to Charles Town widowed and with child, she seeks safe haven from the heartache she left behind. She quickly finds that much has changed since her departure. Now she is caught in the midst of the rebellion against the Crown. Jake Pennington is determined to convince Cathryn to return to England. Rekindling the flames of their love, Jake promises Cathryn he will return for her. Only now the tide of war has shifted and Cathryn lives in constant danger. Can Jake keep his promise to Cathryn before it's too late?

Chapter One

Lady Cathryn Eversleigh stood on the deck of the Aube Rouge watching the waves break against the side of the ship. A beautiful night without a cloud in the sky to hide the moonlight reflecting off the moving water. Soon...soon she hoped she would be home. How she had longed for home. Needed to be home. She gripped tight to the railing. Memories assaulted her. The last journey she had ventured on a ship, Jake had been by her side. Now he had become a part of her past.

Oh, how her heart ached. Cathryn had lost so much since the last time she set foot on Carolina soil, but she had no time to dwell on the past. She had another life within her to consider. She breathed in the crisp sea air.

Closing her eyes with the breeze against her face, Cathryn saw Philip’s face clearly. How she longed for his smile, his carefree attitude as if all would be as he envisioned, as if he had the world at his feet. Ignoring problems he created as Philip had when he married her. Making all seem that it would work out. Yet, in the end his actions had caused the dilemma she now found herself in. He could not help her now, not now.

Jake’s face emerged. Haunting words echoed within her. You don’t have any crazy schemes such as returning to Charles Town. You realize that war has broken out. It would be no place for you or the child. Philip wanted me to help you. You aren’t alone.

A sudden anger brewed at the thought. Oh, no, do not reprimand me, Jake Pennington. You promised. But in the end, he had failed to protect her against Philip’s father, the Duke of Leominster. Cathryn had no choice, no choice. She did the only thing she could do to protect her unborn child. She ran.

Cathryn had no plan, only a purpose to find her way home. Sumner, her brother, her only ally, would be surprised, she imagined, but she hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed. He had asked her to come home, the only one to do so, but would he be as happy when he discovered that she had lost control of her inheritance? Would he understand she had no other option? Why? Why, she wanted to ask her father, did she ever have to leave?

Her hand went to her enlarged stomach. The baby moved quite often as of late. No, she refused to look back. She would have her child. She would have to deal with it all after. Her main concern lay with delivering a healthy child, but if anything happened to her, Cathryn wanted only Sumner to have the child. She didn’t care what the baby was, but life, she knew, would be easier if the child was a girl. So she prayed for a girl, a little one with blond hair and blue eyes like her father.

“ Ah, I see you are once again not able to sleep.”

Cathryn turned to see Jean-Louis Renton saunter up to the railing, the man hired to take her home. Thankful only that she hadn’t much longer in his company. She did not care for the Frenchman. His appearance would not give way to her discomfort around him. A handsome man, tall, good-looking to the extreme, Jean-Louis carried himself as a gentleman with his immaculate clothes and manner. No. It lay with the airs he gave himself and the look in his eyes.

She turned back to her view of the ocean. “It is my hope this is the last night. The captain said he believed so. This voyage has been uneventful and I pray it continues.”

“ I can’t imagine it would not. I have heard they have spotted land. So, my Lady, what are your plans now that you are almost home?” he asked, as always inquisitive. Tacy had warned her that he would ask quite a few questions. He suspected more than he had been told. “You must be pleased to have your child back at your home.”

“ Yes, it will put my mind at ease,” she answered simply. “I hope, though, the rumors of the outbreak of war are over-exaggerated. It does concern me to a certain extent.”

“ I don’t know what you expect, my Lady, but I do believe the colonies are preparing to break away from their mother country. Your child will be born with the promise of a new country emerging. That in itself is exciting, is it not?”

“ Although it may not seem so, my loyalty lies with England, Monsieur Renton. My father served proudly and died serving his country. I have no desire to break away from anyone, but at the moment my only interest lies in returning home.”

“ You are full of surprises for in your departure in England, I would have taken you for a Patriot. Your strong desire to leave, to return to Charles Town, running away from powerful people,” he said and eyed her carefully. “Who are you, Mademoiselle? Have you left behind a lover? Or are you running from a cruel husband? More importantly, why was the gentleman so interested in the child?”

“ Monsieur Renton, although I’m deeply indebted for your help in returning to my home, my situation is my own. I can assure you it’s nothing more than a family squabble. After I departed, that man will undoubtedly forget my existence, which I can assure you will make both of us happy.”

“ If you say so, my Lady. He seemed, should I say, quite upset with your intentions.”

“ Monsieur, if he wants to see me again, he knows where I am heading. I didn’t conceal such and made perfectly clear my intentions. So you are looking into the situation too deeply. My question to you is why?” Cathryn glanced over at the man beside her.

His face broke into a smile. He gave a slight shrug. “Just curious. Biding time. That is all, my Lady. You seem so sad. Is it wrong to try to help a beautiful lady in distress? What if he comes after you now?”

“ It won’t be your concern,” Cathryn said simply. “I appreciate your help, Monsieur, but I assure you that my brother will be able to well look after my interests. You don’t need to worry on my account.”

“ Ah, look, Mademoiselle on the horizon!” Jean-Louis pointed out over the railing. “I believe I can see land. See, it will be a beautiful day.”

Her heart leaped. She was home. She held tight to her stomach. Little one, she thought, we’re home. All will be right for us now. Cathryn pushed back her uneasiness with her conversation and directed her focus upon the sight in front of her.

* * * *

The city of Charles Town, the heart of the South, was situated on a peninsula bounded by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. The city served as the provincial capital and principal port in the South, which in turn led Charles Town to serve as the hub of political and economic life. The beauty of Charles Town couldn’t be compared with its affluence and splendor. Cathryn had heard Jean-Louis comment on looking forward to what he had heard of Charles Town: playing cards, gambling, and attending horse races. She didn’t care for she was home, away from all the pain and loss she had come to know in England.

A sense of loss swept through Cathryn as she was walking along the harbor. The last time she had she had her father beside her and hope in front of her. She had lost much since that time, but fortitude grew inside of her, a determination to begin life anew. She smiled viewing familiar scenes. Mary walked beside her. Her own fears had emerged over the journey, but Cathryn had declared that Mary had no issues with the life in front of her. She would always have a home wherever Cathryn lived.

The problem that lay before them at the moment was travel to her home. Not expecting Cathryn, there was no one here to greet the trio, but Jean-Louis had kindly offered his services. With his strange attentions during the journey, Cathryn hadn’t expected less. She would have Sumner deal with him after they were safe within her home.

Although Elm Bluff lay only seven miles south of Charles Town, the small group didn’t make it to the plantation until the sun had begun to set. Cathryn had forgotten how warm Charles Town could be in May, oppressive to breathe in, but Cathryn dismissed her discomfort as they traveled down the long roll of tall oaks that led to her home. The tranquil beauty of it all descended upon her. How she had missed her home.

Cathryn blinked back joyful tears when she caught sight of the large elegant brick house situated not from the river bank. She could make out the brick wall that surrounded the gardens. The carriage circled around the driveway up to the entrance. Drawing to a stop, Cathryn suddenly became nervous, but the moment the carriage door opened, she heard familiar voices.

“ It’s Miss Cathryn!”

She emerged to a bedlam of activity from the announcement. A moment later Juriah appeared at the front door with a wide smile. She scurried down the stairs, taking Cathryn within her arms. Without warning, Cathryn burst into tears.

“ Oh, Cathryn! I’m so happy to have you back. We have been so worried,” she uttered, holding Cathryn at arm’s length to look at her. “So, we are to have a small one. Someone needs to rest. Come, Sumner is out in the fields. You have nothing to worry with now. You’re home.”

“ Juriah, I have brought company,” Cathryn managed. Her hand reached for Mary. She pulled the young girl forward. Petite in stature to begin with, Mary’s huge brown eyes looked unsure. “This is Mary Montross. I owe her much.”

“ Then our home is hers as well.” Juriah eyed Mary tenderly. Cathryn noted the recognition in Juriah’s eyes, but didn’t dwell on it.

Cathryn watched while Jean-Louis walked up to make his introduction. She noted the pleasure in his eyes as he gazed upon Juriah. Juriah politely, but coolly, acknowledged him.

“ We will celebrate tonight, my dear.” Juriah turned her attention again to Cathryn, hugging her once more. “Our prayers have been answered.”

Juriah was interrupted for from the corner of her eye, Cathryn caught movement. She turned toward it. She wiped her eyes. She watched while a rider jumped the lower fence pasture. Her brother had heard. Sumner galloped up and in one swift movement was off his horse, wrapping his strong arms around his sister. Cathryn was home.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Back!

Three days without internet...three days! Had a wonderful time. Surprised my mother. It was great. Long trip home. You wouldn't believe how I made it home. It was one of those "Can't get there from here!" stories.

Celebrating ONLY ROMANCE blog this week on Novel Works. More books to give away, too! Love Only Romance blog

Now I want to thank everyone for a great week last week with Spring Fling with Books! Super week. Great books, great authors and give-a-ways. You know it. A list of last week's winners are

Jennie McDuffie-  The Tycoon's Revenge by Melody Anne

Emily Boivin O'Neal- Unmistakable Rogue by Annette Blair

Juanita Decuir- Family Affair by Mary Campisi

Yvonne Wolfe-  Bluegrass Undercover by Kathleen Brooks
Eugen Pop-  Daughter of Deceit by Carrie James Haynes
For your chance to win keep up with Spring Fling With Books- comment or like. Have a good one!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


May has begun! Brenda Novak's Online Auction is in full swing. What a great week for her auction!

Gave away four ebooks this week!
This week's winners are-

Mary Williams-   Nothing But Trouble by Jannine Gallant
Penny A. Zeller- The Magical Misperception of Meridian by S. G. Rogers
Janet Carol Abney- Abra Cadaver by Christine DePetrillo
Kathleen Tighe Bell- Whispers of a Legend, Volume I- Carrie James Haynes

Only the beginning- next week Novel Works is focusing on Romantic Picks for May!    Want a chance to win some more books! Join me next week here and on Novel Works. You can also check in over on Roses of Prose blog!

The week will be cut short by a day because I'm going home for my mother's birthday and Mother's Day. I'm so excited. First because I love going home. Second its the first time in years I'm going to be home for her birthday! So Friday and Saturday I won't be online...probably Sunday too. The internet isn't as essential to my mother as it is to me. So basically I'll be cut off for a couple of days!

But it won't cut back on the books given away! Comment...or like...for a chance for a book!

Have a good one!