Tuesday, April 4, 2017


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Set Fire to the Rain has been one of the hardest books I have ever written, but I have finally completed the conclusion of my Winds of Betrayal series. Winds of Betrayal has been my baby for such a long time and has gone through many changes over the years, especially the titles to the books. The first book alone has been titled Patriot Secrets, The Cry For Freedom, Embrace of the Enemy, Winds of Betrayal 1&2 to simply—Winds of Betrayal.

I don’t believe it will be surprising to know that the Culper Spy Ring has been my inspiration for Winds of Betrayal. But my story is purely fiction. The history, though, I have tried my best to stay true to the facts as well as I could. The time line may have been stretched in places to fit my story.

I have spent so much time with these characters. I feel as though they are family. I started writing this series almost fifteen years ago when all that could be found on the internet about the Culper Spy ring was a single page with only a couple of paragraphs dedicated to these brave men and women. In my research, I discovered just how important spying was to General Washington, but, also, how deadly to those that laid their lives on the line if they were caught—on either side. The Americans were not the only ones to spy. The British had their own spies, but I told this story from the American point of view.

When I began this series, I was going to stop at Benedict Arnold’s betrayal. I wanted readers to feel the sting of Arnold’s betrayal. Arnold went from being the beloved American hero at Saratoga to the most hated man in the colonies. Had his treachery been successful, Arnold’s betrayal could have handed victory to the British. But after I finished The Heavens Shall Fall, I realized there was too many loose ends. So, I finished my series with the last major battle at Yorktown. 

I am not a historian, but a lover of history. I feel that the sacrifices of those before us should never be forgotten. The American Revolution has always fascinated me. Our Founding Fathers surely need to be admired for laying the foundation for such a great country. I hope I have done justice to their memories.

Thank you for reading Winds of Betrayal. I truly hope you enjoyed my series.


Jerri Hines