Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got it!

Playing out my story in my head. I just didn't like it, but finally it came to me! Now to get it down on paper the way I want to. This beginning is going to have a lot of revisions. I get in a hurry to write it down. I had hoped it would be a quick book, but it doesn't look that way. One of the topics is heavy. Have to tread carefully, but I think it will work if I can get it down the way I see it in my head.
Spent the morning trying to get my daughter's banking account settled. Last week it was over by 8 cents, by this morning the fees added up to over hundred and twenty dollars! Banks are making money off of poor college kids ( and their poor parents!) Had to settle it. She's leaving Monday for Mexico. My youngest just came back from a Caribbean cruise. One of her friends took her. Boy, I wish I had their life.
But Bob and I went out for breakfast. His birthday is next week. Time is going by too fast.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Work and Writing

Finally beginning to flow with Winds of Betrayal until I went on line and checked my work email. Off for the last two days. I like my job, pays well and I like my hours, but it is getting extremely irritating. Have a new supervisor who I thought I would like, but she defintely has favorites whom she takes care of. My schedule next week sucks. Don't know whether to say anything or not. Knowing me, I will.
Better work hard on my book today because next week I'll probably be too tired between my schedule I have and Bob being gone!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Don't know why I'm having problems writing Winds of Betrayal at the moment. I have it all in my head and usually don't have any problem getting it down on paper. To make matters worse, I probably have almost half already written from years ago. Believe it has to do with waiting on hearing from my submissions. I'm going to have a hard time if Patriot Secrets gets rejected this time. I have revised and revised Patriot Secrets. Looking back, it was my second book I wrote. I first wrote it almost ten years ago. Major revisions a couple of years ago. So close to having it published a few times. Now I wait. I submitted it to Wild Child back during the summer. At first I thought she would take all three books but she came back with more revisions (one major one with my wording to make the conversation flow better). The suggestion helped alot. But she changed from taking the books to wait and see the revisions. Ah! So, I revised again. To be honest, I don't think I can do more with the book. But I haven't heard back from her after submitting. Then there was a call for submissions at Carnia. I absolutely love their website. Oh, but I hate trying to sell my writing, but I want it sold so I don't have much of a choice. I discovered I'm probably eccentric. I want only to put my time into writing. I'm so envious of the authors with agents.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I don't think I will ever get an agent to read my manuscripts, but I did get a nice rejection from one the other day on my Civil War novel. While your work certainly has merit, it simply isn’t right for his list. Please don't be discouraged. This decision does not comment on the salability of your work, but rather on his present needs and time restraints. I can't say that I feel good with a rejection, but at least I felt they read what they requested. I suppose that's improvement. Don't be discouraged? That's harder, but fighting through it. I read on my chats all the time with people having agents request their work. Oh, well, keep on writing.
On the other hand, got fingerprinted yesterday. It's for the adoption. Strange, though.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Purpose

I was at work the other night. We were laughing about my blog which no reads except me. It is kinda funny, except it got me thinking. I'm so stubborn, too stubborn I guess at times. I have written more than nine books. One that totally needs to go back to page one, but the others-two need revising- one's that published- one I published (which by the way did better than the one which was published by an ebook publisher)- then I have four books which I believe are good, better than good. The problem the way I see it is I don't go with the norm. There's a formula writer's are suppose to follow which I don't. I have always wanted to write, but didn't start until ten years ago. I didn't have the money or the time (working and raising three children) to go back to school. I would love to go to conventions and workshops, but I have two children in college and one in high school. I have spent money on critics, but to what end? I don't have any free money to spend on something I don't know will ever pay off. I have taught myself with every rejection and revision. I have listen and taken every ounce of critisim without resentment. There comes a time though when one asks oneself why. Why? To what purpose?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Waiting to hear back on a couple of submissions. I put out a few queries on my civil war book for agents to look at. Didn't hear back much. One agent, who only got my query, told me that it sounded too much like Gone With the Wind. First, I love Gone With the Wind. Second, it showed me that she must have only glanced at my letter since the only thing similar Whisperings of a Southern Heart has in common with Gone With Wind is the time period. Rejection is part of the game when it comes to writing, but it gets extremely frustrating when you know no one is reading what you're sending. Can't say I really blame anyone. I realize how many queries they get. Just frustrating. Whisperings needs more revising and at the moment I'm doing a rough draft, Winds of Betrayal, to finish off my American Revolution series. Then I have to finish the Dream Walker sequel. I've postponed it long enough.