Saturday, February 13, 2010


Waiting to hear back on a couple of submissions. I put out a few queries on my civil war book for agents to look at. Didn't hear back much. One agent, who only got my query, told me that it sounded too much like Gone With the Wind. First, I love Gone With the Wind. Second, it showed me that she must have only glanced at my letter since the only thing similar Whisperings of a Southern Heart has in common with Gone With Wind is the time period. Rejection is part of the game when it comes to writing, but it gets extremely frustrating when you know no one is reading what you're sending. Can't say I really blame anyone. I realize how many queries they get. Just frustrating. Whisperings needs more revising and at the moment I'm doing a rough draft, Winds of Betrayal, to finish off my American Revolution series. Then I have to finish the Dream Walker sequel. I've postponed it long enough.

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