Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got it!

Playing out my story in my head. I just didn't like it, but finally it came to me! Now to get it down on paper the way I want to. This beginning is going to have a lot of revisions. I get in a hurry to write it down. I had hoped it would be a quick book, but it doesn't look that way. One of the topics is heavy. Have to tread carefully, but I think it will work if I can get it down the way I see it in my head.
Spent the morning trying to get my daughter's banking account settled. Last week it was over by 8 cents, by this morning the fees added up to over hundred and twenty dollars! Banks are making money off of poor college kids ( and their poor parents!) Had to settle it. She's leaving Monday for Mexico. My youngest just came back from a Caribbean cruise. One of her friends took her. Boy, I wish I had their life.
But Bob and I went out for breakfast. His birthday is next week. Time is going by too fast.

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