Sunday, October 30, 2011


Coffee Time Romance
Can't believe that Octoberfest With Books is coming to an end. Books, books and more books! I have to thank everyone who participated in the festival. What a great time. From Wild Rose press who was featured twice once for suspense and the other for paranormals to Crescent Moon Press to the Author a  Day to even Coffee Time Romance!

Victim of Desire
Over 80 different books were featured on Novel Works over a span of five weeks! 80 books! How awesome is that! A wide range- mystery and suspense - paranormal- contemporary romance- historical romance- fantasy-science fiction!

Dealers of Light
At the end of Monday night I will be giving away the rest of the books in my collection and the grand prize- a week to host Novel Works! So you have a couple of days left to enter. Remember the ways- Like (Novel Works), Follow (my blog-here), Like (Jannine Gallant's author's page), Follow (Roses of Prose blog). I will announcing the winners and the grand prize winner Wednesday Morning, November 2, here on my blog.
Good luck! A couple more days to enter to win.

I have another contest beginning in November celebrating the release of Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past! I will be hosting it over on Whispers blog, but I will be posting here as well.
Whispers of a Legend

Remember Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past is FREE!!

And stay with Novel Works. Going to take it easy this week, but will be gearing up for Christmas later in November and all the wonderful books that can be given as gifts!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Today I have to go back to work. Been off a little more than a week. Sometimes I feel I get more done when I'm within time constraints. I have been working tirelessly to promote Whispers of a Legend. Have you ever felt you are spinning your wheels? I truly wish all I had to do was write...and read. I love to write. I love what I write and I love to read. I wish I could spend my days just writing and then taking a break to read.

Promoting Whispers of a Legend hasn't been any different for me than when Wild Child released my books. So it hasn't changed- it's frustrating! I know...I's part of writing. I can't get around it. I'm just awful promoting my own books. I don't have a problem promoting someone elses. I have followed all the marketing techniques I was advised. I went to Ruth Cardello's blogsite which was great, except my book isn't following on the line of hers. Is it the genre? I wonder. I'll keep you updated on my progress, but at the moment its slow. I always thought it would be great to give away a book, but it's harder than I thought.

It would be awesome if was a member of some local group. I'm not. I'm too busy, work too much. Then we all have family. My mother whose my toughest critic loved Patriot Secrets. She thought it was going to be a best seller, but I'm not even telling her about Whispers of a Legend. It's a fantasy. She cringed on my paranormal book, Dream Walker. I know she would enjoy it if she didn't know I wrote it. Then my kids. I have one who will tell anyone; one who will say she will; the other will if she thinks about it. My husband tries. He's cute when he tries to promote it. My extended's mainly they don't think about it. Sometimes I felt bad asking, but this book, Whispers of a Legend, is Oh, I know I'm not the only author with these issues.

Got to get back to writing. Last week was spent on promoting. I have one book I'm in the middle of writing, Broken Legacy; one I'm revising and one I'm waiting to hear back from. Now I can do it from the comfort of my new chair. For my birthday my son, Gary, and his girlfriend, Lyndsay, bought me the best chair for my desk. It's awesome. I know its just a chair, but it's the best and sooo comfortable! Love it! They have given me the best presents. Last year they gave me my kindle. Love my chair! May never get up from it!

Yes, last week was my birthday week. I just to have a month. Oh, well, I'll take a week. I think we ate out every night (loved it). Saturday night, my husband and I went Mexican. Great little restaurant. Then after we dropped by where my youngest works (sub-shop) and ordered a small pizza. (I just wanted to see where she worked. It was a new job and all). Hubbie wanted to get a couple of lottery tickets and asked me for some numbers. I never play mainly because I hate throwing money away, but I told him all I felt was the #16. All I had in me. Didn't have five more numbers. He bought a couple and then asked me to pick an instant ticket ($2). I did and would you know it I won a $100! Guess what number- 16. Like I have said, little things make happy! I never win anything.

I'm in the last week of Ocotberfest. It really has been a great month. I've had the best time and my fans have grown on Facebook. I had Crescent Moon Press in last week. They were awesome, but I can say the same thing for Coffee Time Romance and the Wild Rose Crimson Line authors. This week I'm having in Wild Rose Paranormals except for Friday. Friday is a rouge day.

The problem for me- I'm never in the promotions myself. I don't have other authors from my publishing company. Hopefully that will change with Whiskey Creek. I'm truly excited for The Judas Kiss to come out. Although if the truth be known, I get excited every time I release a book. I have these dreams...

So this week, I'll be trying to get adjusted to working again (blah!). See where Whispers my writing with Broken Legacy continues...come up with a blog for Roses about being thankful (wonder if I can write about my chair)...and at the end of October I'll be picking a winner to Octoberfest!

Don't forget at the end of this giveaways and the grand prize winner...a week to host Novel Works. So don't forget to follow my blog here, Roses of Prose blog, Novel Works and Jannine Gallant's fan page for a chance to win!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tales of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Paranormal

OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS continues...On Novel Works next week, I'm hosting Crescent Moon Press. Crescent Moon Press is a publishing company filled with tales of fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal. I love them all. Asking Crescent Moon Press for a week of spotlighting their books, I thought CMP was perfect for the month of October. What could be better than books filled with witches, vampires and spirits? Or soar your imagination in the midst of fantasy!

Explore what Crescent Moon has to offer. Crescent Moon Press has a wide selection of books including an exciting new genre, New Adult. Their first book in the genre was released recently WASTELAND by Lynn Rush. New Adult is exciting because its the step up from Young Adult. I believe it opens up a whole new audience. I believe it target audience is 18-26. I love the idea and can't wait to see where it goes. Crescent Moon also is introducing a Young Adult line.

While I have a moment, I want to extend congratulations to the to Crescent Moon Press' EPIC Finalist-
PIPER'S FURY by Rachel Firasek- Paranormal, KINGHTFALL by Berinn Rae- Fantasy Romance, and THIEF OF HOPE by Cindy Young-Turner- Fantasy. A couple of more Finalists from Crescent Moon, Renne Reardon in Southern Magic's Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and Moonlight Bleu for National Reader's Choice Award.

Join me for the week of getting to know a great group of authors from an up and coming publishing company. Look for their new releases including THE UPRISING; MATED HEARTS by Tracy J. Farrell and CURSE OF GREMDON by Ciara Knight.

You can catch up with Crescent Moon Press yourself. They will be attending next years NECWRA conference in Salem, MA, next April. I met Stephanie Murray from Crescent Moon Press at NECWRA conference last year. What a lovely lady.

So join me next week on Novel Works. Should be a great time...

Monday, October 10, 2011


This week on Novel Works- An Author a Day…

I’m happy to be spotlighting for the day, Sherri Erwin Browning, Ruth Cardello, Brenda Novak, and Teresa Mederios! Join me for each day as I highlight some of their works. I’m thrilled to have each of the authors. I have been honored to have each of them in the past spotlighted on Novel Works except for Ruth Cardello. Ms Cardello, though, has a week coming up at the end of November on Novel Works.

Sherri Erwin Browning’s new release GRAVE EXPECTATIONS is the latest in her line of monster classics! New York Bestselling author Brenda Novak has her new bulletproof suspense series along with Of NOBLE BIRTH, a historical romance that she herself branched out and self-published. Speaking of self-publishing…Ruth Cardello, a successful Indie writer, will be spotlighted for her works, MAID FOR THE BILLIONAIRE and LEGACY OF LOVE. Then I welcome back Teresa Mederios. She has an upcoming release in January, THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS.
I appreciate each of these authors letting me spotlight them for a day during OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS! I did choose each of these authors for a personal reason. I am a fan of their work and…I like them. Sheri and Brenda I met both personally at the New England Romance Conference. Both lovely ladies and excellent writers. I met Brenda a couple of years ago. Not only impressed with her writing and her workshop, I was impressed with her passion to help find a cure for diabetes. She runs a wonderful auction every year just for that purpose. The next year I met Sheri. I had become friends with Sheri on Facebook. She was just as nice in person as she was on line. Teresa Mederios, I have never met in person. I follow her on Facebook and love the antics of her cats. I love her books, but moreover I appreciated her kindness toward me. I like nice people. Don’t you? I met Ruth only a short time ago when the Roses of Prose had her on for a guest speaker. What a wonderful story she had. Inspiring to all you want the chance to be read. I recommend reading her blog to anyone interested in getting your book published.
I want you to get to know these ladies the way I see them. I know you’ll love them too. Great books and wonderful people…  
Don’t forget about OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS Contest. It’s still going on. To date 14 books have been given away. More to come at the end of the week. Remember check out the rules here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I had an awesome week hosting for COFFEE TIME ROMANCE.
Coffee Time Romance web site holds almost anything one could want when one is an avid reader or an author.
Want to find a new author? Check out their Featured author section or perhaps their Spotlight author.
Want to know if a book is worth reading. Or are you an author in search for a fair review for your book? Coffee Time Romance has REVIEWSREVIEWS…REVIEWS. One of their reviewers left a comment that best encompasses the passion Coffee Time Romance has for their reviews.
          ‘I love working for Coffee Time Romance. Not only are they great staffers, but they stand behind your reviews. And…we are able to give honest reviews. We also learn how to give positive reviews even if the rating isn't all that great. Nothing worse than seeing someone trash someone else's work. I find most authors look at their books like I would look at my children. They are part of their souls.’ Danielle Russell

So much going on at Coffee Time Romance. Want to keep in touch with what’s going on, LIKE Coffee Time Romance on Facebook. Check out the happenings at CAFE CHRONICLES. Fun things too. Free ecards…they have their own ebook store…Our Reading Community with happenings going on from writer’s retreats to writer’s seminars and classes.

Besides Coffee Time Romance supports The Troops and Breast Cancer Awareness. They have a great project lined up this fall to help families in need- 2011 Thanksgiving Project.   
I had a wonderful time hosting Coffee Time Romance during OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS. So Ocotoberfest With Books Contest continues here on my blog.

Another weeks gone…and so are a lot more books. Coffee Time Romance has graciously donated to my contest here. I will be posting the winners on Facebook also.

The list of the winners of the books from Coffee Time Romance.

Monday’s Winners
Unclaimed by Courtney Milan-Nancy Jardine
‘Til Death Do Us Part by Beverly Barton-  Ruby Wright
Tuesday’s Winners
His Destiny by Diana Cosby- Patricia Yager Delagrange
Christmas at Timberwoods by Fern Michaels-   Kara John
Wednesday’s Winners
Inferno’s Kiss by Monica Burns- Mona the Writer
Haunting Embrace by Erin Quinn- Wendy Reis
Thursday’s Winners
Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips-   Silver James
The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde- Suzanne Rogers Fenney
Friday’s Winners
Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams- Laura Kaye
Enslaved by a Viking by Delilah Devlin- Katherine Grey

I had a wonderful week. Thanks to Coffee Time Romance again for their generosity for allowing me to host them for the week. 

Remember-Pull a chair, a cup of coffee and a good you could choose with the help of Coffee Time Romance.

OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS isn’t over…It’s only beginning. Stay with Novel Works next week. I’m hosting an author a day…exciting have Ruth Cardello, Sherri Erwin Browning, Brenda Novak, and Teresa Mederios!!!! Some of my favorite authors!! Don’t miss it. Again there will be more books given away next week…and don’t miss the chance to host Novel Works yourself.

Easy...easy...easy...Follow, follow, follow, follow

Click here for rules...

Monday, October 3, 2011


I love October. I love the fall. I love the beauty of trees turning colors, the slow pace of the world, the return of football…and October brings Halloween. When my kids were little, we had the best time dressing up for Halloween. Don't you just love the way you walk around with your children as they go door to door asking for candy…treats. I think I loved it because I ended up with most of their stash of candy. I love treats.

Do you love treats? I don’t have candy to give away but I do have books. Or I should say some of the Roses of Prose have donated to a stash of books to be given away with the OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS CONTEST. Last weekNovel Works held Suspense Week with Crimson Rose authors. What a great time. Gave away four books!!!!

So what treat do I have this week for everyone…COFFEE TIME ROMANCE WEEK. Everything you want to know about Coffee Time Romance will be explored. Book reviews, live chats, Coffee Thought blog, interviews, and so much more. Check out Novel Works with everything Coffee Time offers.

BIG NEWS!!! COFFEE TIME ROMANCE is donating two books a day for the week!!! Can't get better than that for treats!! Make sure you stop by Novel Works and comment on Coffee Time Romance for a chance to win every day!!!

Reviews are so important to authors. Reviews influence a reader's choice in their selection. You need a place to go to trust the review…Coffee Time Romance. Coffee Time Romance is great for an author because they are so accessible; for a reader because they offer so much help in choosing just the right book for you. Win-win.
So you want treats…let me tell you how you can gain a chance to win. OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS CONTEST is easy. Don't forget the Octoberfest With Books Contest is still being held. Entering for the Coffee Time Romance giveaway you will also be entered for Octoberfest.

Like, follow, like, and many ways to enter. You can like NOVEL WORKS, follow this blog, follow ROSES OF PROSE blog, Jannine Gallant Author's page on Facebook... for Octoberfest. For Coffee Time Romance books...comment on Novel Works!!!

You can be a winner this week! You can even win the grand prize-a week on Novel Works- is given away.
As a reader would you like the opportunity to post your favorite books for a week…as an author would you like the opportunity to promote your books for a week?
You can if you win, but you have to enter first. Like, follow, like, follow. Treats...treats...treats...