Monday, October 10, 2011


This week on Novel Works- An Author a Day…

I’m happy to be spotlighting for the day, Sherri Erwin Browning, Ruth Cardello, Brenda Novak, and Teresa Mederios! Join me for each day as I highlight some of their works. I’m thrilled to have each of the authors. I have been honored to have each of them in the past spotlighted on Novel Works except for Ruth Cardello. Ms Cardello, though, has a week coming up at the end of November on Novel Works.

Sherri Erwin Browning’s new release GRAVE EXPECTATIONS is the latest in her line of monster classics! New York Bestselling author Brenda Novak has her new bulletproof suspense series along with Of NOBLE BIRTH, a historical romance that she herself branched out and self-published. Speaking of self-publishing…Ruth Cardello, a successful Indie writer, will be spotlighted for her works, MAID FOR THE BILLIONAIRE and LEGACY OF LOVE. Then I welcome back Teresa Mederios. She has an upcoming release in January, THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS.
I appreciate each of these authors letting me spotlight them for a day during OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS! I did choose each of these authors for a personal reason. I am a fan of their work and…I like them. Sheri and Brenda I met both personally at the New England Romance Conference. Both lovely ladies and excellent writers. I met Brenda a couple of years ago. Not only impressed with her writing and her workshop, I was impressed with her passion to help find a cure for diabetes. She runs a wonderful auction every year just for that purpose. The next year I met Sheri. I had become friends with Sheri on Facebook. She was just as nice in person as she was on line. Teresa Mederios, I have never met in person. I follow her on Facebook and love the antics of her cats. I love her books, but moreover I appreciated her kindness toward me. I like nice people. Don’t you? I met Ruth only a short time ago when the Roses of Prose had her on for a guest speaker. What a wonderful story she had. Inspiring to all you want the chance to be read. I recommend reading her blog to anyone interested in getting your book published.
I want you to get to know these ladies the way I see them. I know you’ll love them too. Great books and wonderful people…  
Don’t forget about OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS Contest. It’s still going on. To date 14 books have been given away. More to come at the end of the week. Remember check out the rules here.

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