Monday, October 24, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Today I have to go back to work. Been off a little more than a week. Sometimes I feel I get more done when I'm within time constraints. I have been working tirelessly to promote Whispers of a Legend. Have you ever felt you are spinning your wheels? I truly wish all I had to do was write...and read. I love to write. I love what I write and I love to read. I wish I could spend my days just writing and then taking a break to read.

Promoting Whispers of a Legend hasn't been any different for me than when Wild Child released my books. So it hasn't changed- it's frustrating! I know...I's part of writing. I can't get around it. I'm just awful promoting my own books. I don't have a problem promoting someone elses. I have followed all the marketing techniques I was advised. I went to Ruth Cardello's blogsite which was great, except my book isn't following on the line of hers. Is it the genre? I wonder. I'll keep you updated on my progress, but at the moment its slow. I always thought it would be great to give away a book, but it's harder than I thought.

It would be awesome if was a member of some local group. I'm not. I'm too busy, work too much. Then we all have family. My mother whose my toughest critic loved Patriot Secrets. She thought it was going to be a best seller, but I'm not even telling her about Whispers of a Legend. It's a fantasy. She cringed on my paranormal book, Dream Walker. I know she would enjoy it if she didn't know I wrote it. Then my kids. I have one who will tell anyone; one who will say she will; the other will if she thinks about it. My husband tries. He's cute when he tries to promote it. My extended's mainly they don't think about it. Sometimes I felt bad asking, but this book, Whispers of a Legend, is Oh, I know I'm not the only author with these issues.

Got to get back to writing. Last week was spent on promoting. I have one book I'm in the middle of writing, Broken Legacy; one I'm revising and one I'm waiting to hear back from. Now I can do it from the comfort of my new chair. For my birthday my son, Gary, and his girlfriend, Lyndsay, bought me the best chair for my desk. It's awesome. I know its just a chair, but it's the best and sooo comfortable! Love it! They have given me the best presents. Last year they gave me my kindle. Love my chair! May never get up from it!

Yes, last week was my birthday week. I just to have a month. Oh, well, I'll take a week. I think we ate out every night (loved it). Saturday night, my husband and I went Mexican. Great little restaurant. Then after we dropped by where my youngest works (sub-shop) and ordered a small pizza. (I just wanted to see where she worked. It was a new job and all). Hubbie wanted to get a couple of lottery tickets and asked me for some numbers. I never play mainly because I hate throwing money away, but I told him all I felt was the #16. All I had in me. Didn't have five more numbers. He bought a couple and then asked me to pick an instant ticket ($2). I did and would you know it I won a $100! Guess what number- 16. Like I have said, little things make happy! I never win anything.

I'm in the last week of Ocotberfest. It really has been a great month. I've had the best time and my fans have grown on Facebook. I had Crescent Moon Press in last week. They were awesome, but I can say the same thing for Coffee Time Romance and the Wild Rose Crimson Line authors. This week I'm having in Wild Rose Paranormals except for Friday. Friday is a rouge day.

The problem for me- I'm never in the promotions myself. I don't have other authors from my publishing company. Hopefully that will change with Whiskey Creek. I'm truly excited for The Judas Kiss to come out. Although if the truth be known, I get excited every time I release a book. I have these dreams...

So this week, I'll be trying to get adjusted to working again (blah!). See where Whispers my writing with Broken Legacy continues...come up with a blog for Roses about being thankful (wonder if I can write about my chair)...and at the end of October I'll be picking a winner to Octoberfest!

Don't forget at the end of this giveaways and the grand prize winner...a week to host Novel Works. So don't forget to follow my blog here, Roses of Prose blog, Novel Works and Jannine Gallant's fan page for a chance to win!

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