Friday, February 28, 2014


Book One- The Cry For Freedom
Book Two- Embrace of the Enemy
Book Three- Kiss of Deceit


A rousing family saga for the fight for America's independence!

The winds of change brews over the colonies. Tension against the crown is mounting daily. In Williamsburg, the rebellion burns strong in the hearts of two siblings, Jonathan and Hannah Corbett. Spirited and headstrong, Hannah finds herself thrust in the middle of a conspiracy when her father receives a strange package from Philadelphia. Jonathan, a physician for the Continental Army, is torn between duty and family. With war looming on the horizon, the siblings soon discover there is a high price to be paid for the cry for freedom.

The Saga continues....

Embrace of the Enemy, Book Two

It's a dangerous game you set to play, Miss Corbett. One that can have far worse than deadly consequences!

In the midst of the struggle of America's bid for independence, Hannah Corbett makes a fateful decision, descending into a world of deceit. Spurred by revenge, she heads to New York, setting in motion a dangerous game for which there is no return. Searching desperately for the man who betrayed her family, she faces the cold and brutal reality of the life of a spy. Caught in a web of lies, living with betrayal, she is trapped. She has nowhere to turn except to a man it would be treasonous to love, setting duty and desire at war. Her heart is ripped apart when she must choose between the man who risks his career and life to protect her and the only thing that has remained constant in her life...her belief in her cause.

Kiss of Deceit, Book Three

The tides of war have shifted. When all eyes turn south, Doctor Jonathan Corbett finds himself once more thrust into the war's turmoil. On assignment from General Washington, the dashing doctor discovers his mission has taken him straight into a conflict where the British are not the only ones to be feared.

Rebekah Morse has no time to contemplate the exploding war around her. Caught up as a pawn in a deadly conspiracy, she finds her only hope lies with her old friend, but things have changed since they last saw each other.

Yet destiny has not intervened in their lives without cause. Rebekah's strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality set within Jonathan a desire he swore never to feel again. When Rebekah's life is threatened, Jonathan is determined to save the stubborn woman whether she wants to be saved or not. Now Jonathan and Rebekah must face the perilous threat together--only to discover a passion they never imagined...

Coming May, 2014
, Book Four

Saturday, February 22, 2014



Winds of Betrayal 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy is now in print! This book was once Patriot Secrets, but it was never in print. When I released in last year after the rights reverted back to me, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it.

Now, I'm organized and set. Coming in May will bring about the fourth book in the series, The Heavens Shall Fall. By Arpil, Winds of Betrayal 1 & 2; The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy will be out on audio!

If you want the first three books in the series, I have the Winds of Betrayal Boxed Set


Fabulous Series 
By sylvia
Format:Kindle Edition
I absolutely loved these books, I got the first one for free and was so sad when it ended:( I immediately ordered the next 2. I wish they had the box set then. The character simply come alive. I was so drawn in I had it hidden my desk at work to read ever chance I got. I can't wait until the final book comes out.

I also looked up the author and read her other series immediately after reading these. The series about Charleston. They are Awesome also. So glad I found this author.

Enjoy your reading.

Winds of Betrayal Boxed Sets
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I am reading all of these books, looking forward to the next in the series. I am also reading The Tides of Charleston by this author. It is difficult to find good stories concerning the American Revolutionary War, these are great romantic and enlightening stories. Great Author.
 Historical fiction at it's best
This review is from: THE CRY FOR FREEDOM (Winds of Betrayal) (Kindle Edition)
My hat goes off to you, Jerri Hines. This well-edited and well-written tale had me up into the wee hours of the morning reading, only to wake up bleary-eyed the next day, still thinking about the characters. Such an incredible tale of a torn love between two people on different sides of the war. I've studied the revolutionary war and can see quite clearly this author really did her homework. Fascinating story! Can't wait for the next one!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WINDS OF BETRAYAL 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy

WINDS OF BETRAYAL 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy

The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy was once published under one title, Patriot Secrets! When the rights reverted back to me, I decided to break the book into two parts for a couple of reasons.

One:  Patriot Secrets was a long read for an ebook.
Two:  Giving away the first half of the book gives a reader a sense of the story.

This is not a stand-alone series. It was never intended to be.  Winds of Betrayal is based upon my love of history and family sagas. The American Revolution has long fascinated me. My job as a writer is to sweep you up into this world of intrigue, spies, betrayals and romance that was the American Revolution. The Cry For Freedom gives you a glimpse into this world. It's free! If you enjoy sagas and history, I believe you will enjoy it! But if you want both together it's here.

Only on Amazon- I brought back The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy under one cover again- Winds of Betrayal I & II: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy. Winds of Betrayal is now going to be offered in print and eventually audio!