Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Dance!

      At the beginning of the month I wrote about submitting four different manuscripts to four different publishers. Well, one down three to go! The Sun Will Rise is going to be published by Whiskey Creek Press!!!!
      So in the midst of this depressing stint of snow, snow and more snow I'm doing a happy dance. I've had The Sun Will Rise for a time, but never did much with it. Kept thinking I would have this whole American Revolution historical series. At the rate I was going on that idea, I would have been in a wheel chair before I saw that happening.
      Patriot Secrets is more historical fiction/suspense than romance. Yes, Patriot Secrets has romance in it, but as for pure romance, it's not. How do they put it- story driven with romantic elements. But The Sun Will Rise is pure historical romance/suspense. Honestly, I wrote The Sun Will Rise after a rejection I got on Patriot Secrets from Kenningston Publishing. I received the nicest rejection letter from an editor who is unfortunately no longer with us. She explained what she liked about Patriot Secrets, but she dealt more with Royal Courts, Kings and Queens, Dukes and Earls. It's what sells.
       I'm learning that. Trying to attract readers to a different setting takes patience and endurance. I love history. So when I read a romance where a Duke marries a commoner, a teacher, etc...I cringe, totally. It would never happen in real life. Okay...Okay....I admit I read them. Okay...I understand that reading romance is like an escape, a fantasy. But its frustrating that a book can be accepted when a Duke marries a school teacher yet people have issues with accepting English romance with a woman from the  American colonies. First in all the history I read I have never come across a Duke marrying a school teacher back in the 1700's or 1800's. Maybe I have over looked it in my research, but I have read where the British officers of aristocratic backgrounds married women from the American colonies. Point and case- General Thomas Gage (son of a Viscount and his son inherit the title) married a Margaret Kemble from a wealthy New Jersey family. Truly an interesting tale for she was thought to have been sympathetic to the Patriot cause and even helped with alert the Patriots the British were coming (the ride of Paul Revere). Another story at another time perhaps.
      My point though is it would have been accepted. So The Sun Will Rise comes from that premise. A cross over romance, love between an Aristocratic British Officer and an American born daughter of a British Governor. Love and suspense!
       What I'm even more excited about is that they're making it into two books. Because at times I write forever (and ever and ever) the manuscript is being split into two separate books. Luckily almost right in the middle of the book I had already broken it up into part two. Just have to figure out the title.
       So I'm happy! One manuscript down and three more to go. Do I dare hope to sign the others? Well, I hope...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So excited again! Another good review! Check it out the Icy Snow Black Stone Reveiw! You can click on the link. I have posted the review below also.

Book Review
Welcome About Icy Snow Musings Book Review Covers and Trailers

Hannah Corbett is a willful young woman standing at a crossroads in history, the events leading up to the American Revolution. At a party given by her father, she meets Marcus Durham, a British soldier ostensibly come to Virginia with her uncle to persuade Hannah’s father to allow his daughter to return with them to Philadelphia to live with her maternal grandfather. They clash, of course, Hannah’s self-assertiveness and Marcus’ own brash personality colliding. Besides, Hannah already has a beau, Gabriel Witherspoon, whom she’s known all her life, though he’s been reluctant to speak to her father. What she doesn’t know is that, though he claims he loves her, Gabriel’s reluctance has to do with money rather than shyness and only when he learns Hannah will come into money of her own, does he ask that they be affianced.

Soon, however, Hannah has more things than Gabriel’s mercenary nature to worry about. Within a few months, she loses her father and younger brother, her stepmother, and her home to the British through her grandfather’s machinations. Because Gabriel and her older brother Jonathan are now recruited into the new Continental Army, she chooses to go to Philadelphia to live with her grandfather, determined to get revenge for her family, becoming a spy and help in the colonists’ struggle for freedom. Life with her grandfather isn’t easy, the danger of her chosen task notwithstanding, for Alexander Clay is a tyrant in his own home, prone to beat anyone disobeying him, including his own granddaughters. He is also a Tory, loyal to the Crown and the frequent visitors to his home soon offer Hannah the opportunities she needs to pass on information.

One of those visitors is Marcus Dunham, and before she realizes it, the young Englishman becomes the most important person in Hannah’s life. Younger son of a noble, and now one of His Majesty’s officers, he finds himself drawn to the girl he met in Virginia, and when Hannah comes under suspicion, he declares his love for her. Though it’s an impossible affair—Marcus is married and a loyal subject of the Crown—he’s determined to keep Hannah safe and out of danger, even if he ruins her reputation in doing so. Deserted by those people sworn to protect her and abandoned by Gabriel who’s been persuaded by those same people not to take her to safety, Hannah gives Marcus her love only for the time they may have together, never expecting more or less, but the danger she’s flirted with and the risks she continues to take eventually take their toll. Even when she learns she’s carrying his child, even when she’s arrested and sent to the Jersey, a prison ship anchored in the harbor, from which no one ever returns alive…

MY OPINION: A wonderful tale of two people brought together by a war which also keeps them apart. Though Marcus is introduced in the first chapter and then almost ignored until halfway through the book, once he’s brought back into the action, he becomes a strong character, a man torn between carrying out his duty to the Crown while trying to protect the woman he loves, and at the same time a man brought to his knees by the knowledge he can’t do what he wants because of his own loyalty. Because of his long absence from the story, one is almost fooled into thinking he isn’t an important character but then that belief changes, though the storyline never goes according to the usual and expected script. Marcus is married, his love for Hannah may be real but can never be honorable though he himself appears to be. His wife is conspicuously absent, having returned to England, and though Hannah mentions her often, he’s remarkably silent on that subject, which makes one wonder what went on there. Historical fact is blended with fiction in an exciting story, with real characters such as General Washington, Major Andre, and Benedict Arnold fighting alongside the fictional ones, integrating the beliefs and opinions of both sides in such a way that neither British nor colonists are heroes or villains but an ambivalent combination of both. Truly, the only real antagonists in the story are Hannah’s relatives who murder and steal for their own benefit, using the Revolution as the excuse.

Patriot Secrets is a stirring tale of war and valor as shown through the eyes of a young woman thrust into a situation she didn’t want; of the man who loves her in spite of their being on opposite sides of the firing line, and of the consequences of the actions these star-crossed lovers must accept in order to survive. These are characters the reader will want to know more about. Would it be too much to hope there’s a sequel in the wings?

RATING: Because of complaints, no more ratings will be given with reviews; Authors wishing such may get in touch with the reviewer by private e-mail

Patriot Secrets is available from Wild Child Publishing,

This novel was supplied by the author and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.

Patriot Secrets by Jerri Hines

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hunger Games Movie- PG-13?

Okay, I’m going to rant a tad. Has nothing to do with me really, but it’s been bothering me. So what’s my blog for if not to give my opinions? Right. No, I’m not going to complain about having to stay later at work and hitting awful traffic every day! No, I’m not going to complain about how late I’m getting home or how it’s messing up my sleep schedule. Nor am I going to complain about the Pats losing to the Jets or how I can’t watch Sports Center until after the Super Bowl! And I’m not going to grumble about the incessant snow. At least not today.

Today, I’m going on a rant about making the Hunger Games book series into a PG-13 movie! A friend showed me an article in Entertainment Weekly (a magazine I might add I enjoy tremendously). But anyhow EW did an interview with the director Gary Ross. Mr. Ross talked about how gripping the Hunger Games books were in which I have no issue with. I have documented my opinion on the series. The first book Hunger Games is the best book I’ve read in a long time. What I do have issue with is a PG-13 rating for a movie about the books. I had trouble with the thought of a twelve year old reading the book much less making it into a movie for them to see. Mr. Ross said in the interview that he didn’t believe that the violence too extreme because Ms Collins wasn’t graphic in her details rather it was her ideals she created that caused the terror. I can’t disagree with that assessment to a degree. Ms Collins wrote a great book, a great series, but I cringed to think about a few scenes, especially one, being watched by a twelve year old. How on earth are you going to film the horrible death of 12 year old in a manner that isn’t going to negatively affect a child? It affected me reading it and I’m an old woman! The one thing that makes Ms Collins' books stand out is her premise of her storyline and after reading the books the story still haunts me, which to me is a sign of a good book. I'll not soon forget the story or the characters.

The excuse that kids see worse on TV doesn't cut it either.They shouldn't. I'm old enough to realize that money talks. I'm certain the blockbuster movies that Twilght and Harry Potter have turned into has influenced movie executives. Kids love movies. Movie executives love to make money. But this series PG-13? Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate what a child can see and be able to sleep through the night afterwards.

Should it be a movie? I think it would make a great movie, but not for children. And before anyone tells me, I do realize that it's classified as a young adult book. I just don't think that some of the key elements of the book that should be disturbing to a 12 year old can be left out. And if you leave them in it couldn't possibly a PG-13 movie. So do you think it's okay to make it into a PG-13 movie?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coffee Time Romance Review

I'm excited! Check it out. 

October 26, 2010

Wild Child Publishing

282 Pages

Historical Suspense / Romance

Rating: 4 Cups

Her family is staunch supporters of the Patriot movement against the British, and Hannah Corbett would like nothing more than to stand alongside her father and brothers in the fight for independence. She may be a mere girl in the eyes of those around her, but in her heart she is as dedicated to the cause as any of the men in her family.

The first encounter British Officer Marcus Durham has with the beautiful young Miss Corbett is as unconventional as it is exhilarating, and he knows then and there that she will be his. No matter the cost or consequences, Marcus is willing to put his reputation and career on the line to keep Hannah in his life.

Hannah got her wish to be an active participant in the cause, but it came at a horrific cost. The loss of everyone in her family, except her brother, Jonathan, spurs her into action, and she takes up residence with the one man who was instrumental in all of their deaths, her Loyalist grandfather Alexander Clay. Spying for the Patriots is a thrilling game, and Hannah becomes so entrenched in her role that she can no longer see any way of getting out without costing the lives of so many innocents. Marcus knows he has no right to claim Hannah, and that she may very well be one of the most dangerous of the Patriot spies, but the war between his head and his heart is a battle far mightier than any he will ever face on the front line.

The lines of loyalty blur in the midst of strong emotion and powerful attraction for Hannah and Marcus. Hannah’s character is so young to be put in this situation, but it is hard not to condemn her actions all the same, especially when it comes to her feelings for Marcus. Marcus is a grown man with very binding commitments, but as much as you want to revile him, he does have a tender side that cannot be ignored. This story is one that will make your blood boil in anger and your eyes fill with tears as Hannah fights to avenge her family.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bright Beginnings

     A new year, a new direction! I have been a busy little bee. By the end of the week, I will have four books out to four different publishers. Trying a different approach. I sent off two of the books I had held on to because I wanted to keep them together in a series, but they can stand on there own, The Sun Will Rise and Another Night Falls. My baby, Whisperings of a Southern Heart, is out but I tend to doubt it will be a go. I shot pretty high on my first submission for Whisperings. What's the saying? Shoot for the stars and land on the moon!  Or it could be- Can't get there from here! But hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have out my first submission on a fantasy I've been working on. You know one of those triologies, Book One is Shadows of the Past. Fantasy! Some people might say I live in my own little fantasy!
      Now maybe I'll go back to my revisions on Patriot Secrets sequels. I just have to get in the mood. Or maybe I'll start a short (ha) historical. I always start with the intention of it being short. Well shorter than the last one and then I just can't get my story in that confined space.
      I really like the Five Roses of Prose Blog. Great bunch of writers. I feel especially grateful for the opportunity. They have come up with a progressive story to do on the blog. Sounds like fun! Going to highlight the group on Novel Works this week. One of the group, Laura, is going to be a guest speaker up here at the New England Writer's Conference in April. I had a blast last conference. I met so many other authors.
      Dexter and Colbie are getting so big. They are hysterical to watch together. Although Dexter is away alot of the time now. Colbie is beginning her training of sorts. I'm convinced she can do an obstacle course, but how do you train a dog when you have a foot of snow in your backyard? You train her in your family room! Yes, I'm training Colbie to go inbetween furniture. Well, I should clarify. Go inbetween furniture on command. She squeezes inbetween the couches, runs through end tables, and under chairs all by herself. Might as well teach her to do it on command. When it gets warmer, we will have to set her up something outside. Max, poor thing, I'm worried about. He's getting skinner. I only took him to the vets a month ago, but I'm thinking he needs to go back. I know he's old, but God I love that dog! He's been the smartest dog I've ever had. He is almost human, you know. I mean he understands every word I say.
     Also dread this week. The weather man is calling for another winter storm and I'm working. I've lucked out so far this winter. I haven't worked when we've had a storm. Not this time if they're right about the forecast. I called Mom yesterday. She was excited that they got enough snow that they called off school for the kids! I like the snow too when I don't have to get out there in it.
      Tracy, bless her heart, just got back from Minnesota with her hockey team. She didn't get to play obviously because of her bad concussion. She said she had a hard time on the plane, too, but at least she got to go. Stubborn, she's mad because she can't play. I don't think they're going to let her back on the ice until after season it was that bad. I hope they don't. Worry about her now.
      I started the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Saturday. Almost done with the third book. The first one, I have to say was one of the best books I've read in a long time. The other two are good, but not like the first one. They're suppose to be young adult books. I'm selfish I guess because while I was reading it, I was thinking I would have liked to know more, seen more, but it was detailed enough. Some kids I don't think could read it anyway. The subject matter is powerful, kids being pitted against each other to the death. Its been on my mind since I read the first chapter of the first book. I guess that's when you know its a good book when you can't stop thinking about it.
       Okay, I'll admit it. I wish I could write a book someone couldn't stop thinking about.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I have to admit I had a wonderful time. All the kids were home, I didn’t burn anything, and the tree stayed up although Dexter decided the ornaments needed to come immediately after Christmas. The little sneak would climb up on the table and reach higher and higher to the point where I ended up taking off all the ornaments. I was off all week and enjoyed it especially not having to drive in our first blizzard of the winter. Bob and I had our nephews out for New Years. Adorable. I miss my kids being that age. I even cooked while I was off. Bob usually cooks, but since I took it easy last week I found I had time.

Getting organized for the New Year. Going to be a good one! (I hope.) I’m doing things a little different this year, being a little more aggressive in my submissions. I don’t mean aggressive to the publishers, but being more active putting my books out there for the publishers. Hope that makes sense. I’ve been hanging on to a couple of the books, but now I feel like making a push. I have three books out with three different publishers. Keeping my fingers crossed. Excited about a couple. One of the publishers gave me a great idea on the possibility of gaining fans and selling more books so I’m hoping that one will be a go. I hope so. It was nice to have someone give me some feedback on what might sell better. I’m also in the midst of revising a couple of books. Obviously the sequel to Patriot Secrets which looks as though I’m going to be cutting it into two. Then I’m also trying my hand at a fantasy. Revising a book I began a long time ago.

I’m going to be optimistic about getting a review for Patriot Secrets. I have a couple of theories on why I haven’t gotten one, but in the end I’m still left without a review. I have been told by three different places now to expect one soon. Kinda holding my breath on that one. I guess I could go back to the responses from readers. I have deeply appreciated the feedback I’ve gotten from people that have read Patriot Secrets. Relieves my frustration on not having an official review.

Then I won the Rose competition! Yea! Excited about joining up with the other authors of the Rose of Prose blog. Love being thought of as a Rose. Thanks to everyone for voting! Appreciate the last minute surge! I can’t wait to introduce everyone to the blog and see what they have in store for me!

Novel Works I have kinda put on the back burner, but I’m going to pick it back up full swing in a couple of weeks. I’m going to look back over last year this coming week. Need to remind other authors that I post new releases for free. I’ve been concentrating on my writing.

But I feel good about this coming year. Hope the new year holds only good things for everyone!