Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Dance!

      At the beginning of the month I wrote about submitting four different manuscripts to four different publishers. Well, one down three to go! The Sun Will Rise is going to be published by Whiskey Creek Press!!!!
      So in the midst of this depressing stint of snow, snow and more snow I'm doing a happy dance. I've had The Sun Will Rise for a time, but never did much with it. Kept thinking I would have this whole American Revolution historical series. At the rate I was going on that idea, I would have been in a wheel chair before I saw that happening.
      Patriot Secrets is more historical fiction/suspense than romance. Yes, Patriot Secrets has romance in it, but as for pure romance, it's not. How do they put it- story driven with romantic elements. But The Sun Will Rise is pure historical romance/suspense. Honestly, I wrote The Sun Will Rise after a rejection I got on Patriot Secrets from Kenningston Publishing. I received the nicest rejection letter from an editor who is unfortunately no longer with us. She explained what she liked about Patriot Secrets, but she dealt more with Royal Courts, Kings and Queens, Dukes and Earls. It's what sells.
       I'm learning that. Trying to attract readers to a different setting takes patience and endurance. I love history. So when I read a romance where a Duke marries a commoner, a teacher, etc...I cringe, totally. It would never happen in real life. Okay...Okay....I admit I read them. Okay...I understand that reading romance is like an escape, a fantasy. But its frustrating that a book can be accepted when a Duke marries a school teacher yet people have issues with accepting English romance with a woman from the  American colonies. First in all the history I read I have never come across a Duke marrying a school teacher back in the 1700's or 1800's. Maybe I have over looked it in my research, but I have read where the British officers of aristocratic backgrounds married women from the American colonies. Point and case- General Thomas Gage (son of a Viscount and his son inherit the title) married a Margaret Kemble from a wealthy New Jersey family. Truly an interesting tale for she was thought to have been sympathetic to the Patriot cause and even helped with alert the Patriots the British were coming (the ride of Paul Revere). Another story at another time perhaps.
      My point though is it would have been accepted. So The Sun Will Rise comes from that premise. A cross over romance, love between an Aristocratic British Officer and an American born daughter of a British Governor. Love and suspense!
       What I'm even more excited about is that they're making it into two books. Because at times I write forever (and ever and ever) the manuscript is being split into two separate books. Luckily almost right in the middle of the book I had already broken it up into part two. Just have to figure out the title.
       So I'm happy! One manuscript down and three more to go. Do I dare hope to sign the others? Well, I hope...

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