Sunday, July 31, 2011


What a beautiful day! I'm so excited! Tomorrow- the 1st- is the official launch of our new look on Roses of Prose. Now there will be fourteen of us- 14! I want to welcome all our new Roses. This is going to be great. For the next two weeks on Novel Works, I will be featuring the authors of the Roses of Prose. We each will be blogging at Roses twice a month on a variety of topics. The first one is an introduction.

Let me say, I thought long and hard about my first one. They wanted us to let you know a little about us. So I did. I'm not going to say what. You'll have to come back on Wednesday (my day) to find out  what I wrote about myself. Let's just say my husband is cringing in the corner.

Taking last week off helped. Got caught up on most everything. Last week Dream Walker topped off at Number 9 on Mainstream Fiction at Fictionwise. I have no idea why it shot up (and neither did my publisher). Always a good sign when I'm telling her what my book is doing...right? Have no idea where it will land this week, but the whole idea of being on a top ten list is motivating.

Now that I have Seductive Secrets set to go, I should start with my revision of Whisperings to Belle of Charleston. But been thinking though about another paranormal. Should really do a sequel to Dream Walker. Decisions...decisions. I'll give it a week and see what I feel like tackling. Although its funny, I have another book swirling in my head. Be still my heart...another romance to go along with Seductive Secrets. How about Seductive Lies?

Oh, I still have my sequels to Patriot Secrets waiting in the wings also. Excited about getting started with my release with Whiskey Creek Press. I'm still not certain whether the title will be Another Night Falls or The Judas Kiss. I am going to be focusing on Charleston more in the upcoming blogs.

Now back to the Roses of Prose, join me this week and next in welcoming our new Roses-

Andrea Boeshaar, Jannine Gallant, Christine DePetrillo, Alison Henderson, Barbara Edwards, Glenys O’Connell, Brenda Whiteside, Margaret Tanner, Vonnie Davis, J L Wilson, and Claire Ashgrove!

We have a wide range of authors from all over the world. Yes, we are international. Should make for an interesting, entertaining, and informative blog. Join me on Novel Works and get to know them better also since I will be featuring their work on the day their first blog goes up. This does mean though I will be pushing back new releases for a couple of weeks. So many Roses to cover. I'll make it up to everyone (I promise).

And welcome back Amber Leigh Willliams and Laura Breck. I have to say a big thank you to Laura for all the work she did to put this together. She did an amazing job. And to all the Roses- to the start of something Gooood!
A side note- a special thank you to Bill, Barbara Edwards son for his work on the web design. Also, Lisa Liebow is taking a little break from the blog, but she's not gone for good. She will be around. Just has her hands full. Going back for her master's in creative writing if I'm not mistaken. Good luck Lisa!
So join us. Should be fun!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week Off from Novel Works

So, it's Charleston. Never been to England to take pictures.
Okay, I have to finish up Seductive Secrets. No more deleting the end. I have already done it twice! You know I have the ending in my head. Unfortunately, it's not coming out on paper like I visualize it! So in turn, there goes that delete button! Not that I have a deadline with Seductive Secrets. It's a self imposed deadline of my own.

I have so much I want to accomplish mainly going back to revise Whisperings and make it Belle of Charleston. I can't with an unfinished manuscript. I just can't. So I'm going to hold back on Novel Works this week. I will do new releases, of course. It's just I have to concentrate, really, concentrate. And...keep away from distractions, totally.

Seductive Secrets is important to me for a couple of reasons. One- for once I tried to follow the standard romance formula. I did say tried. Of course, I had to be original or I hope its original. Second- I like it. It was so hard at first because every time I started a scene the characters pulled me in one direction and that darn formula...well, needless to say it took a while. In the end though it all came together, just took me longer.

Okay, now that my "Regency Romance" is almost complete, can I tell you what irritates me about Regency romances? A lot. Historical inaccuracies mainly. Of course some of the stringent rules that English society applied to their members gives way to numerous conflicts to write about, but do romance writers push the limits? On this rant, I'm not going after romance writers, I'm one, but how many times can a Duke fall in love with a totally unacceptable young woman? How many dukes, earls, viscounts, barons, are there in England?

Do you really think that a Duke would marry a school teacher? Do you? Really? Or marry his mistress? Granted, I have read a case of one, but it didn't happen often and the ton deeply frowned upon it. Although I have to say from what I have read, the lords knew how to kept their mistresses happy. The other thing I don't understand why everyone is so enthralled with the idea of aristocrats. Did you know that adultery was accepted practice back then for the aristocrats?

It's all kinda ironic that so much romance has been written about Regency England and the Season when the ladies barely got to speak to their suitors alone. They hardly got to know them before they were married. Being a writer, we become inventive on ways for them to see each other (totally inappropriate of course).

I know I'm ranting about myself now because I caved and wrote one. I did. Lets see how it does or if I can even get another to read it. Funny, I have faith in this book. I think its a winner. After all that ranting...but I did say I believe its original to a certain extend.

So let me finish it up this week and start sending it out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bad Day!

I have a headache. I don't usually get headaches. Some might say I give them... I just want to throw up my hands and give up. Okay. I give up. That's it. No more. Yep! It's been one of those days. Why one might wonder? Is it more than the weather's hot and the dogs have chewed up anything in the house that's not tied down? Truthfully, I'm not sure.

Everyone has had one of those days. You know...a day that nothing seems to go right. Got off work this morning and it began. Went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the doctor ordered it the wrong way according to my insurance company. Wanted me to pay double my normal co-pay. Spent almost an hour on the phone with them and still didn't win. Have to get my doctor to write it the way they want it (a 90-day supply). Okay. I can do that. Left a message for my doctor. Did I hear anything? No. Went ahead and paid the extra and will have to do battle about the money later.

So I got home late. Colbie had my favorite sandal in her mouth. Chewed beyond repair. Okay. They were old sandals, but comfortable, so, so comfortable. And I swear, I believe I've gained weight. I could have sworn I was eating better. I've been eating an apple a day. Colbie's been helping me. I've even been drinking more water. Guess I really need to exercise more. (It doesn't count just being a member of a gym?)

At work every instrument I've been on lately has had major issues after I've been on it. I haven't done anything to them...I promise, but I'm beginning to believe its my karma. Can I do anything about my karma? Does anyone know? Stand on my head. Throw salt over my shoulder. Okay, people, I need some help here!

I did mention while my youngest was gone how much I missed her. I did I missed her. She came back and gave me the sweetest gift. She bought me a Civil War book I can use on my research. She did a great job on knowing what I needed and it was so thoughtful, but...she's going to be the death of me. She truly believes she's twenty-five. Miss Independent for sure (except when it comes to money). Oh, Lord, watch over us both.

Did I mention that the Roses of Prose is revamping the whole blog? It's exciting. Added ten other authors for a total of fourteen. Great group except Laura asked me to moderator our yahoo chat. We have so many decisions to make and so little time... so being the hard could that be? Really, sit back, talk, encourage...oh, not so fast. They were firing off emails right and left. Wanting answers for this and that. I have no answers. I'm the moderator for goodness sake with no power at all. Got to the point where I felt like a substitute teacher getting spit wads thrown at her. Like I was standing in the class room yelling, "Stop that. I'm going to tell." And the students running wildly around daring me to, knowing...oh, they know...there's not a darn thing I could do. My emails were going out and being totally ignored. You know it didn't take long to figure out I'm not a good moderator. It's a strength to admit a weakness. Isn't it?... Oh, truthfully they weren't bad. Matter of fact, a great group. Some wonderful ideas. It's going to be a great blog. You would think that roses are soft and delicate. Don't think so, nope, this here is a pretty hearty bunch if you ask me...Looking forward for it to begin.

But with all that, I discovered that's not what's truly bothering me. I'm about to do something taboo. Yes, I'll admit it. I'm frustrated with my writing. will be just between us. No one needs to know that I threw out the ending of Seductive Secrets and am going to rewrite it. Gone are my dreams of revising Whispers of a Southern Heart next week. But my book Dream Walker seems to have sprang to life. Shot up to number #1 for Wild Child on Fictionwise and #19 for mainstream fiction last week. It has since dropped but for that moment in time...Figured I should be rolling in the big bucks by now or at least have my sales number go up. Am I wrong to dream? Honestly, I have to admit it was nice if only for a moment to be high on a list. Could be addicting? So come on readers. Pick up your kindles, nooks, my books...please...don't make me beg...but I will if you want. It was fun just to see it high on a list at Fictionwise. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to say be on the New York Times bestseller list. So I just need around 20,000 people to buy it each week...Shouldn't be so hard? Should it? I mean I'm still playing and waiting to hit the Lottery. Its just six numbers for goodness sake. So it's been 27 years. For that matter about my book, does it have to be in print to be a best seller???

Still though I waited til now to disclose my depression. Back in April, I went to a psychic. He told me that I would sell two books this summer, one in June and one in August. Well, people, the only thing I heard back from in June was my date for my release with Whiskey Creek Press. That doesn't count as a sale. I signed the contract back in January!! And August.? I'm not holding my breath...really I'm's too long...or I might try. I sent a couple of manuscripts off back in May. Do you seriously think I'm going to get an offer after that time? No, I don't need a psychic to tell how it goes. If a publisher or agent is going to offer you anything, it comes quick. The others (the rejections) come within the allotted period they give you for consideration. It ranges, six weeks, three months, a year, three years...but if you don't get a quick responce, it's coming. That dreaded rejection letter. Mark my word, its coming. It is sitting there waiting for its allotted time to be sent back to you. Oh, they want to give you the impression they are considering it. But don't be fooled. They have their little piles lined up with the date to send it back. There are piles for POV problems, character development issues, too long, too short, and the terrible taboo- they recieved it on the Sunday after the night of the Blue Moon (bad no-no)...

Oh, but its not the psychic's fault if its found he's been wrong. No, I did my research and discovered my mistake. I should have sent my manuscripts out the night of the new moon while standing on my head and throwing salt over my shoulder...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rabbit Holes

We have rabbits in our backyard. Rabbits. Have to have. There are holes that have suddenly just appeared. Out of no where no less. Couldn’t possibly be say…our lab, Dexter, who comes in the house with dirt on his nose and in-between his toes. No…told hubbie…rabbits. Has to be. No, because Dexter wouldn't do that to hubbie's yard. Not after hubbie fenced in my flowers for me. They looked gorgeous this year, I have to say. No. Dexter wouldn't do that. Not after he and Colbie made a race track around one of my flower beds.
Alice jumped down a rabbit hole following that white rabbit, didn't she? Believe Dexter dug a hole she wouldn't have to shrink to fit in. So while hubbie is out fixin' those holes, Dexter is inside, lying around sleeping enjoying the air conditioner. Ah, sweet Dexter, so innocent. Lying there dreaming. Wondering if he's dreaming of peeing on one of my guest the other day. Oh, yes, he did. Got so excited he peed on her foot. Here this young lady, a friend of my daughter's, that is earning money this summer selling knives comes to do a spill. I know the spill. Should my middle daughter did it last year. I know how hard it is to sell. For some reason people can be so rude when it comes to college kids selling knives. So being the nice person I am, I told her I would listen. Hubbie wanted a sandwich knife anyway. Talking away after the sale and waiting for her father to pick her up, my son came in the house with his dog, Dexter,who ran up to greet our guest. Wagging his tail, ever so happy to see this girl...I was so proud. He only jumped a couple of times on the girl. Shortly after, the girl excused herself. Said she would start to walk and her father could catch up with her on the road. A beautiful day, I gave it no thought until I looked down on the floor where she had been standing patting Dexter. Oh, yes, there was a puddle. I could have died of embarrassment. The poor thing didn't say a word. Although I have to say, she needs to work on her salesmanship. If she had said anything, I probably would have brought a whole other set of knives.

Then there is Colbie. Surprisingly, don't want to jinx anything, she's been so good. The worst I can say about her lately...I've gotten into the habit of giving her my apple core after I eat my apple. Don't know why. Seemed a healthy thing to do, I suppose. We don't give the dogs people food. So I don't know why I thought this was a good idea especially after she got in my bowl of fruit and took a bite out of each apple.

I'm going to do some blogs on Charleston coming up. Hubbie and I absolutely loved Charleston. It was everything I thought it would be and more. While I was there, we took a trip out to Drayton Hall. Drayton Hall happens to be the plantation I use to model my plantation in my upcoming books with Whiskey Creek Press. I chose Drayton Hall because when I did research on line it seemed perfect to emulate. The house is maintain as well as it can be the way it was. Walking around, I got the feel of the mansion. My daughter took some awesome pictures which you will be seeing over the coming weeks.
I'm trying to change the name of the first book from The Sun Will Rise to The Judas Kiss. Think it sounds more romantic, besides it fits the manuscript. Going to be part of the Tides of Charleston Series. Before anyone tells me, I know having set my story during the American Revolution that Charleston was called Charles Town back then, but the I didn't want anyone confusing Charleston with another Charles Town (not mentioning my husband who insist there is only one Charles Town-the one across from Boston). Thought the Tides of Charleston perfect because the tides bring the ships in and out of the Charleston.  

Visiting Charleston inspired me. Loved the ghost tour my daughter and I took. Perhaps my next book I write will be a paranormal set in Charleston. Who has more ghosts? Besides paranormals seems to be the going rage. I know that Dream Walker is doing well on Fictionwise. Not only is it number one for Wild Child Publishing, it is ranked 19th for the bestsellers under Mainstream. Motivating.
So rabbit holes. Really don't have any rabbits that come into the yard. Don't think there are any brave enough to chance the adventure. An occasional wild turkey, deer, but rabbits...not really. Sitting here watching hubbie fill the hole. Looks like he's muttering to himself. Don't think he's believes it's a rabbit hole either.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dream Walker

I haven't posted much about Dream Walker as of late. I have been all caught up with Patriot Secrets. The truth is I love to write historicals, but sometimes when the mood hits me I have a paranormal story to tell. That's how it was with Dream Walker. So this morning when I snuck a look at Fictionwise, I was ecstatic to see Dream Walker Number 1 under Wild Child Publishing. Oh, I know Wild Child is a small publisher. I know that Dream Walker is only an ebook that hasn't made it to print yet. I know that Patriot Secrets isn't up on Fictionwise, but you know I don't care. It feels good to be Number 1 on a list. Motivating.

There's so much I want to finish at the moment. The revision to Seductive Secrets. For that matter the revisions to the Patriot Secrets sequels. But maybe, maybe I feel another paranormal coming on. Just for fun if you want to see the list, I linked it Fictionwise Best Sellers for Wild Child Publsihing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give a Helping Hand

Everyone gets so busy with their everyday life. I know the last few months have been hectic for me personally. My husband's aunt, who opened up her home to me when I first moved up North, had a stroke. My middle daughter had knee surgery. My friend with the cute little puppy, Chewy, (I don't know exactly how to categorize our friendship- friends, adopted daughter...I'm not exactly sure, but someone I care about) almost died due to an infection. But given all of that in each case, they have survived. I have survived with a deep appreciation of life.

What happens though when a tragedy strikes where one doesn't walk away? I know over the last year we have had earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami's, nuclear meltdowns with thousands and thousands of people affected. My heart goes out to everyone who was touched by the disasters. We help by picking up the phone to make a donation or sending a check. Each time the check dwindles a tad because of the frequencies of occurrences and the economy. Not only that, but we still have all the charities that need our support.

So why give when you see one family that has suffered a tragedy? Simply...because they need it. I just got through reading an article on AOL about the Berry family. Taking from the AOL article
A family tragedy has prompted Houston residents to open up their hearts to help three children orphaned in a West Texas car accident.
The children's parents, Joshua and Robin Berry, were killed when an SUV veered into their lane and crashed head-on into their van.
Nine-year-old Peter Berry, and 8-year-old Aaron Berry were airlifted from Covenant Health System's Women's and Children's Hospital in Lubbock to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital last Wednesday night after sustaining serious spinal cord injuries. They are both paralyzed below the waist.
Six-year-old Willa was less seriously injured and is recovering at a family friend's home.

Why am I writing a blog on this family? Because it could happen to any of us at anytime. Because those children have lost their parents. Because as a mother my heart aches for the those boys who have a long road ahead of them to overcome their injuries...without their mother for support. Because I can't do anything to help everyone that needs it, but maybe, just maybe I can help them a tad by asking for help for them.

Last night on the internet, I read an article on a boy lost in New York. Only three blocks away his mother sat waiting for him to come home from the camp he had attended. He never returned. The next I read he had been found murdered. I wish there was something I could have done for him. I wish I could do something now to relieve the hurt and pain in that mother's heart at the moment, but I can't. What I can do though is care. Caring is important. Don't you think?

So if anyone has a moment, the address is below for the Berry Family. I believe its obvious they have a long road ahead of them.

Joshua and Robin Berry Children's Trust

Bank of Texas
510 Bering, 5th Floor
Houston, Texas 77057

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ever wondered what happened to those adorable little creatures from Star Wars, the Ewoks. Believe I have the answer. They are here among us, living quietly.

Isn't he adorable! His name is Chewy. He's my friend's little darling. Under all that fur he weighs only 4 pounds. Went to visit her yesterday. She only got him a couple of weeks ago. I'm so happy for her. He is the cutiest little thing. He's so little but was dragging and rearranging his toys and bed all over the room. And he doesn't shed. I'm so envious. My dogs don't stop shedding!!!! He's so little she could get one of those oversize purses and he could go anywhere with her.

There is nothing like a having a dog. I guess people will say that about cats too. I couldn't live without my doggies. There is nothing like coming home and seeing their happy faces. Of course, my puppies are in their teenage years. They would have to be-they are acting just like teenagers! Yesterday I was ready to get them both. They went running through the neighborhood. Simply left the yard. Figured out the batteries to their collars must have went out. Ah, freedom. Nothing like it I suppose. Ignore your masters calling you back home. No, there is so much to see and when you're found act as if you just went for a stroll. Driving back up in my husband's backseat it looked like they had been picked up by the police (remembering my previous lab Buddy who got picked up by the police and I ran the police car down eight months pregnant to resuce him for doggie jail). So, the next few days should be interesting keeping them in the yard until we get the batteries we ordered in the mail.

Finally done with the rough draft of Seductive Secrets!!! Now the revisions, the dreaded synopsis, and the query. I really do hate writing the synopsis, can't stand writing a hook, then the query...I really need a agent. Not going to happen too soon since I don't query them anymore.

Interesting, looking through the interenet as I do occassionally I went to Fictionwise. Haven't been on the site for a while since for whatever reason my publisher hasn't put Patriot Secrets up on Fictionwise. Not even going to say how long it took for Patriot Secrets to go up on Barnes and Nobles...but anyhow...Dream Walker is the number 2 best seller for Wild Child Publishing on Fictionwise! I thought that's pretty good! Should have done a sequel to it by now. Haven't. Would if it was in print. Now Patriot Secrets is different. I have two manuscripts in the rough draft as sequels, but its the same thing. If Patriot Secrets isn't in print, why put out the sequel yet?

Publishing is a hard business especially given the economy. I am so appreciative of being given the opportunity to be a published author, but...with Patriot Secrets at times I was convincing people it was from a publishing house...had to go and get my own reviews... do my own PR work on my own. Even if I had the opportunity for it to be in print, I would have taken it. I could do book signings which would pull people in. Then when you try to enter it into contest if its not in print you can't enter it. Of course, I doubt seriously it would be considered because it from a small publisher. That's why I'm debating whether to pay my dues for RWA. I really don't see what they do for the smaller published authors. It seems only for the larger publishers. Am I wrong?

Last week I wanted to post the winners of the RWA RITA awards on Novel Works but decide just to post the finalists. The reason...first I didn't know any of the winners. I have only read one of the authors that won and to be honest the book I read of hers was probably one of the worst books I read in ages. Talk, if I say anything then you would know and honestly I didn't read the book she won the award for. To be fair it could be totally different. So I decided to do the next best thing and post the finalists I liked. So many good authors and books. Didn't have an issue posting their books and it's my fan page.

But I'm enjoying the summer. Went out to the movies last night. One of those theaters that have luxury seats where you can have drinks and food served to you. OMG! Loved it. It helped that we watched the funniest movies- Horrible Bosses. One part I laughed so hard I had to take my inhaler. Now I have to get back to revising Seductive Secrets, back to the beginning, Chapter One...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Changes at the Roses of Prose Blog!

We're looking for nine authors, published in anything from sweet to mildly spicy romance to join a community blog. Authors Brenda Whiteside, Amber Leigh Williams, Lisa Lipkind Leibow, Jerri Hines, and and Laura Breck are giving The Roses of Prose, an established blog, a facelift, and we invite you to help us. Each author will blog twice monthly, and there will be open days for guest bloggers. Once all the authors are in place, we will brainstorm a theme and choose a tagline. Please join us - contact if you have any questions or if you're ready to be a part of the fun.

Patriot Secrets Free Copy

My anniversary gift-
East Battery Evening
Thanks to everyone that followed me this last weekend. Remember for your free copy of Patriot Secrets leave me your email in comments if you joined my blog by July 6th.
Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th. I did. My husband took me out for our anniversary. I got the most wonderful anniversary present, a framed print of the Battery at Charleston. I love it. Already have it hanging my office. 

My youngest is still in Mississippi. Getting the feeling of the empty nest syndrome that’s to come. I don’t know what I will do with myself. I believe I miss stressing out about when she is coming home; who she is with; not having my car when I need it...  During my week of vacation, we had the best time looking at colleges. She wants to go down South. I want her to be happy, but it’s hard enough to see her sister and she’s in New Hampshire. I guess its called pay back for moving so far away from my family.

The doggies had a hard week when I was gone. At the end of the week, my son kept asking when we were getting home when we talked to him. A sure sign something was up. Turns out…you know having three dogs is a lot of work. His dog, Dexter, he knows. It was Colbie and Max. They are early risers, usually around 5:30 in the morning. My son hasn’t seen 5:30 in the morning since he played hockey. They made it though okay except for my son’s head set for his Play Station.

The puppies, the big, huge puppies, are having a blast this summer. Dexter loves the beach except he seems to drink in a lot of salt water trying to retrieve his ball. Has to work on that. Colbie…well Colbie scared the living daylights out on my oil delivery guy yesterday. I just got up and let the dogs out around noon. All of a sudden I hear Colbie barking like we are being invaded by aliens. Dexter, of course, is looming behind her. I suppose set to help if the invasion isn’t contained. I walked around the corner of the house to find the oil delivery guy with the hose in one hand and his other hand frantically staying off Colbie whose barking her head off and wagging her tail at the same time. I grabbed Colbie and apologize repeatedly. Don’t know if I got my oil. Think the guy almost had a heart attack. Didn’t blame him. They are big dogs.

Colbie’s our protector though. No one can walk on our property without her letting us know. She continued to bark in the house running around madly until the truck pulled away. Where was Dexter…? Upstairs under my feet while I was typing. Big teddy bear!
<><> <><> <><>
Along the Battery of Charleston
So back to the grind. I'm changing up the ending of Seductive Secrets. Not what happens but my writing. Want to get it done!!!!  Again if you signed up following my blog and this is for everyone that follows my blog by July 6th, give me your email address and I'll send you a free copy of Patriot Secrets!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend

Hope everyone has a happy 4th filled with barbecues, fireworks and family! I love the 4th. I was married on the 4th of July twenty-four years ago. It wasn't because I always dreamed of being married on the 4th. It just kinda happened that way. My hubbie always jokes that he gave up his independence of Independence Day.

I'm working all week-end. Really have no desire to go to work tonight, but I guess I don't really don't have much of a choice. Some things in life you just have to do. I would rather be back in Charleston. I did manage to finish up the rough draft of Seductive Secrets. Seductive Secrets is my concession to the Romance formula. You know me I never walk a straight line, but this one I tried to follow man meets woman, makes love, marries, and happily ever after. But you know, I find I really do like the book. A lot. Still has a lot of work to do to it before I submit it anywhere. Then the dreaded synopsis. I hate those things. Truly, I do.

It also means I can almost start my revisions of Whisperings to create Belle of Charleston. I'm getting excited about my writing.

Not to forget Patriot Secrets and the 4th, I'm giving away a copy to one of my blog followers. So follow my blog for a chance to win a copy. I'll give it away on Tuesday the 5th.

So go out and have a wonderful safe weekend. Wave those flags. Watch those fireworks. And read Patriot Secrets!