Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rabbit Holes

We have rabbits in our backyard. Rabbits. Have to have. There are holes that have suddenly just appeared. Out of no where no less. Couldn’t possibly be say…our lab, Dexter, who comes in the house with dirt on his nose and in-between his toes. No…told hubbie…rabbits. Has to be. No, because Dexter wouldn't do that to hubbie's yard. Not after hubbie fenced in my flowers for me. They looked gorgeous this year, I have to say. No. Dexter wouldn't do that. Not after he and Colbie made a race track around one of my flower beds.
Alice jumped down a rabbit hole following that white rabbit, didn't she? Believe Dexter dug a hole she wouldn't have to shrink to fit in. So while hubbie is out fixin' those holes, Dexter is inside, lying around sleeping enjoying the air conditioner. Ah, sweet Dexter, so innocent. Lying there dreaming. Wondering if he's dreaming of peeing on one of my guest the other day. Oh, yes, he did. Got so excited he peed on her foot. Here this young lady, a friend of my daughter's, that is earning money this summer selling knives comes to do a spill. I know the spill. Should my middle daughter did it last year. I know how hard it is to sell. For some reason people can be so rude when it comes to college kids selling knives. So being the nice person I am, I told her I would listen. Hubbie wanted a sandwich knife anyway. Talking away after the sale and waiting for her father to pick her up, my son came in the house with his dog, Dexter,who ran up to greet our guest. Wagging his tail, ever so happy to see this girl...I was so proud. He only jumped a couple of times on the girl. Shortly after, the girl excused herself. Said she would start to walk and her father could catch up with her on the road. A beautiful day, I gave it no thought until I looked down on the floor where she had been standing patting Dexter. Oh, yes, there was a puddle. I could have died of embarrassment. The poor thing didn't say a word. Although I have to say, she needs to work on her salesmanship. If she had said anything, I probably would have brought a whole other set of knives.

Then there is Colbie. Surprisingly, don't want to jinx anything, she's been so good. The worst I can say about her lately...I've gotten into the habit of giving her my apple core after I eat my apple. Don't know why. Seemed a healthy thing to do, I suppose. We don't give the dogs people food. So I don't know why I thought this was a good idea especially after she got in my bowl of fruit and took a bite out of each apple.

I'm going to do some blogs on Charleston coming up. Hubbie and I absolutely loved Charleston. It was everything I thought it would be and more. While I was there, we took a trip out to Drayton Hall. Drayton Hall happens to be the plantation I use to model my plantation in my upcoming books with Whiskey Creek Press. I chose Drayton Hall because when I did research on line it seemed perfect to emulate. The house is maintain as well as it can be the way it was. Walking around, I got the feel of the mansion. My daughter took some awesome pictures which you will be seeing over the coming weeks.
I'm trying to change the name of the first book from The Sun Will Rise to The Judas Kiss. Think it sounds more romantic, besides it fits the manuscript. Going to be part of the Tides of Charleston Series. Before anyone tells me, I know having set my story during the American Revolution that Charleston was called Charles Town back then, but the I didn't want anyone confusing Charleston with another Charles Town (not mentioning my husband who insist there is only one Charles Town-the one across from Boston). Thought the Tides of Charleston perfect because the tides bring the ships in and out of the Charleston.  

Visiting Charleston inspired me. Loved the ghost tour my daughter and I took. Perhaps my next book I write will be a paranormal set in Charleston. Who has more ghosts? Besides paranormals seems to be the going rage. I know that Dream Walker is doing well on Fictionwise. Not only is it number one for Wild Child Publishing, it is ranked 19th for the bestsellers under Mainstream. Motivating.
So rabbit holes. Really don't have any rabbits that come into the yard. Don't think there are any brave enough to chance the adventure. An occasional wild turkey, deer, but rabbits...not really. Sitting here watching hubbie fill the hole. Looks like he's muttering to himself. Don't think he's believes it's a rabbit hole either.

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