Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dream Walker

I haven't posted much about Dream Walker as of late. I have been all caught up with Patriot Secrets. The truth is I love to write historicals, but sometimes when the mood hits me I have a paranormal story to tell. That's how it was with Dream Walker. So this morning when I snuck a look at Fictionwise, I was ecstatic to see Dream Walker Number 1 under Wild Child Publishing. Oh, I know Wild Child is a small publisher. I know that Dream Walker is only an ebook that hasn't made it to print yet. I know that Patriot Secrets isn't up on Fictionwise, but you know I don't care. It feels good to be Number 1 on a list. Motivating.

There's so much I want to finish at the moment. The revision to Seductive Secrets. For that matter the revisions to the Patriot Secrets sequels. But maybe, maybe I feel another paranormal coming on. Just for fun if you want to see the list, I linked it Fictionwise Best Sellers for Wild Child Publsihing.

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