Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's Your Favorite Genre of Romance?

What's your favorite genre of Romance? What's the book you pick up and cuddle under a blanket it with?

Okay...don't hold back. Romances are fantasies. Aren't they? Isn't that the reason we read them? A few hours of escape from the real world around us.

The hero—it doesn't matter the genre—the hero is bold, daring, handsome, witty, intelligent, and rich. Larger than life. He's also displays his deep admiration and love for his heroine. We read to feel that spark of love between the hero and heroine.

So what type is your favorite? Contemporary? Fantasy? Historical? Paranormal? Or...ssh...erotica? Remember I said don't be shy about what you like. Figures don't lie—Fifty Shades of Gray was probably the most talked about book this summer. While I was traveling this summer, it's the book I saw in so many women's hands.

I don't think it's hard to figure out that I'm kinda lean toward historicals with a touch of paranormal. While I'm talking about historicals I'll just mention that Ruse of Love is free again today and tomorrow. I guess I'm an old soul. I love history. (Although I have confessed before, I'm going to write a book with a love scene on a private jet. )

So why I'm talking about the different genres of romance...because I have so many romance authors coming in for Octoberfest With Books. The first two weeks is totally romance. A group of authors from Wild Rose Press is coming in next week with Crescent Moon Press following the next week. I'm so excited to host everyone. I've gotten to look over the books...a lot of good-great- romances!

Should be a fun month! Don't miss out. Check out Novel Works during the month of October. This year I will be hosting Octoberfest With Books over on a new blog- Romance in Books, Romantic Picks just for you! Don't miss out for your opportunity to host Novel Works for a week.


Have a good one! And don't forget to get your free copy of Ruse of Love today!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I grew up reading family sagas growing up. My favorites included The Kent Family Chronicles by John Jake, The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough, The Mallens by Catherine Cookson, East of Eden by John Steinbeck…

Sagas draw us into the life and struggles of a family. We connect to their relationships with family and loves and the era the story is set. It is a glimpsean insight into the dynamics of a family structure.

What I enjoy about writing a family saga is there is no formula that you’re supposed to follow. It’s a life story. As we all know there are no formula’s in life. A sweeping story to become immersed within—one that would stay with you long after you have finished the book. Winds of Betrayal is such a series set in the turmoil of the American Revolution.

Patriot Secrets is set at the beginning of the conflict. Caught up in the fervor for liberty, the Corbetts soon learn there is a price to pay for their dream.


In the midst of the struggle for America's bid for independence, Hannah Corbett makes a fateful decision, descending into a world of deceit. Spurred by revenge, she heads to New York, setting in motion a dangerous game for which there is no return. Searching desperately for the man who betrayed her family, she faces the cold and brutal reality of the life of a spy. Caught in a web of lies, living with betrayal, she is trapped. She has nowhere to turn except to a man it would be treasonous to love, setting duty and desire at war. Her heart is ripped apart when she must choose between the man who risks his career and life to protect her and the only thing that has remained constant in her life...her belief in her cause.

One of the problems I had after Patriot Secrets was released—nobodyI mean nobodyseemed to understand that Patriot Secrets was a series. I think they thought they assumed it was a straight historical romance. I’ve always contended that Patriot Secrets is historical fiction. Oh, not that it doesn’t have romancebut the story itself doesn’t lend it to be a romance book. The story is bigger than just one hero and heroine.

Patriot Secrets was the first part of a book that I had called Before the Sun Sets. I split it in two. The second part Winds of Betrayal is already written. It just needs revisions, but when I picked the second part up to begin revisions, I came to the second chapter and set it down again. Something was missing. I needed a bridge book. So Ruse of Love, the second book in the Winds of Betrayal, came to life.


The tides of war have shifted. When all eyes turn south, Doctor Jonathan Corbett finds himself once more thrust into the war’s turmoil. On assignment from General Washington, the dashing doctor discovers his mission has taken him straight into a conflict where the British are not the only ones to be feared.

Rebekah Morse has no time to contemplate the exploding war around her. Caught up as a pawn in a deadly conspiracy, she finds her only hope lies with her old friend, but things have changed since they last saw each other.

Yet destiny has not intervened in their lives without cause. Rebekah’s strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality sets within Jonathan a desire he swore never to feel again. When Rebekah’s life is threatened, Jonathan is determined to save the stubborn woman whether she wants to be saved or not. Now Jonathan and Rebekah must face the perilous threat together—only to discover a passion they never imagined...

The third and final chapterthe explosive end to this sagais set to be released in 2013—Winds of Betrayal.
Ruse of Love can be read as a stand alone. You don’t have to read Patriot Secrets to enjoy Ruse of Love.

Enjoy the whole series. Start at the beginning. I also have another book coming out, Another Night Falls with Whiskey Creek Press (Part III of the Tides of Charleston series) in October, which correlates to the Winds of Betrayal series. Another Night Falls is set in the same Charles Town (Charleston, South Carolina) as Ruse of Love. It also has a few cross-over characters.

Have a good one! Keep reading!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winds of Betrayal Series

Hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend. I know I've been so behind in my blogging. Let's see if I can make up for it. So what kind of news do I have...

Whiskey Creek Press has pressed back ANOTHER NIGHT FALLS to an October release. I say that and last time they told me that, they released it mid-month. I'm going with what I've been told so it should be an October 1st release.

In the midst of planning Octoberfest With Books again. Lining up some really good weeks. I'll be letting you know the closer we get to October!

I'm giving away a copy of Ruse of Love tomorrow over on Roses of Prose. If you want a copy, just leave a comment for your chance to win! Just leave a comment and I'll give away as books as I have comments...can't get better than that. But to win, you have to leave a comment. You can leave one here too if you like. But check out Roses of Prose all month...everyone is giving away books!

Remember my interview for Alpha can catch the second part of the interview at this link for Roses of Prose.

I'm also featured as Guest Author of the Month over on Beverly Bateman's blog. If you want to learn a little more about me and my writings, check out the interview.

Believe that's about it!

Have a good one! Keep reading!