Friday, June 25, 2010


Have to admit. This hasn't been the greatest of summer's personally for me. It is envitable that life has its bumps in the road and with everything that has happened it could be much worse. And with that fact I will take comfort and take one day at a time.

But on the other hand Novel Works hit a milestone yesterday. I have over 1,000 fans! Little things make me happy. What a wonderful feeling! Think about it! I have only one book out and that was two years ago. Of course I have another coming which is why I've worked so hard on promoting. The problem with Patriot Secrets is that I've still haven't heard back from Marci yet about edits. Can't release a book without edits. So I have no clue when my book will be released. The tumbling effect- I have to slow down on my recommendations on Novel Works. I was doing 3-4 a month and the authors have been awesome. Teresa Medieros- I can't say enough good things about her, Lindsay Townsend, Brenda Novak, Teresa D'Amario, Jessica Anderson, Caroyln Hart... I'm going to run out of recommendations before my book. Can't do that. So I've come up with an idea or two to cut back to around 2 a month. But I am excited about the authors I've lined up for July!

Haven't heard back from my full manuscript submission to an agent. Sometimes I don't want to. Let it go for a little longer. I like to dream. But I did hear back from the agent I pitched to at the conference in March- finally. Guess what? It's not the right fit. I could have laughed out loud. I had long ago sent that query to my rejection file. After that awful pitch I made to her, I probably would have wondered if she had taken it. But it was nice that she did get back to me. It can be disheartening not to be acknowledged. Doubt, though, that she will see anything else from me. Not from her actions, but you know thinking back I really kinda embarassed myself. Don't think that impression is going to fade...ever.

Another tid-bit of information. I've been wondering about my book sales with Dream Walker. I know its been out two years, but I have plastered the cover all over my Facebook because it's the face of Novel Works. Can't really tell much yet. At the end of the quarter I should have an idea, but when I went on Fictionwise yesterday it was listed as the third bestselling book under WildChild Publishing. It was off the list before and at Wild Child its back in the top ten under paranormal. Small things, but it would show that promoting works.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Constitutes a Bad Day?

What constitutes a bad day? I hate feeling sorry for myself- self pity is the worst! A total waste of time. I always feel like I can handle most things. I mean just read the papers. My heart goes out to the Gulf Coast. I love the white beaches along the Mississippi Coast line. I wonder if they are affected. Then I just got through reading an article on a girl in college that is battling leukemia. An acquittance of my middle daughter recently lost her life to the awful disease. Now that is something to feel sorry for yourself.
Oh- but do we get to feel sorry for ourselves over the smaller issues? Take yesterday for me. My husband and I are battling with our youngest about curfew and this boyfriend of hers. I feel like the world's worst parent. She's so stubborn! I think she gets it from me, though. She pushes and pushes us to our limits. I do believe she wants us to give her full reign of control- to come and go as she pleases. Lord, see me through, please! Give me patience- understanding-did I say patience to deal with my youngest. Guide me to help her through this age! But since I have already ruined her life (according to her) I guess I can't do much worse.
Then my car was in a fender bender- my fault! Now my car's in the shop and I driving a rental car for the next couple of weeks! But on the bright side, I have to say my insurance company couldn't have been better. Progressive! They took care of everything. Another point-nobody was hurt- Thank God-truly. But there goes my perfect driving record, my insurance rate goes up-out the five hundred dollar deductible. Like I have nothing better to do with $500!
One of my little doggies is sick. I don't think she's doing well. The vet warned me. It's just hard you know. And my other doggie is about to turn 13 in a couple of days. He's getting so old. He's been the best dog.
Next, I've got a bad feeling. I've emailed my editor a couple of times to find out when the edits to my book will start. I had hoped for a fall release. Now I'm wondering if I'm going to have a release at all. When I signed the contact back in March, she said it would be a few months before edits started it. But its been 3 months. Don't you think I would have an idea of when the edits would start? I mean when I asked her back in May, she said she would check and let me know. I still don't have an idea. I mean it wouldn't bother me if she told me she had three books in front of mine and it looked like July before they got to it. I've got nothing. Oh....
Lastly, at my regular job, my asthma has been an issue reacting to people wearing certain perfumes. Since this is a hospital and we have a policy against wearing fragrances it wouldn't be an issue. Not the case- I have co -workers who out right refuse to abide by the policy and no one seems to be doing anything about it except blaming me for having asthma. I really don't understand people at times. I work with one lady who said for me to stay away from her. It is her favorite lotion (perfumed). She said she doesn't care. She has worn it for years (she has only worked my shift for a few months) and she's not going to stop-and she hasn't cared. I have gone to my supervisor, HR, employee health. Have had everything documented. And still???
Still, though, I see the sun shining in my window this morning. Got a wonderful hubby that I love dearly. I love my kids whether they believe it or not. I love to write and will continue to trudge along. So, I guess my thought is as long as I survived the day and can watch the sun rise, the day wasn't that bad.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer of Romance

Its been forever since I've written on my blog. I've been so busy, but I suppose so is everyone. It would be so nice to outline my life like I outline my books. It would mean I would be in control, wouldn't it? But I don't think that will ever happen. I suppose we just have to keep trudging onward. But my writing...

Novel Works is going well. Its taking a lot more time than I thought. Can't get off Facebook after I go on. Addicting. Have to read what everyone is up to. Nosey, I guess. I have some great writers lined up. I'm so appreciative of all the authors that have allowed me to run with their series. It was funny. Went to the book store today with hubby. It's been a while since I've gone into a bookstore. I've done most of my buying on line. I just was looking for something in particular. Not sure if I got it, but I love book stores like I love libraries! My husband had to drag me out of there, but while he was dragging he looked at all the books on the shelves in the section I was in (yes, I was in the romance section.) He was like 'Brenda Novak is all over the place' 'Isn't that the funny one of your Facebook you said you were going to run with this month?' It was kinda surreal. It was the first time that I've been in a bookstore where I knew some of the authors, actually met a few of them; friends or fans on Facebook. I can't say enough how nice everyone has been. I've had the best time. I probably could relate it to doing what I love. I stand in awe of these authors. I know, I know, they are ordinary people. Oh, but to have your books plastered over the book store....Here comes that envy thing again.

Oh, but on a whim I sent off Whisperings to an agent. Don't know exactly why I did. I know well enough the book is way too long unless my name was Steven King, besides the fact that I can never get an agent to look my way. In the car with hubby I was talking about how long the book is. Not knowing what a word count is I was trying to give an example of how long this book really is- basicially you're getting two books in one. He looks strangely at me. "Why would you do that?"
"I couldn't stop. The story kept going and going."
"How long did it take you to write it?" he asked absently.
"Six months."
He nods. "So the last two months I should have pulled you off your computer?"

I guess its a valid question. What do you do when your story won't let you stop? I have a problem with that. Patriot Secrets I had to break into two, but the part I took out of Secrets is only half of Winds of Betrayal. Come to think of it. Winds is getting on the long side itself. Should I put a limit on my stories? I've tried to contain my stories. Another Night Falls is only 90,000 words. So I can do it. It's hard for me. I have so much to say.

But the good news is when I sent off Whisperings to the agent, they wanted to see the manuscript! Excited? Yes, I am. Do I know that when they get a look at the word count that they will more than likely roll their eyes? Do you think they will look at the word count before they start reading? Did I say I omitted the word count in my query? I should be horse whipped, but I know no one will even look at Whisperings after my experience at the conference if the first thing they see is the word count. Remember my awful pitch I gave. It went downhill the moment I said the word count. Never even got into the pitch, plot, storyline...

Let me say- I love Whisperings of a Southern Heart. I love the story or I guess with its word count I should call it a saga. I had decided to let it lie for a while-say until I sold a bestseller or heaven forbid cut the manuscript. My friend told me it was alot easier to cut than add. Oh, but it would feel like I was cutting off my hand. At the moment it isn't an issue. I'm dreaming that it doesn't matter, that someone is going to love my manuscript like I do. Until I get the email back saying 'Ms Hines we're so sorry didn't realize you wrote the dictionary', I'll hold tight to my dream.