Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Constitutes a Bad Day?

What constitutes a bad day? I hate feeling sorry for myself- self pity is the worst! A total waste of time. I always feel like I can handle most things. I mean just read the papers. My heart goes out to the Gulf Coast. I love the white beaches along the Mississippi Coast line. I wonder if they are affected. Then I just got through reading an article on a girl in college that is battling leukemia. An acquittance of my middle daughter recently lost her life to the awful disease. Now that is something to feel sorry for yourself.
Oh- but do we get to feel sorry for ourselves over the smaller issues? Take yesterday for me. My husband and I are battling with our youngest about curfew and this boyfriend of hers. I feel like the world's worst parent. She's so stubborn! I think she gets it from me, though. She pushes and pushes us to our limits. I do believe she wants us to give her full reign of control- to come and go as she pleases. Lord, see me through, please! Give me patience- understanding-did I say patience to deal with my youngest. Guide me to help her through this age! But since I have already ruined her life (according to her) I guess I can't do much worse.
Then my car was in a fender bender- my fault! Now my car's in the shop and I driving a rental car for the next couple of weeks! But on the bright side, I have to say my insurance company couldn't have been better. Progressive! They took care of everything. Another point-nobody was hurt- Thank God-truly. But there goes my perfect driving record, my insurance rate goes up-out the five hundred dollar deductible. Like I have nothing better to do with $500!
One of my little doggies is sick. I don't think she's doing well. The vet warned me. It's just hard you know. And my other doggie is about to turn 13 in a couple of days. He's getting so old. He's been the best dog.
Next, I've got a bad feeling. I've emailed my editor a couple of times to find out when the edits to my book will start. I had hoped for a fall release. Now I'm wondering if I'm going to have a release at all. When I signed the contact back in March, she said it would be a few months before edits started it. But its been 3 months. Don't you think I would have an idea of when the edits would start? I mean when I asked her back in May, she said she would check and let me know. I still don't have an idea. I mean it wouldn't bother me if she told me she had three books in front of mine and it looked like July before they got to it. I've got nothing. Oh....
Lastly, at my regular job, my asthma has been an issue reacting to people wearing certain perfumes. Since this is a hospital and we have a policy against wearing fragrances it wouldn't be an issue. Not the case- I have co -workers who out right refuse to abide by the policy and no one seems to be doing anything about it except blaming me for having asthma. I really don't understand people at times. I work with one lady who said for me to stay away from her. It is her favorite lotion (perfumed). She said she doesn't care. She has worn it for years (she has only worked my shift for a few months) and she's not going to stop-and she hasn't cared. I have gone to my supervisor, HR, employee health. Have had everything documented. And still???
Still, though, I see the sun shining in my window this morning. Got a wonderful hubby that I love dearly. I love my kids whether they believe it or not. I love to write and will continue to trudge along. So, I guess my thought is as long as I survived the day and can watch the sun rise, the day wasn't that bad.

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