Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer of Romance

Its been forever since I've written on my blog. I've been so busy, but I suppose so is everyone. It would be so nice to outline my life like I outline my books. It would mean I would be in control, wouldn't it? But I don't think that will ever happen. I suppose we just have to keep trudging onward. But my writing...

Novel Works is going well. Its taking a lot more time than I thought. Can't get off Facebook after I go on. Addicting. Have to read what everyone is up to. Nosey, I guess. I have some great writers lined up. I'm so appreciative of all the authors that have allowed me to run with their series. It was funny. Went to the book store today with hubby. It's been a while since I've gone into a bookstore. I've done most of my buying on line. I just was looking for something in particular. Not sure if I got it, but I love book stores like I love libraries! My husband had to drag me out of there, but while he was dragging he looked at all the books on the shelves in the section I was in (yes, I was in the romance section.) He was like 'Brenda Novak is all over the place' 'Isn't that the funny one of your Facebook you said you were going to run with this month?' It was kinda surreal. It was the first time that I've been in a bookstore where I knew some of the authors, actually met a few of them; friends or fans on Facebook. I can't say enough how nice everyone has been. I've had the best time. I probably could relate it to doing what I love. I stand in awe of these authors. I know, I know, they are ordinary people. Oh, but to have your books plastered over the book store....Here comes that envy thing again.

Oh, but on a whim I sent off Whisperings to an agent. Don't know exactly why I did. I know well enough the book is way too long unless my name was Steven King, besides the fact that I can never get an agent to look my way. In the car with hubby I was talking about how long the book is. Not knowing what a word count is I was trying to give an example of how long this book really is- basicially you're getting two books in one. He looks strangely at me. "Why would you do that?"
"I couldn't stop. The story kept going and going."
"How long did it take you to write it?" he asked absently.
"Six months."
He nods. "So the last two months I should have pulled you off your computer?"

I guess its a valid question. What do you do when your story won't let you stop? I have a problem with that. Patriot Secrets I had to break into two, but the part I took out of Secrets is only half of Winds of Betrayal. Come to think of it. Winds is getting on the long side itself. Should I put a limit on my stories? I've tried to contain my stories. Another Night Falls is only 90,000 words. So I can do it. It's hard for me. I have so much to say.

But the good news is when I sent off Whisperings to the agent, they wanted to see the manuscript! Excited? Yes, I am. Do I know that when they get a look at the word count that they will more than likely roll their eyes? Do you think they will look at the word count before they start reading? Did I say I omitted the word count in my query? I should be horse whipped, but I know no one will even look at Whisperings after my experience at the conference if the first thing they see is the word count. Remember my awful pitch I gave. It went downhill the moment I said the word count. Never even got into the pitch, plot, storyline...

Let me say- I love Whisperings of a Southern Heart. I love the story or I guess with its word count I should call it a saga. I had decided to let it lie for a while-say until I sold a bestseller or heaven forbid cut the manuscript. My friend told me it was alot easier to cut than add. Oh, but it would feel like I was cutting off my hand. At the moment it isn't an issue. I'm dreaming that it doesn't matter, that someone is going to love my manuscript like I do. Until I get the email back saying 'Ms Hines we're so sorry didn't realize you wrote the dictionary', I'll hold tight to my dream.

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