Friday, June 25, 2010


Have to admit. This hasn't been the greatest of summer's personally for me. It is envitable that life has its bumps in the road and with everything that has happened it could be much worse. And with that fact I will take comfort and take one day at a time.

But on the other hand Novel Works hit a milestone yesterday. I have over 1,000 fans! Little things make me happy. What a wonderful feeling! Think about it! I have only one book out and that was two years ago. Of course I have another coming which is why I've worked so hard on promoting. The problem with Patriot Secrets is that I've still haven't heard back from Marci yet about edits. Can't release a book without edits. So I have no clue when my book will be released. The tumbling effect- I have to slow down on my recommendations on Novel Works. I was doing 3-4 a month and the authors have been awesome. Teresa Medieros- I can't say enough good things about her, Lindsay Townsend, Brenda Novak, Teresa D'Amario, Jessica Anderson, Caroyln Hart... I'm going to run out of recommendations before my book. Can't do that. So I've come up with an idea or two to cut back to around 2 a month. But I am excited about the authors I've lined up for July!

Haven't heard back from my full manuscript submission to an agent. Sometimes I don't want to. Let it go for a little longer. I like to dream. But I did hear back from the agent I pitched to at the conference in March- finally. Guess what? It's not the right fit. I could have laughed out loud. I had long ago sent that query to my rejection file. After that awful pitch I made to her, I probably would have wondered if she had taken it. But it was nice that she did get back to me. It can be disheartening not to be acknowledged. Doubt, though, that she will see anything else from me. Not from her actions, but you know thinking back I really kinda embarassed myself. Don't think that impression is going to fade...ever.

Another tid-bit of information. I've been wondering about my book sales with Dream Walker. I know its been out two years, but I have plastered the cover all over my Facebook because it's the face of Novel Works. Can't really tell much yet. At the end of the quarter I should have an idea, but when I went on Fictionwise yesterday it was listed as the third bestselling book under WildChild Publishing. It was off the list before and at Wild Child its back in the top ten under paranormal. Small things, but it would show that promoting works.

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