Sunday, April 29, 2012


Nothing but Trouble
Starting today SPRING FLING WITH BOOKS begins! For the whole month of May with the help of a few authors, I'll be giving away books, books and more books! Spotlight authors for the month, Brenda Novak, Delilah Marvelle, Andrew E.Kaufman, and Claire Ashgrove, will be among those donating books for Spring Fling With Books.

Abra Cadaver
I think the world of Brenda Novak and the dedication she has demonstrated for The Cure for diabetes. For years she has raised over 1.3 million for Diabetes. That is the reason for my support for her cause. All through the month and including the first week, I will be posting all sorts of goodies to bid on. So excited because Brenda has some wonderful items.

The second week I'm excited to host Romantic Picks. Only Romance blog will be featured the third week- wonderful blog which features wonderful books and authors. Also along the way, some of the Roses of Prose authors will be giving away some of their books. My spotlight authors will be featured front and center the next week.
The Magical Misperception of Meridian

All through the month books will be given away. Today I'm featuring a few of the books that will be given away this week. All the giveaways will be done from here! For your chance to win a book, comment here or Novel Works. A like on a post will also enter you into the mix for the free books. At the end of each week, books will be given away to those who entered that week. So on for the following weeks. Again as in October, I will be giving away a week to host Novel Works at the end of Spring Fling With Books!

Whispers of a Legend, Volume I
Join me for a great month!

Thursday, April 26, 2012



Here on my blog I will be giving away books, books, and more books! Donations from some wonderful authors celebrating Spring Fling With Books. Busy, busy month! Here I'll be giving away books. Novel Works will be sharing the post from authors, great books, blogs...almost anything you can thing of pertaining to books and reading.

Some of the highlights are set; some are in the works!

The first week, as always in May, here and Novel Works, we'll be supporting Brenda Novak and her Online Auction searching for the cure for Diabetes. What  a wonderful charity! What a wonderful person Brenda is to donate so much time and effort into the cause. She has to be commended. She also has some wonderful items up for grabs! The first week in May is devoted especially to the Online Auction, but will be posting all month long with special items from the auction. I'm thrilled to support such a great cause.

The Second Week will find lots and lots of authors giving away lots and lots of books. Great books! Great authors! Some of my Romantic Pick authors and Roses of Prose authors.  Will be hosting Only Romance blog during the month. I have also invited some new faces for Novel Works. I'm so excited to be highlighting Delilah Marvelle, Claire Ashgrove, and Andrew E. Kaufman.

All is not set. I'll be adding to my list, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the books you might could win during May. If you haven't ever looked over Brenda's Online Auction- it has some great items for authors and readers. You can't lose. Support a great charity and get a great item. Join me in May!

Have a good one!

Friday, April 20, 2012


EXCITED! First review back from a review site. 


Daughter of Deceit

A suspenseful romantic journey of deception!

I have left the link for you to read the whole review! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just One of Those Days!

I'm having one of those days. You know the kind. No matter what you're doing its going to take longer, not going to work, be more's just not going to be a good day!

A couple of miles before I got home this morning from work, I stopped to get gas (4 dollars a gallon mind you). No sooner than I had pulled out, than I noticed the car wasn't driving right..a weird sound...than I just knew...a flat tire! Bummer. Had to pull over on the side of the road. Cars whizzing by me. Usually not too busy of a street, but its the morning and everyone is going to work, including my husband. He had left early for an important meeting. He was already an hour away.

Okay, I can handle it. Called my son. He didn't have to be at work until the afternoon. No answer. Alright. I'll deal with it. I'm a big girl. Reached for my AAA card...forgot I let it go because when we bought the car last fall, it had free roadside service. So, I'm covered.

Called. Be there within forty-five minutes. Forty-five minutes! I've changed tires before...about thirty years ago, but I had 45 minutes. Went to check the spare tire. There's no spare, only a fix a flat set without the compressor that's supposed to be with it...but of course its not. Called and told the roadside service. Not a problem they told me, they would send a tow truck. Forty-five minutes turned into an hour and fifteen. Finally help showed up at after an hour and a forty-five minutes.

You know how your confidence swells when you see a beat up old van with a rejection sticker on it pull up behind you. He gets out, looks over the situation and tells me I don't have a spare. Really? Really? Didn't I already tell Roadside that? Not only do I not have a spare, my fix a flat kit isn't complete! Gonna hafta call for a tow truck. Then to make my day that much better, a police car pulled in behind us. Day was getting better and better.

Well, it did get better. The policeman was awesome. I had a tow truck within 15 minutes after he appeared. The service guy called Roadside. Guess they didn't want to deal with the police. The nice policeman stayed until the tow truck loaded my car. The tow truck driver said no problem delivering my car to where I usually go with repairs except it would cost me $90 to take it to where I wanted it to go; nothing if it went back to the dealership. Calling my insurance company for a tow...or taking it to the dealership. So off it went to the dealership, but my son was up and came down to pick me up.

Two and a half hours later I'm home. Go to get a diet coke from the frig. The refrigerator is warm. It's not working. Got a call from the dealership. Needs a new tire; can't fix the old one- only thing they won't have the tire needed until in the morning. It's noon...I'm usually up by noon starting my day. I have to work tonight. Daughter needs to get to work.

Well, things work out one way or another I figure. Its spring break up here. Daughter didn't need the car to go to school; she got a ride to work. The car is getting its oil changed while its tire is getting fixed so I don't have to go back. Thinking about it. Much rather for me to get a flat tire than my daughter. Could have had a blow out on the highway.

My husband text me just to make sure I was okay. Knew better than to call until later. I'm tired. Haven't got any writing done. The house's is a mess. Clothes need to be folded. But there's tomorrow. Nothing bad enough that there's not tomorrow. Just one of those days.

Now I'm waiting for my frig to magically kick back on...

Have a good one!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Daughter of Deceit and Reviews

I don't think its been a secret that I've been going through some issues concerning Daughter of Deceit. I haven't ignore the problems, but have been dealing with them the best way I can. Going Indie with some of my books, I realized there would be some issues to be faced, but I never dreamed that something like this could happen to me. I have addressed some of the problems here and on my blog, Castles in the Air (Carrie James Haynes).

I'm not going into all the details, but know this. I have known for a while who my cyper-stalker is; I have read the couple of blogs set up against me. I have read the blog where she laughed at me for suspecting I had a review stalker. I have seen the re-post of one of her blogs on a readers' blog basically calling for 1-reviews for my book. There is speculation on the exact cause and what is suspected. Nothing is being ignore. It just takes time and patience.

What I want more than anything is to write. I have never...ever done a malicious act toward another human being. So to have to endure this abuse has boggled my mind. Saying that..sitting back is not my normal approach, but I have had to sit back these last few weeks. I will come out with all the details when it is deemed best. My purpose today is that in the research, I found a review from My Reading Rainbow. 

Now let me state normally I would never...ever be happy with a three review, but I think it has to be seen in a certain perspective. This review was done on the pre-edited edition; the self-edited version when it was free. Along with my book on the page I opened, she reviewed six other books- three published by major publishers and another Indie by a national best selling author. I have linked her blog. Check it out.

My Reading Rainbow
My Thoughts:
I found the book very intriguing.  I kept wondering whose voice that was calling her warning her to run or wake up before a tragedy happened. Right from the beginning, the reader wonders if she is clairvoyant. Plus, the mystery around why people want her dead when she hasn’t done a thing to another ling creature pulls you.  I also sensed a stronger connection between Alyce and Julian that the book just barely hints at it. 

I gave the Daughter of Deceit three stars and a grade of C. Carrie James Haynes has a creative way of plotting years of conspiracies that slowly found their way to the surface.  Haynes had me running for my life as well; figuratively of course. If you like a book full of suspense with a sprinkle of romance thrown in I recommend Daughter of Deceit. 

The purpose behind me sharing this review- not once did she mention the edits. Not once! Not once did she say I was not talking in my native language.

Just for the record the other books she graded- Johanna Lindsey's (New York Times Best Selling Author), When Passions Rules- A; Wild Desire by Lori Brighton (Zebra Publication)- D; Unlocked by Courtney Milan (National Bestselling Author)- C; Wild Heart by Lori Brighton (Zebra Publication)- C. You can get the jest. Take a look.

Just wanted to share this. It brightened my day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ok. I know. This is a writers' blog. I should be blogging about my books or someone's book, but just for the record I want to say that occasionally I like to watch TV. Well...not TV exactly...TV online. It's the only way I can catch up with TV. I rarely watch a show at its original time. Do you have to?'s all online and at my finger tips . Although I have to say I think I have to DVR a couple of the shows like, Person of Interest, which when it first came out I didn't have to...not fair. I live on my computer. Saying that I have come to the conclusion that Monday night TV has the best shows.

I'm a huge fan of The Voice. Not really for the singers as much as watching the interaction between the judges- I love the judges. I have always like Blake Shelton and enjoyed Maroon 5, Christina and CeeLo songs, but watching the's fun. I will admit I do think the singers are much better than any other reality singing show.

Then on NBC there's SMASH! I'm hooked. I know it needs a little revamping but I hope it doesn't go anywhere. Then you have Dancing with the Stars. I told myself I wasn't going to watch it this season...but I am.

I also found Downton Abbey...did I really need another show that hooked me in? It only took the first show for me to discover what I have been missing. The funny thing is I don't think I've ever watched much concerning WWI. I don't know why that era never really appealed to me, but this show does and has spurred my interest in that time period. Also for the funniest reason, seeing the soldiers in their WWI uniforms reminded me of a picture of my Grandfather. Didn't mean to get off subject. I almost forget...Games of Throne is back on.

I went to the Hunger Games movie with my son when it came out. Think I mentioned that before, but just for the record- loved Katniss in the movie, but Petra? Still having issues with the casting of Petra. Can you tell I haven't gotten much writing done lately?

It's coming...slowly. I'm in the middle of Ruse of Love. Trending carefully around my story line. Ruse of Love is the second in the Winds of Betrayal series set right before the Southern Campaign during the American Revolution. I know exactly what I'm trying to convey...want to get it down just right. Has to feel right to me. Almost there.

Also working on a Spring Fling with Books! What do you think? Did you enjoy Octoberfest last fall? Hope to get everything in gear for the beginning of summer. Can't go to the beach without a good book.

Suppose to have another release with Whiskey Creek Press in May. I have the cover to The Promise. Gemini Judson did an amazing job. Beautiful!

Barnes and Noble, Amazon
Running an April Contest over on Castles in the Air blog. Giving away a fifty dollar gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Celebrating Whispers of a Legend, Volume I release in print. Also giving away a copy of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I.

I'm also trying to jazz up Novel Works. Aiming to gain more readers. Been looking at some other blogs and Facebook pages aimed at readers. Have a couple of ideas, but would love to hear from 'readers' on what they like. So for anybody interested "Like" Novel Works. It will be much appreciated!

Daughter of Deceit

Last but not least- trying to decide whether to keep Daughter of Deceit in Amazon Select for another three months. Honestly, Barnes and Noble has been so good to me with Whispers of a Legend saga...straight and steady. Amazon- its the place to go to make more money for an Indie without question. Amazon Select has helped draw attention to our books, but it still has some issues that need to be addressed which I'm not going to do today. So decisions....decisions.

Remember...comment to qualify to win the $50 gift certificate. Here, Castles in the Air, Novel Works, or Carrie James Haynes. You can also join me on Twitter at  @carriejhaynes   or @jhines340 .

As always...have a good one!