Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ok. I know. This is a writers' blog. I should be blogging about my books or someone's book, but just for the record I want to say that occasionally I like to watch TV. Well...not TV exactly...TV online. It's the only way I can catch up with TV. I rarely watch a show at its original time. Do you have to?

No...it's all online and at my finger tips . Although I have to say I think I have to DVR a couple of the shows like, Person of Interest, which when it first came out I didn't have to...not fair. I live on my computer. Saying that I have come to the conclusion that Monday night TV has the best shows.

I'm a huge fan of The Voice. Not really for the singers as much as watching the interaction between the judges- I love the judges. I have always like Blake Shelton and enjoyed Maroon 5, Christina and CeeLo songs, but watching the show...it's fun. I will admit I do think the singers are much better than any other reality singing show.

Then on NBC there's SMASH! I'm hooked. I know it needs a little revamping but I hope it doesn't go anywhere. Then you have Dancing with the Stars. I told myself I wasn't going to watch it this season...but I am.

I also found Downton Abbey...did I really need another show that hooked me in? It only took the first show for me to discover what I have been missing. The funny thing is I don't think I've ever watched much concerning WWI. I don't know why that era never really appealed to me, but this show does and has spurred my interest in that time period. Also for the funniest reason, seeing the soldiers in their WWI uniforms reminded me of a picture of my Grandfather. Didn't mean to get off subject. I almost forget...Games of Throne is back on.

I went to the Hunger Games movie with my son when it came out. Think I mentioned that before, but just for the record- loved Katniss in the movie, but Petra? Still having issues with the casting of Petra. Can you tell I haven't gotten much writing done lately?

It's coming...slowly. I'm in the middle of Ruse of Love. Trending carefully around my story line. Ruse of Love is the second in the Winds of Betrayal series set right before the Southern Campaign during the American Revolution. I know exactly what I'm trying to convey...want to get it down just right. Has to feel right to me. Almost there.

Also working on a Spring Fling with Books! What do you think? Did you enjoy Octoberfest last fall? Hope to get everything in gear for the beginning of summer. Can't go to the beach without a good book.

Suppose to have another release with Whiskey Creek Press in May. I have the cover to The Promise. Gemini Judson did an amazing job. Beautiful!

Barnes and Noble, Amazon
Running an April Contest over on Castles in the Air blog. Giving away a fifty dollar gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Celebrating Whispers of a Legend, Volume I release in print. Also giving away a copy of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I.

I'm also trying to jazz up Novel Works. Aiming to gain more readers. Been looking at some other blogs and Facebook pages aimed at readers. Have a couple of ideas, but would love to hear from 'readers' on what they like. So for anybody interested "Like" Novel Works. It will be much appreciated!

Daughter of Deceit

Last but not least- trying to decide whether to keep Daughter of Deceit in Amazon Select for another three months. Honestly, Barnes and Noble has been so good to me with Whispers of a Legend saga...straight and steady. Amazon- its the place to go to make more money for an Indie without question. Amazon Select has helped draw attention to our books, but it still has some issues that need to be addressed which I'm not going to do today. So decisions....decisions.

Remember...comment to qualify to win the $50 gift certificate. Here, Castles in the Air, Novel Works, or Carrie James Haynes. You can also join me on Twitter at  @carriejhaynes   or @jhines340 .

As always...have a good one!

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