Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just One of Those Days!

I'm having one of those days. You know the kind. No matter what you're doing its going to take longer, not going to work, be more's just not going to be a good day!

A couple of miles before I got home this morning from work, I stopped to get gas (4 dollars a gallon mind you). No sooner than I had pulled out, than I noticed the car wasn't driving right..a weird sound...than I just knew...a flat tire! Bummer. Had to pull over on the side of the road. Cars whizzing by me. Usually not too busy of a street, but its the morning and everyone is going to work, including my husband. He had left early for an important meeting. He was already an hour away.

Okay, I can handle it. Called my son. He didn't have to be at work until the afternoon. No answer. Alright. I'll deal with it. I'm a big girl. Reached for my AAA card...forgot I let it go because when we bought the car last fall, it had free roadside service. So, I'm covered.

Called. Be there within forty-five minutes. Forty-five minutes! I've changed tires before...about thirty years ago, but I had 45 minutes. Went to check the spare tire. There's no spare, only a fix a flat set without the compressor that's supposed to be with it...but of course its not. Called and told the roadside service. Not a problem they told me, they would send a tow truck. Forty-five minutes turned into an hour and fifteen. Finally help showed up at after an hour and a forty-five minutes.

You know how your confidence swells when you see a beat up old van with a rejection sticker on it pull up behind you. He gets out, looks over the situation and tells me I don't have a spare. Really? Really? Didn't I already tell Roadside that? Not only do I not have a spare, my fix a flat kit isn't complete! Gonna hafta call for a tow truck. Then to make my day that much better, a police car pulled in behind us. Day was getting better and better.

Well, it did get better. The policeman was awesome. I had a tow truck within 15 minutes after he appeared. The service guy called Roadside. Guess they didn't want to deal with the police. The nice policeman stayed until the tow truck loaded my car. The tow truck driver said no problem delivering my car to where I usually go with repairs except it would cost me $90 to take it to where I wanted it to go; nothing if it went back to the dealership. Calling my insurance company for a tow...or taking it to the dealership. So off it went to the dealership, but my son was up and came down to pick me up.

Two and a half hours later I'm home. Go to get a diet coke from the frig. The refrigerator is warm. It's not working. Got a call from the dealership. Needs a new tire; can't fix the old one- only thing they won't have the tire needed until in the morning. It's noon...I'm usually up by noon starting my day. I have to work tonight. Daughter needs to get to work.

Well, things work out one way or another I figure. Its spring break up here. Daughter didn't need the car to go to school; she got a ride to work. The car is getting its oil changed while its tire is getting fixed so I don't have to go back. Thinking about it. Much rather for me to get a flat tire than my daughter. Could have had a blow out on the highway.

My husband text me just to make sure I was okay. Knew better than to call until later. I'm tired. Haven't got any writing done. The house's is a mess. Clothes need to be folded. But there's tomorrow. Nothing bad enough that there's not tomorrow. Just one of those days.

Now I'm waiting for my frig to magically kick back on...

Have a good one!


  1. Days like that you should get a do over! My first book, Victim of Desire, began like your story. Flat tire, AAA tied up, relatives slow in responding. Then a stalker comes along... Nice policeman is a much better option! Hope your day improves.

  2. I much rather have the nice police officer than a stalker. Don't want to even think about stalkers... I was thinking while I was waiting it would make a good start to a book. Funny thing I didn't mention was how quick the guy from Roadside service took off after the police officer showed up. I turned around from greeting the officer and he was gone...literally just vanished. He called from his phone to tell me a tow truck would be there shortly.
    The other thing I should mention, the police officer couldn't have been nicer. I so appreciated his help.