Monday, August 22, 2011

Obviously, it's open!

My husband is on vacation this week. The problem with hubbie is that he has a lot more vacation time than I do. He's been at his job for...a long time. Point being, he's on vacation and I'm working this week. We have so much work to do around the house that it isn't a problem to keep busy except...except he's on vacation. 

Vacation to hubbie is going somewhere, doing something that has nothing to do with the house. Oh, he did finish the bathroom, but in the middle of my writing this morning he came up with a wonderful idea- a picnic up at the Miles Standish Monument. Now, it’s not a bad idea to pull me from my writing. It’s not. I get absorbed into too much at times. 

He’s decided that we are going to explore the area we live in. I did so much exploring and explaining the history of Charleston to him when we were down there he’s decided that he’s going to show me what Boston has to offer. He’s right. Boston is filled with history from the Pilgrims, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution…then the entertainment from the Boston Red Sox to the Boston Pop’s. 

We live in a small quaint seaside town close to Plymouth Rock. Has anyone ever seen Plymouth Rock? It’s a rock with 1620 engraved in it. Do you really think the Pilgrims stepped on one particular rock and had it engraved? Really? Well, if you haven’t seen it, I suppose its history. Now Plymouth is a beautiful town and if you go there you won’t be disappointed. Plimouth Plantation is a great take in. The seafood isn’t bad either. 

But getting back to this morning, we have lived in this town going on eight years now. We have never gone to the Miles Standish monument. Well, we took care of that today. He made a wonderful little picnic. Online it said it had picnic tables. We drove down the road to this monument.  

Now taking a step back. Does anyone even know who Miles Standish is? I love history and I didn’t. I had heard the name but hadn’t a clue who he was. I looked him up on Wikipedia. Miles Standish helped the Pilgrims with their defense. Their exact words
     During these actions, Standish exhibited considerable courage and skill as a soldier, but also demonstrated a brutality that angered Native Americans and disturbed more moderate members of the Colony.
So this man lived and died in my town. We have a huge monument erected for him and he brutalized Indians. Does anyone see a problem with this except me? 

So we drive up to the road leading to this monument. The gate was closed. What does a closed gate mean to you? To my husband, it means not a problem. Obviously it’s open.

Obviously. Don’t know what I was thinking.  

Really, it wasn’t a problem. We walked up the trail that led to the monument. There were no picnic tables, only a single rough log. I stood and ate. Of course the monument was locked and we couldn’t walk up the 125 steps so you could over look the bay.  I did have an extremely nice time with my hubbie. And that makes everything worth it.  

Now I can say I’ve been to the monument. It left me a few questions. Why does a small community such as mine have a huge monument? Who built it? I guess a better question would be who paid for it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Touching Tributes

For the last couple of days, I’ve been reading one sad story after another. I posted on Facebook about the husband who made a loving tribute to his wife who died on 9/11 on Flight 93. He set up a foundation to help the local hospital with birthing rooms. His wife had been expecting their first child. Touching. He along with his sisters-in-law finished a book I her memory, “You Can Do It!”

‘You Can Do It! is the vision of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, a heroine of United Flight 93 and a woman who was an inspiration to all who knew her. Lauren's dream was to create the ultimate self-empowering resource, a book to help women of all ages realize their dreams.

Then the Indiana State Fair incident. I can only imagine. I can’t even begin to talk about it. I can only say that my heart goes out to each and everyone touched by the tragedy.
So when I read the story of the Cleveland Indians chipping in so a fellow teammate could be there for the birth of his preemie son, I had to mention it. I know that ballplayers make more money than most of us could envision. Still the gesture spoke volumes. In the day and age where athletes can seem self-centered and selfish, this was a moving tribute to the camaraderie of teammates I have to mention it. I’m a Red Sox fan. Make no doubt about it, but I’ll be honest with you, I miss the days when we were underdogs. There is a certain way a team plays when they are on a mission. So hats off to the Cleveland Indians.
Not that this has a thing to do with touching tributes. Just another one of my doggie stories. I was writing away working on our progressive story for the Roses of Prose blog. Got up to get a diet coke and almost stepped on a dead bird! The dogs were outside, but they can easily open up the back door. Colbie brought me up a treat. I did realize they had come back in. Both of them had lain down beside my chair. Should have known something was up. Colibe is never that still. Suppose I should pay a little more attention to what's going on around me when I'm writing!

Don't forget today I'm blogging over at the Roses of Prose.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dexter's First Birthday!

I can't believe it. Dexter is a year old today. Boy, time flies. Truly, it seems like a blink of an eye. I guess its a sign of getting old. Life has a way of doing that. A year. A year of growth from no water bowl unturned, chasing him around the neighborhood, chewed up shoes, shedding over everything to using my house as a teething ring. But I can't imagine what it was before he came. Really, the two of them, Dexter and Colbie. Dexter, the gently giant, and Colbie, the scheming vixen. I have to admit she has gotten Dexter into trouble more than once. Poor Max has learned to endure the high jinx  of the  energetic twosome. Yet Max seems to be doing better than he did last year. The distinguished gentleman.

I had plans for the puppies. I wanted to teach them so many tricks. Max was great at them. I found having the two together posed problems in teaching them. Though they are still learning. They have two tricks. One I taught them; the other by necessity, I suppose. They learned how to opened the patio door by jumping up and pulling down the handle. If you forget they are outside and hear the door open it takes a second to realize that its not an intruder but the doggies.

No, the year went by fast. A year I had hoped with my writings. I have one new release on the horizon with a couple of sequels after. I'm waiting (patiently) to hear back from a couple of more submissions. A year I saw Dream Walker's sales take off. A year where I visited and fell in love with Charleston. A year I saw my son start his career. A year where I saw the strong character of my middle child to persevere over adversity with her concession and an ACL repair. A year where I saw growth and maturity in my youngest which may scare me the most. Soon they all will be adults and then all I will have are the doggies to depend upon me.

Sometimes I suppose it's better just to go with the flow. Don't look into the deeper meaning of things and just be. How could anything be so bad when you have this face to come home to?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Days of Summer

I love the long hot days of summer. I love the summer because for some reason it’s not as stressful. This summer has been nice. Just too short. It’s been hot for most of the country. It’s been hot here, but to tell you the truth here in New England I love it. It beats the snow.

We had an awesome vacation in Charleston. I promise I’m going to go into more about Charleston soon. Build up for my upcoming book with Whiskey Creek Press. As soon as I have the title down, I’ll let you know. I wrote I wanted to change it from The Sun Will Rise Part One to The Judas Kiss. I’m so excited about the Charleston setting. Visiting Charleston only reinforced my choice for the setting for my books. My husband and I absolutely loved Charleston.

The doggies are happier in the warm weather. Since their collars are in working order once more, they have been free to happily play in the back yard. Dexter has become obsessed with his ball. He could play fetch all day which I assure you is better than using my house for his chew toy. He won't leave you alone. His new thing is to drop his ball in the hot tub. My one, one, moment of relaxation. It's gone. Simply. You have no choice but to play with him. You can't refuse that face. Love my doggies though. It just feels right to come home with Colbie waiting in the bay window.

Wanted to start my revisions on Whisperings to make it into Belle of Charleston. I know exactly what I want to do, but my husband asked me a favor. Well, he suggested I complete a sequel to Dream Walker. Dream Walker has done really well as of late. I know he’s right, but with my other books, my historicals, they come so easy. The story flows so to say. With Dream Walker, not so much. Have to think if I'm creating a world that makes sense.
The difference is that Dream Walker doesn't have a world that's set. I have created that world. Writing a paranormal you have to reach out an normalize the abnormal. Make the unbelievable, believable. Honestly, sometimes that world scares me.  Donald Maas says in one of his writing books, "What's the worst thing your antagonist must do? Make it against his/her principles. Make it unthinkable. Then make it imperative."  It's my motto for Dream Walker.
The other thing is when you write whether you realize it or not you draw from your on personal experiences in some manner or other. It's harder to relate those to a paranormal. On the other hand, the setting is contemporary. At least I don't have to research that time period.
I'm having a great time over at Roses of Prose blog. What a great group of writers. Check it out if you get the chance. Spotlighting everyone on Novel Works, too.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Unexplained...

Lots of things are unexplained. For everyone there are somethings that will never be explained. Like for the life of me, where do all the missing socks go? A Black hole? Aliens? Or why everytime I sit down to eat, the phone rings? Better yet, when you hear an annoying song, you can't get it out of your head?

But have you ever had something strange happen to you that you can’t explain? Something that you couldn’t forget? I did. Once. Years ago.

I have never told a lot of people until today. The Roses of Prose wanted us to introduce ourselves so everyone could get to know us a little bit. I thought it might be interesting to see where I draw for my stories. Dream Walker happens to have been inspired by my experience.

So today I'm sending you over to my other blog if you're interested- ROSES OF PROSE

Just for anyone that's interested Dream Walker is still holding strong on Fictionwise at #12 this week on Mainstream Bestsellers!