Monday, August 22, 2011

Obviously, it's open!

My husband is on vacation this week. The problem with hubbie is that he has a lot more vacation time than I do. He's been at his job for...a long time. Point being, he's on vacation and I'm working this week. We have so much work to do around the house that it isn't a problem to keep busy except...except he's on vacation. 

Vacation to hubbie is going somewhere, doing something that has nothing to do with the house. Oh, he did finish the bathroom, but in the middle of my writing this morning he came up with a wonderful idea- a picnic up at the Miles Standish Monument. Now, it’s not a bad idea to pull me from my writing. It’s not. I get absorbed into too much at times. 

He’s decided that we are going to explore the area we live in. I did so much exploring and explaining the history of Charleston to him when we were down there he’s decided that he’s going to show me what Boston has to offer. He’s right. Boston is filled with history from the Pilgrims, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution…then the entertainment from the Boston Red Sox to the Boston Pop’s. 

We live in a small quaint seaside town close to Plymouth Rock. Has anyone ever seen Plymouth Rock? It’s a rock with 1620 engraved in it. Do you really think the Pilgrims stepped on one particular rock and had it engraved? Really? Well, if you haven’t seen it, I suppose its history. Now Plymouth is a beautiful town and if you go there you won’t be disappointed. Plimouth Plantation is a great take in. The seafood isn’t bad either. 

But getting back to this morning, we have lived in this town going on eight years now. We have never gone to the Miles Standish monument. Well, we took care of that today. He made a wonderful little picnic. Online it said it had picnic tables. We drove down the road to this monument.  

Now taking a step back. Does anyone even know who Miles Standish is? I love history and I didn’t. I had heard the name but hadn’t a clue who he was. I looked him up on Wikipedia. Miles Standish helped the Pilgrims with their defense. Their exact words
     During these actions, Standish exhibited considerable courage and skill as a soldier, but also demonstrated a brutality that angered Native Americans and disturbed more moderate members of the Colony.
So this man lived and died in my town. We have a huge monument erected for him and he brutalized Indians. Does anyone see a problem with this except me? 

So we drive up to the road leading to this monument. The gate was closed. What does a closed gate mean to you? To my husband, it means not a problem. Obviously it’s open.

Obviously. Don’t know what I was thinking.  

Really, it wasn’t a problem. We walked up the trail that led to the monument. There were no picnic tables, only a single rough log. I stood and ate. Of course the monument was locked and we couldn’t walk up the 125 steps so you could over look the bay.  I did have an extremely nice time with my hubbie. And that makes everything worth it.  

Now I can say I’ve been to the monument. It left me a few questions. Why does a small community such as mine have a huge monument? Who built it? I guess a better question would be who paid for it?


  1. I suppose the monument was built when such things were cheaper. It's cool to have a bit of history in your town.

  2. It is nice to have I suppose, but no one knows its here. It's huge! I would have thought something of that size would be in a place for everyone to see. It's hidden away. I've lived in town for a while and had never seen it.