Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dexter's First Birthday!

I can't believe it. Dexter is a year old today. Boy, time flies. Truly, it seems like a blink of an eye. I guess its a sign of getting old. Life has a way of doing that. A year. A year of growth from no water bowl unturned, chasing him around the neighborhood, chewed up shoes, shedding over everything to using my house as a teething ring. But I can't imagine what it was before he came. Really, the two of them, Dexter and Colbie. Dexter, the gently giant, and Colbie, the scheming vixen. I have to admit she has gotten Dexter into trouble more than once. Poor Max has learned to endure the high jinx  of the  energetic twosome. Yet Max seems to be doing better than he did last year. The distinguished gentleman.

I had plans for the puppies. I wanted to teach them so many tricks. Max was great at them. I found having the two together posed problems in teaching them. Though they are still learning. They have two tricks. One I taught them; the other by necessity, I suppose. They learned how to opened the patio door by jumping up and pulling down the handle. If you forget they are outside and hear the door open it takes a second to realize that its not an intruder but the doggies.

No, the year went by fast. A year I had hoped with my writings. I have one new release on the horizon with a couple of sequels after. I'm waiting (patiently) to hear back from a couple of more submissions. A year I saw Dream Walker's sales take off. A year where I visited and fell in love with Charleston. A year I saw my son start his career. A year where I saw the strong character of my middle child to persevere over adversity with her concession and an ACL repair. A year where I saw growth and maturity in my youngest which may scare me the most. Soon they all will be adults and then all I will have are the doggies to depend upon me.

Sometimes I suppose it's better just to go with the flow. Don't look into the deeper meaning of things and just be. How could anything be so bad when you have this face to come home to?


  1. OMG, Jerri! He is so adorable! My sweet Ginger is only two, so I remember the challenging days of puppyhood well.

  2. He's the sweetest thing, but trouble. He can't help but get into it.