Friday, April 13, 2012

Daughter of Deceit and Reviews

I don't think its been a secret that I've been going through some issues concerning Daughter of Deceit. I haven't ignore the problems, but have been dealing with them the best way I can. Going Indie with some of my books, I realized there would be some issues to be faced, but I never dreamed that something like this could happen to me. I have addressed some of the problems here and on my blog, Castles in the Air (Carrie James Haynes).

I'm not going into all the details, but know this. I have known for a while who my cyper-stalker is; I have read the couple of blogs set up against me. I have read the blog where she laughed at me for suspecting I had a review stalker. I have seen the re-post of one of her blogs on a readers' blog basically calling for 1-reviews for my book. There is speculation on the exact cause and what is suspected. Nothing is being ignore. It just takes time and patience.

What I want more than anything is to write. I have never...ever done a malicious act toward another human being. So to have to endure this abuse has boggled my mind. Saying that..sitting back is not my normal approach, but I have had to sit back these last few weeks. I will come out with all the details when it is deemed best. My purpose today is that in the research, I found a review from My Reading Rainbow. 

Now let me state normally I would never...ever be happy with a three review, but I think it has to be seen in a certain perspective. This review was done on the pre-edited edition; the self-edited version when it was free. Along with my book on the page I opened, she reviewed six other books- three published by major publishers and another Indie by a national best selling author. I have linked her blog. Check it out.

My Reading Rainbow
My Thoughts:
I found the book very intriguing.  I kept wondering whose voice that was calling her warning her to run or wake up before a tragedy happened. Right from the beginning, the reader wonders if she is clairvoyant. Plus, the mystery around why people want her dead when she hasn’t done a thing to another ling creature pulls you.  I also sensed a stronger connection between Alyce and Julian that the book just barely hints at it. 

I gave the Daughter of Deceit three stars and a grade of C. Carrie James Haynes has a creative way of plotting years of conspiracies that slowly found their way to the surface.  Haynes had me running for my life as well; figuratively of course. If you like a book full of suspense with a sprinkle of romance thrown in I recommend Daughter of Deceit. 

The purpose behind me sharing this review- not once did she mention the edits. Not once! Not once did she say I was not talking in my native language.

Just for the record the other books she graded- Johanna Lindsey's (New York Times Best Selling Author), When Passions Rules- A; Wild Desire by Lori Brighton (Zebra Publication)- D; Unlocked by Courtney Milan (National Bestselling Author)- C; Wild Heart by Lori Brighton (Zebra Publication)- C. You can get the jest. Take a look.

Just wanted to share this. It brightened my day.

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