Sunday, July 31, 2011


What a beautiful day! I'm so excited! Tomorrow- the 1st- is the official launch of our new look on Roses of Prose. Now there will be fourteen of us- 14! I want to welcome all our new Roses. This is going to be great. For the next two weeks on Novel Works, I will be featuring the authors of the Roses of Prose. We each will be blogging at Roses twice a month on a variety of topics. The first one is an introduction.

Let me say, I thought long and hard about my first one. They wanted us to let you know a little about us. So I did. I'm not going to say what. You'll have to come back on Wednesday (my day) to find out  what I wrote about myself. Let's just say my husband is cringing in the corner.

Taking last week off helped. Got caught up on most everything. Last week Dream Walker topped off at Number 9 on Mainstream Fiction at Fictionwise. I have no idea why it shot up (and neither did my publisher). Always a good sign when I'm telling her what my book is doing...right? Have no idea where it will land this week, but the whole idea of being on a top ten list is motivating.

Now that I have Seductive Secrets set to go, I should start with my revision of Whisperings to Belle of Charleston. But been thinking though about another paranormal. Should really do a sequel to Dream Walker. Decisions...decisions. I'll give it a week and see what I feel like tackling. Although its funny, I have another book swirling in my head. Be still my heart...another romance to go along with Seductive Secrets. How about Seductive Lies?

Oh, I still have my sequels to Patriot Secrets waiting in the wings also. Excited about getting started with my release with Whiskey Creek Press. I'm still not certain whether the title will be Another Night Falls or The Judas Kiss. I am going to be focusing on Charleston more in the upcoming blogs.

Now back to the Roses of Prose, join me this week and next in welcoming our new Roses-

Andrea Boeshaar, Jannine Gallant, Christine DePetrillo, Alison Henderson, Barbara Edwards, Glenys O’Connell, Brenda Whiteside, Margaret Tanner, Vonnie Davis, J L Wilson, and Claire Ashgrove!

We have a wide range of authors from all over the world. Yes, we are international. Should make for an interesting, entertaining, and informative blog. Join me on Novel Works and get to know them better also since I will be featuring their work on the day their first blog goes up. This does mean though I will be pushing back new releases for a couple of weeks. So many Roses to cover. I'll make it up to everyone (I promise).

And welcome back Amber Leigh Willliams and Laura Breck. I have to say a big thank you to Laura for all the work she did to put this together. She did an amazing job. And to all the Roses- to the start of something Gooood!
A side note- a special thank you to Bill, Barbara Edwards son for his work on the web design. Also, Lisa Liebow is taking a little break from the blog, but she's not gone for good. She will be around. Just has her hands full. Going back for her master's in creative writing if I'm not mistaken. Good luck Lisa!
So join us. Should be fun!


  1. How great to have all those plans waiting on the sidelines. I love it when I can't write fast enough to get all the stories down.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Happiest when I'm the busiest. Aren't we all!

  3. Hun i would like a sequel to Dreamwalker. But take your time relax and be proud of the steps you've taken!! I am