Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give a Helping Hand

Everyone gets so busy with their everyday life. I know the last few months have been hectic for me personally. My husband's aunt, who opened up her home to me when I first moved up North, had a stroke. My middle daughter had knee surgery. My friend with the cute little puppy, Chewy, (I don't know exactly how to categorize our friendship- friends, adopted daughter...I'm not exactly sure, but someone I care about) almost died due to an infection. But given all of that in each case, they have survived. I have survived with a deep appreciation of life.

What happens though when a tragedy strikes where one doesn't walk away? I know over the last year we have had earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami's, nuclear meltdowns with thousands and thousands of people affected. My heart goes out to everyone who was touched by the disasters. We help by picking up the phone to make a donation or sending a check. Each time the check dwindles a tad because of the frequencies of occurrences and the economy. Not only that, but we still have all the charities that need our support.

So why give when you see one family that has suffered a tragedy? Simply...because they need it. I just got through reading an article on AOL about the Berry family. Taking from the AOL article
A family tragedy has prompted Houston residents to open up their hearts to help three children orphaned in a West Texas car accident.
The children's parents, Joshua and Robin Berry, were killed when an SUV veered into their lane and crashed head-on into their van.
Nine-year-old Peter Berry, and 8-year-old Aaron Berry were airlifted from Covenant Health System's Women's and Children's Hospital in Lubbock to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital last Wednesday night after sustaining serious spinal cord injuries. They are both paralyzed below the waist.
Six-year-old Willa was less seriously injured and is recovering at a family friend's home.

Why am I writing a blog on this family? Because it could happen to any of us at anytime. Because those children have lost their parents. Because as a mother my heart aches for the those boys who have a long road ahead of them to overcome their injuries...without their mother for support. Because I can't do anything to help everyone that needs it, but maybe, just maybe I can help them a tad by asking for help for them.

Last night on the internet, I read an article on a boy lost in New York. Only three blocks away his mother sat waiting for him to come home from the camp he had attended. He never returned. The next I read he had been found murdered. I wish there was something I could have done for him. I wish I could do something now to relieve the hurt and pain in that mother's heart at the moment, but I can't. What I can do though is care. Caring is important. Don't you think?

So if anyone has a moment, the address is below for the Berry Family. I believe its obvious they have a long road ahead of them.

Joshua and Robin Berry Children's Trust

Bank of Texas
510 Bering, 5th Floor
Houston, Texas 77057

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