Saturday, October 8, 2011


I had an awesome week hosting for COFFEE TIME ROMANCE.
Coffee Time Romance web site holds almost anything one could want when one is an avid reader or an author.
Want to find a new author? Check out their Featured author section or perhaps their Spotlight author.
Want to know if a book is worth reading. Or are you an author in search for a fair review for your book? Coffee Time Romance has REVIEWSREVIEWS…REVIEWS. One of their reviewers left a comment that best encompasses the passion Coffee Time Romance has for their reviews.
          ‘I love working for Coffee Time Romance. Not only are they great staffers, but they stand behind your reviews. And…we are able to give honest reviews. We also learn how to give positive reviews even if the rating isn't all that great. Nothing worse than seeing someone trash someone else's work. I find most authors look at their books like I would look at my children. They are part of their souls.’ Danielle Russell

So much going on at Coffee Time Romance. Want to keep in touch with what’s going on, LIKE Coffee Time Romance on Facebook. Check out the happenings at CAFE CHRONICLES. Fun things too. Free ecards…they have their own ebook store…Our Reading Community with happenings going on from writer’s retreats to writer’s seminars and classes.

Besides Coffee Time Romance supports The Troops and Breast Cancer Awareness. They have a great project lined up this fall to help families in need- 2011 Thanksgiving Project.   
I had a wonderful time hosting Coffee Time Romance during OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS. So Ocotoberfest With Books Contest continues here on my blog.

Another weeks gone…and so are a lot more books. Coffee Time Romance has graciously donated to my contest here. I will be posting the winners on Facebook also.

The list of the winners of the books from Coffee Time Romance.

Monday’s Winners
Unclaimed by Courtney Milan-Nancy Jardine
‘Til Death Do Us Part by Beverly Barton-  Ruby Wright
Tuesday’s Winners
His Destiny by Diana Cosby- Patricia Yager Delagrange
Christmas at Timberwoods by Fern Michaels-   Kara John
Wednesday’s Winners
Inferno’s Kiss by Monica Burns- Mona the Writer
Haunting Embrace by Erin Quinn- Wendy Reis
Thursday’s Winners
Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips-   Silver James
The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde- Suzanne Rogers Fenney
Friday’s Winners
Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams- Laura Kaye
Enslaved by a Viking by Delilah Devlin- Katherine Grey

I had a wonderful week. Thanks to Coffee Time Romance again for their generosity for allowing me to host them for the week. 

Remember-Pull a chair, a cup of coffee and a good you could choose with the help of Coffee Time Romance.

OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS isn’t over…It’s only beginning. Stay with Novel Works next week. I’m hosting an author a day…exciting have Ruth Cardello, Sherri Erwin Browning, Brenda Novak, and Teresa Mederios!!!! Some of my favorite authors!! Don’t miss it. Again there will be more books given away next week…and don’t miss the chance to host Novel Works yourself.

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  1. Hi Jerri, love, love the cover of your book not to mention Colbie, Dexter and my fellow-aspiring author Michael.

    Coffee Time Romance Rocks, huh? I'm a staffer there as well and Danielle's comment couldn't ring more true. I don't know a higher demand for quality and fairness in the reviews being given at CTR. The reviewers are so darn talented anyone can rest assured any review they receive is honest and well thought out and not given lightly whether 5 cups or less. The people there are simply amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to express my own admiration for Coffee Time and thank you for your own contributions.

  2. Loved hosting Coffee Time Romance. What a great site! So much wonderful offered. Thanks for a tremendous week.