Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Don't miss out on your opportunity to win books, books, and more books. Or even the chance to win the grand prize...a week on Novel Works! 

Are you a reader who would love the opportunity to share your favorite books? Are you an author who would love the opportunity to have your books spotlighted for a week? Would you just love to win from great books? 

For the next five weeks, you have your chance with OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS CONTEST! Join me on Novel Works. Exciting next few weeks. 

SUSPENSE WEEK (Sept. 26-30) with Wild Rose Crimson Rose line!

Celebrate COFFEE TIME ROMANCE (October 2-7) week!

Tales of fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal with CRESCENT MOON PRESS (October 17-21) week! 


Every week ebooks will be given away. At the end of the contest the grand prize, a week on Novel Works will be given away. How do you enter?

Follow, follow, follow, and many ways to enter. You can check out NOVEL WORKS, follow this blog, follow ROSES OF PROSE blog, check out Jannine Gallant Author's on Facebook...stay tuned there be more ways to enter.

For each option you like of follow, you get your name put into the hat. If you do three, you get your name in three times. Easy...easy...easy. Everything is linked. All you have to do is hit the button.

The contest ends midnight October 31st. The winner will be announced on November 1st.

The winner will have a week to promote on Novel Works within the next calendar year (November, 2011 to October, 2012). The week will be agreed upon by the winner and Jerri Hines. The week includes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. A normal promotion will included 3 posting per day. The posting have to be okayed by Jerri Hines for content. You can include in your promotions postings of blogs, reviews, books, and/or websites. Covers have to be PG 13 rating or okayed by Jerri Hines.

The ebooks will be given away the Sunday after the week ends. Still collecting ebooks, but the library includes so far...

Victim of Desire by Jannine Gallant

Dream Walker by Jerri Hines

Patriot Secrets by Jerri Hines

A Man Like That by Alison Henderson

Storm's Interlude by Vonnie Davis

Holly and the Millionaire by Margaret Tanner

Sleeping with the Lights On by Brenda Whiteside

Ancient Blood by Barbara Edwards

J L Wilson's Donated Titles
         Suspense: The Deadly Landscaping Romances
                         Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs
                         Foxgloves, Fancy Fungus, and Fatal Family Feuds
                         Daisies, Deadly Force, and Disastrous         Divorce Disputes
                         Human Touch
                         Living Proof
                        Leap of Faith                    
    Many thanks to the Roses of Prose Authors for their donations!                     

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  1. I'm honored to be part of this and in such good company!