Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today is the First Day of the Last Year

Today is the First Day of the Last Year

Today is the first day of the last year I'll have anyone in school. My baby is a senior this year. Funny, it just hit me yesterday. She said no big deal. Yet, to is. The age old question Where has the time gone?

Contrary to what my children think, I do remember what its like to be a teenager. Oh, to have everything in front of you and you don't even realize it. The problem is, though, I do remember what it's like. That's what makes everything kinda...I guess the word I want to use is...sad. It doesn't seem that long ago.

Someone at work told me she's expecting her second child the other day. She said how this pregnancy was so different than her first...she was tired all the time. I found myself envious. I absolutely loved it when my children were babies, toddlers, grammar school. I have found its so hard to let go. Yet its our job. But it's so hard not to let them fall.

Can you have empty nest syndrome while your child is home? My husband thinks I'm crazy. He has a point. Our youngest has led us down a merry path at times. Since I work overnights, at times he's the one waiting up for her this summer. I think he wants to get to sleep before 11:30. Well, its school now... for another year, not even. So we won't have that problem except on weekends. You know were not getting any younger. We need our sleep. Although I do remember the days or nights should I say when I didn't get any...sorry...another subject for another blog...has absolutely nothing to do with staying up for my kids to get in at night.

Oh, my mood has to do with numerous things. After the hurricane last week and losing power for over two days...then having Facebook temporary lock me out of my account for a day...and I have had my patience tried...I have tried to be patient and understanding. Losing power for two days can't compare to so many of my neighbors who still don't have power. It could have been a lot worse. It could have been in the dead of winter with a foot of snow and freezing temps. My Facebook account was temporary locked because they told me someone tried to hack into it. So I guess they were protecting me, its just I'm so lost if I can't get in. Maybe I have a control problem.

Today is September 1st. SEPTEMBER!!! I need to be focusing on my release coming in January. I have so many great ideas for blogs with Charleston. I haven't shown hardly any of my pictures of Charleston. I think I've told you I love Charleston.

I am patiently waiting for word on my submissions also. I have three books out. Two I should have already heard back from. Both publishers have the whole manuscripts; one's a fantasy, the other historical romance. The fantasy said it could take up to eight months to get a response; the historical romance, I thought it was a rejection, but I got a email saying they were running behind with their submission. So is that good or bad? The other, another historical romance, I just submitted. So I have to be patient...have I over used that word today?

Then I've been building up to start querying agents again. Should I do it? I hate rejections. At least with publishers, I get professional responses such as using my name. I hate getting dear author letters and with agents it seems to be the norm for me. Although I read that The Help's author, Kathryn Stockett, got 60...60 rejections from agents before someone picked hers up. That gives an old lady like me hope.

I've been enjoying the Roses of Prose blog. I love interacting with other authors. Have I blogged about the progressive story we're doing? I have to say its been a different experience. Expanding myself. It's that control thing again. The vision I have... and the path the story is going...interesting...but I'm growing as a writer. First because its contemporary romance. Second, it's great to see others' creative process.

So it's almost time for school to get out. The first day of the last baby's a senior...there again maybe its just the jitters of the thoughts of college bills that come after...

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