Friday, September 16, 2011

Tides of Charleston Series!

Tides of Charleston
So excited. Signed the next two in the Tides of Charleston series today.  So it will be a series! The Judas Kiss is set to release January, 2012. Hopefully followed six months later with The Promise. Then, this one I'm thrilled to finally have come out, Another Night Falls, will follow. Although, I am going to retitle Another Night Falls. I signed The Judas Kiss, formerly The Sun Will Rise, back in January with the hope of making it a series.

I love Charleston. Anyone that follows me knows I had the most wonderful time this summer in Charleston. Having used the historical Charleston for so many settings in my manuscripts I was thrilled to discover it was just as I imagined.

Now The Judas Kiss begins in Charleston (Charles Town). Both The Judas Kiss and The Promise go back and forth from Charles Town to England. Another Night Falls is completely South Carolina. My husband came up with the title for the series, Tides of Charleston. I'll have to blog on the reasoning behind the series name. At the moment, I'm enjoying the fact that manuscripts I loved to write are going to be published. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Oh...Just a little reminder. My Coffee Time Romance Contest if anyone is interested.
(Cheat Sheet- Answers 1) Tulips 2) Marcus 3) Williamsburg) If you want to read the excerpt I linked it. Enter to win a copy of Patriot Secrets and a $10 Amazaon Gift Certificate! Good luck!

Next week I am blogging on my upcomings weeks on Novel Works. I'm gearing up for The Judas Kiss release! You know it's going to be fun!

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