Thursday, May 31, 2012


Destined to Die

Tormented by Darkness
Cursed To Kill

Spring Fling with Books is coming to an end with a bang. All month long we have supported Brenda Novak's Online Auction for the Cure for Diabetes. A great charity. Thanks to everyone for supporting Brenda...remember all proceeds go to such a good cause. Closes tonight so don't miss out.

I also welcomed in numerous authors and gave a way books, books and more books.

Today is no different. Novel Works welcomes Claire Ashgrove today. She is giving away 3 books today! The first three books in her Inherited Damnation Series. Claire has been a busy author this year. Talk about books, books, and more books. Besides the Inherited Damantion Series with Wild Rose Press, she has The Curse of Templars, contemporary romances including her latest contemporary release, Waiting for Yes, and this August she will release a historical, Bound by Love.

Claire Ashgrove also has a great blog. Check it out From the Muse...

Tommorrow I'll be announcing the final winners of the books- Resort to Murder by Glenys O'Connell, Honey on Whitebread by Brenda Whiteside, The Promise by Jerri Hines and the readers copy of When Lightning Strikes due out August 28th. And of course the winners of today's give away from the Inherited Damantion Series.

Enjoy the last day of May.


  1. Morning everyone! Jerri -- thanks for spotlighting the Inherited Damnation series today. Books 1-5 have been released, and 6-8 will make it out this year too. So for anyone who might be interested, this is a great chance to get started at the beginning.

    Also thanks for your dedication to Brenda Novak's Auction!

    Enjoy spring everybody!

  2. Claire,
    Thanks so much for dropping by. Love your books! Good luck with all your releases. Busy girl!