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Welcome Delilah Marvelle!

Rules of Engagement
Spring Fling With Books welcomes Delilah Marvelle today. This is one of the reasons I began Novel Works a little over two years ago- meeting authors. I don't think its any secret I'm an avid reader and also an huge fan of so many authors. I love to read. Reading is an escape to me; it relaxes me.

When I went to my first conference two years ago, I was like a little kid in a candy store, seeing and meeting the authors I loved to read. I've become an even bigger fan of some of the authors I have met or have talked with like Teresa Mederios, Eloisa James, Carolyn Hart, Ruth Cardello, Brenda Novak...I'm going to stop here. I'm going to leave some one out and that's not my intention... I have an ever growing list!

As it is today with welcoming Delilah Marvelle to Novel Works! I read her book, Prelude to a Scandal. I was drawn to it because it didn't sound like the average historical romance. The world of historical romance begs for originality. I found Ms Marvelle not only to be original, but refreshing. I found a review of this book with Love Me Some Romance . Part of the review stated

Delilah Marvelle has definitely earned her place on my list of must read authors. Her unconventional and thoroughly researched history makes for hours of simply good reading. She challenges her readers to open their mind to a new brand of hero, one that makes you fall in love with him for a whole new set of reasons.

I believe that says exactly what I was thinking. When I saw that Prelude to a Scandal was the winner of RT's Reviewers' Choice Award of 2011 for Best Sensual Historical, I asked Ms Marvelle if I could highlight her during Spring Fling With Books. I was ecstatic when she agreed. I love hosting Novel Works. It allows me this opportunity to share not only books that I enjoy, but also a tiny glimpse into the person that creates these worlds that we use as an escape.

I love Ms Marvelle's website. You have to check out The Lady Behind the Quill.- 28 Random Facts about Delilah. Personality oozed from the written lines. Now after reading about her new release with Stephanie Laurens and Kasey Michaels, Rules of Engagement, I can't wait to read it! And guess what- she's giving away a copy of Rules of Engagement today to one lucky commentor or like (on Novel Works)!


The first rule of engagement?
There are no rules.

Delve into UNLACED by Delilah Marvelle

Mark Jacob Danford, the fourth Earl of Thornton and the Dowager Countess of Kent have been the best of
friends for years. After all, they have a lot in common. Both are parents, widows, had been miserable in their respective marriages, and neither of them were interested in getting involved with the opposite sex ever
again. They even cheekily toast to the anniversary of their spouses' deaths twice a year. Until one afternoon, whilst playing chess, the game changes and they find that their "friendship" will never be the same.

For an Excerpt click here. Also I have to include her message about Rules of Engagement-

Steamy Ever AftersA note from Delilah Marvelle:
Dear Reader,

Welcome to man meets woman at forty. Whilst, yes, debutante stories are very lovely, stories about women who have bustled their skirts around the block and have gone through married life (and children), only to start all over again, lends to a different flavor. I hope you enjoy my nod to the beautiful women of forty (and their hot men) in the era of the corset.
Yours Truly,
Delilah Marvelle

I'll be the first to admit- I'm looking forward to a good book about an older heroine!

Coming July 24- Forever a Lady by Delilah Marvelle!

Two different classes, One common desire...

Bernadette Marie Burton may be the richest widow in England, but like her dreams of finding true passion, her reputation is deteriorating. Cruel gossip, loneliness and hoards of opportunistic suitors have her believing Society couldn't be more vile....or dangerous. So when an attacker threatens her life, she finds safety in the most unseemly of places: the arms of a mysterious, Irish-American gang leader.

His fortune stolen, young Matthew Joseph Milton is done playing the respectable gentleman. In the slums of New York, only ruffians thrive. But from the moment he arrives in London and encounters the volumptious Lady Bernadette, he can't help but wonder about the finer pleasures he's missing. Or just how much he's willing to risk -- not only to bed her, but to prove his worth...

For an Excerpt click here!

So join Novel Works today while I spotlight Delilah Marvelle! Don't miss out on the chance for a copy of Rules of Engagement!

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