Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dexter and Colbie's Summer

My puppies aren’t so little anymore. They’re huge puppies! Dexter weighs in at 65 pounds and Colbie around 45, but they are still puppies and play like puppies. Thank goodness the weather turned. My house was being turned inside out. I swear Dexter uses my house as a teething ring. Colbie isn’t innocent either. The smart thing watches what everyone does and if she can reach it, she gets it and chews it up. Yes, she chewed my daughter’s Coach glasses! Remote controls! Oh, and don’t take off your shoes. If you do, they’re doomed. She can climb to get to what she wants, you know. Dexter, on the other hand, is happy go lucky as any one dog can get. He’s content to follow Colbie, especially if there are birds outside.

Dexter is kinda of a wimp. Well…no…he is a wimp. When someone lets him outside, he hesitates if he thinks there are birds out on the lawn. Of course there are birds. We have bird feeders, a water bath, and live in a wooded area. Ah, but he’s scared of birds, not only the wild turkeys. Little robins, bluejays, finches, cardinals… He lets Colbie attack and waits until the coast is clear. He’s comparable to a big teddy bear. Both doggies love to cuddle up to you whether you’re on the couch or in bed. Having my Boston Terrier as a role model may have backfired considering both think they’re lap dogs.
Ah…Max. My baby dog turned fourteen this last week. Poor thing can’t romp with the puppies and I confess I think the two together might aggratate Max a tad more than they should. It's Colbie, trufully. Dexter will just lie around with Max. Colbie wants him to play.
Dexter and Colbie love outdoors! They romp around the yard and rough house with each other, hiding and tackling each other. Their favorite game? Fetch. Dexter fetches the ball; Colbie fetches Dexter. She leads him back by his collar with the ball in his mouth.

I've had this written for a week. I have to apologize.  My mind has been on other things, but I'm  coming out of a fog that I've been in for the last month and a half. Now that things seem to be going back to normal, I will concentrate better on my blog.

I promise its not only my blog. I only noticed last week that my daughter's school got backed up four days due to the snow. I don't know where I was when that happened. I still haven't started edits on my book I signed my contract back in January. I've let that go because I was concentrating on other things, but I have to get back in the groove. Oh, Patriot Secrets is finally on Barnes and Noble! And lastly, I feel the end to Seductive Secrets coming. Oh, I have about another 20,000 words to go, but its falling into place. Maybe the sun is coming out.

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