Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, so its a little on the late side since Patriot Secrets was released last October, but better late than never. And I love it. You know it's almost the 4th of July. What better time to read Patriot Secrets than the 4th! It would be a great read!

Feel like I'm so behind. Getting back from a week off. Between everything happening before I left, it was just the break I needed. We took our youngest on a tour of colleges. She has it in her mind to go down South, but somewhere along the coast. Oh, we had the most wonderful time in Charleston! We loved it. It was just like I pictured it which is a good thing since I wrote about it in almost every historical book I've written.

Went to Drayton Hall. Its the plantation I use in my head when I wrote The Sun Will Rise (due out later this year with Whiskey Creek Press) and Another Night Falls. It's also the plantation that I was inspired to write Whisperings of a Southern Heart. Oh, while I was there I decided I have a better title for Whisperings- Belle of Charleston. The trip motivated me to the point where I have decided to revise the beginning of Whisperings. Walking the streets of Charleston, I thought about Whisperings. Sometimes it is better to let a book sit for awhile before revising it. I'm excited about it, but I have to finish Seductive Secrets first.

Then I have the sequel to Patriot Secrets and guess where its set...Charleston, except back before the revolutionary war it was known as Charles Town. My husband corrected me several times about calling it Charles Town. In my head you know when I'm writing, it's how I see it. Even my current book I'm almost done with Seductive Secrets has a connection to Charleston being the heroine is from Charleston. Charleston is the most interesting place. Full of exciting history and adventures.

You haven't heard the last of Charleston, but I have to get back to my trailer I want you to see. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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