Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tell me no! Ranting at Thanksgiving?

Dexter, Max, and I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving week! I have felt bad because I haven't included Max in most of my discussion. I have focused on Dexter since he came into the house. Max, though, is thirteen years old and no matter if he is the smartest dog I've ever had, he likes to lay around the house these days. So he doesn't do a lot I could write about, although honestly I think he understands exactly what I tell him. Max is mine (and the rest of the family). Dexter is like my grandchild. Dexter is getting so big now. Max is a lap dog and can jump up and lie in our laps. Dexter thinks he's a lap dog. This could become a problem. Dexter loves to cuddle, but then again he loves everything. He's going to obedience school now. He's learning how to sit and come. He has no problem coming, if only he would wait for the command. And he's learning to stop chewing on things he's not suppose to or at least that's what I'm telling my husband when he noticed the entrance rug shredding at the edges. Did I already tell everyone about the telephone and Dexter bringing me the telephone wire to my bedroom? I wondered why I was writing without interruption. I wish I had a picture of him come wagging in like he did something special. I really wish I could live my life that happy.

I have to apologize for deleting my last blog. I panicked. Really. I thought I might get on the wrong side of reviewers with my opinion. Then a friend of mine told me it was the best blog she had read of mine. It was the truth. I guess that makes for a good read, but in the publishing business we aren't suppose to step on another's toes. The nerve to expect to get a review when a reviewer promised they would do one! Or to expect that when they gave a time table it was on the same time table that most people use. And heaven forbid you ask if its coming. I chatted yesterday with a group. One of the group flat out told me don't go back to them (I haven't unless you count the one that told me she didn't do self-published books. And I argued back in forth that my book wasn't self-published.) But back to the chat group- she said she had known of reviews coming back two years after they were requested.

I have worked endlessly since April to try to network. I have had the absolutely the best time highlighting authors and posting new reviews for authors. I have met the nicest people. And its fun, but the bottom line is that I wanted to establish a foot hold to promote Patriot Secrets. I have the memory of an elephant, truly. I will never forget the kindness of some of the authors I highlighted such as Lindsay Townsend. She in turn let me guest blog. Teresa Mederios said she liked my cover (little things mean alot at times). Cate Masters returned the favor and had me guest blog. Bertena Varney wrote a couple of extremely nice articles on my books. I have had a few other authors offer me guest blogs. Su Halfwerk offered not only a guest blog, but to help with a trailer for me. I shouldn't act like I'm desolate, but I do have a couple of issues that I want to rant about just to make me feel better I suppose.

And it’s not just getting a review! I had business cards made up -very pretty I might add. I gave them out to everyone at work. Gave them to my husband. Excited. I went to check my stats on my website. Now I know how many people usually visit a day. After I gave out my cards which had my website on them besides my blog and email, I had absolutely no hits! None! No one even went to my website. Even my usual number of hits I get disappeared. Did I tell you -NONE? Now its gone back to normal, but can you imagine handing out all these cards, only to discover your hits have gone down!

If it wasn't for the readers' reviews at a couple of places I would be losing it totally. And you can rest assured it isn't my family giving them. I don't think anyone has read it. My sister bought the book. That I know and being the good soul printed it out for everyone so they wouldn't have to bother with the computer. Why would I want everyone to buy a copy when she can print it out??? And I won’t go into my husband’s family which I love dearly too. But the only thing I can reason is that everyone in my family looks upon my writing as a hobby…a whim.

Do other writers have trouble getting their family to read their books? Do they? I don't think so. But in truth, it isn't my biggest concern. This year hasn't been the best. Literally, we have dealt with one thing after another. But it could have been worse. And in that I thank the Good Lord and pray he looks over us in the coming year.

My husband understands. He lives with me. My kids might not have read my book, but they bought it or I bought it for their computers. (they asked and I wasn't going to say no). My doggies know what it means to me. But in reality it’s not what puts food on the table for us. My husband and I work extremely hard at our regular jobs.

I work at a hospital. I have to say I believe I make a decent salary, but in my profession we are under stringent rules we have to follow. First and foremost is patient care. To be professional is a must. To be respectful is without question. So that's my mind set when it comes to being told that a reviewer is going to do a review.

I expect that reviewer to do what they said and do it under the time restrictions they laid out, not me. But once they tell me it will be within a certain time span I do expect it. Being told that reviewer is backed up and it could take two years is unacceptable to my way of thinking when they told me a month. And to be told not to bother them because it will cause me to get a bad name bothers me to no end. Its okay to tell me a lie because...because...why? Because they consider me a nobody. I don't buy it. I don't do my regular job that way. And if they're professional they shouldn't either.

It's called respect. I worked extremely hard on my book. If you don't want to do it, fine. But don't tell me you are and then don't. Don't make me wait around thinking I'm going to have a few reviews coming in. I could have been sending out more requests for goodness sakes.

Do I think I'm going to get anything changed in the publishing field? Of course not. They have survived without my influence for a long time. Now I'm done with the ranting. Made me feel a tad better I suppose. Won't mention reviews again. Too much more to talk about!

So I was talking about Thanksgiving. I am thankful. I'm thankful for my husband and children that I love more than life itself. I'm thankful for my doggies. I'm thankful for meeting Lyndsay Beth this year. I'm thankful I have a roof over my head. I'm thankful for my family in Mississippi who I had such a great week with for my birthday. I'm thankful for my Massachusetts family. I'm thankful that I have to the opportunity to write.

I told my husband not long ago I was going to give it up. He said no you're not. He's right. I can't, not yet at least.

So if anyone is interested in a historical fiction book filled with intrigue and suspense set during the American Revolution- do I have the book for you!

Oh, by the way, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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