Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas Present to Everyone

      Merry Christmas. I hope the holiday season holds joy and happiness for everyone. As everyone else I'm trying to get my act together for Christmas. My first obstacle is my tree. I usually put up my tree today- the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'm holding off this year for one reason and one reason only- Dexter. Got to figure out how to keep the tree safe. Somehow in my mind I see him tackling it. Should be able to figure out something to protect the tree. I did raise three children with other animals. But Dexter...well, we'll see.
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will add to our little family before Christmas. Been talking to a shelter about another dog. I know you'll probably say two dogs are plenty. You're right, two is plenty, but Dexter is here only half the time. And Max needs another dog (I want another dog). Its all Becca wants for Christmas. So we'll see.
     Now I have an idea that I'm going to present on Novel Works tomorrow. It's give a friend a book for Christmas. It's so easy. I have done it a few times already. It's easy. I got the idea after having lunch with Lyndsay Beth's mother, Judy (lovely lady by the way). I wanted to say a small thank you to her for lunch. I saw Amazon advertising sending ebooks. So I gave it a whirl. It was so so easy! And with Amazon they let you download a kindle to your PC for free if you don't have a kindle. I have seen other places offer it as well such as All Romance Ebooks. I'm certain Barnes and Nobles probably has one along with Borders.
      What I offered to my friends in my chat rooms was an opportunity to promote their books on Novel Works. I'm so excited because I have a wide range of great books! I'm also going to include my recommended authors in on this because they were so nice in letting me spotlight them during the year. I hope everyone can join me this week. Should be fun!
    I have left links below to different websites to show how easy it is to give (funny how its linked to my books, isn't it), but it is easy. Now everyone can find something to enjoy this holiday season!


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