Sunday, November 28, 2010

MY CHRISTMAS LIST (for Novel Works)

Ready for Christmas. Making your list out of everything to have to rush around to grab? Maybe I have an gift idea for you. It's so easy and quick. All you need is your friend or family member's email address. Give an ebook. Worried that your friend or family member doesn't have a Kindle, Ipad, or a Nook. Doesn't matter. Check out Amazon Kindle- they have an easy (and free) application to download to your PC. The link will take you to my book, but you can see what I'm taking about- how easy it is!

All Romance Ebooks you are also able to send the ebook as a gift. I've never sent one from All Romance Ebooks but I've heard good things about it. Again, I'm including a link to All Romance Ebooks

Haven't seen the same thing at Barnes & Nobles, Borders or Fictionwise, but it doesn't mean they don't have some method of sending ebooks as gifts.

The gift giving ebook is nice because it comes with a little card saying whose it too and a personal message if you choose. Check it out!

What I'm doing to help you is posting a whole host of great books to choose from this week! I will be bombarding you with great ideas! Whether its an ebook or hardcopy, books are great gifts! Join me this week on Novel Works. Should be a lot of fun!

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