Saturday, November 13, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT! Application for book reviewers!


Application for Book Reviewer on small blog- mine!


                     Read Books- lots of them

                    Love to talk about what you read

Have decided to add to my blog. I will give a space for a book review from said applicant to give reviews. I will have no dealings with said review as long as it follows under my guide lines and the turn around time is minimum.


               Could care less about race, age or gender of applicant.

               Could care less about where the applicant lives as long as you have a computer.

               Has to read ebooks.

               Has to show ability to give reviews.

This is the fun part!!!

To show your ability to review give me a short review of either of my books. PATRIOT SECRETS or DREAM WALKER.

Show me you ability to give concise summary of the content.
When I say short review- one to two lines- be creative!
You can leave a comment here on my blog, a message to me on Facebook, harder to do on Novel Works (but if you can fit it in-great!), or email me at

What you get if you win

1) First- to name your review on my blog

2) Second- to write your own little column

3) Third- did I mention there is no pay.

Winner (s)

There can be more than one winner here. If someone is qualified and wants the opportunity- this is what I’m offering.

There doesn’t have to be a winner either. If no one applies or shows the ability to review, there will be no reviews on my blog.

This has no connections to my highlighting and recommending books on Novel Works. Novel Works is mine! But I will post your reviews are up on Novel Works.

Also if you haven’t read Patriot Secrets or Dream Walker and don’t think you will be in the foreseeable future you doing so, I will accept other reviews on other books, but they have to be books I’ve read so I’ll be able to judge your ability to review. There is no pay because I don’t get paid for my opinions. But if you have a business sense about you I don’t have, we can discuss ways of obtaining advertising and other means I’ve seen on other blogs. I just don’t have a clue about those things.
I’m sure I’m missed something here, but at the moment I’m going with it. Let’s have some fun!

To find my books

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