Saturday, March 3, 2012

Whiskey Creek Press' Authors are coming to Novel Works!

Next week, March 5th- 9th, WCP authors are invading Novel Works in Celebration of WCP's 9th Birthday! Over on WCP the celebration is all month long. They are selling nine books for $.99 for March, including THE JUDAS KISS, Tides of Charleston Series!

The week is the brim with great authors and books. It's just the beginning of March. The week of March 12th  Astreas Press is coming. Busy, busy, busy March! All good.

I also have VISION OF DESTINY being released. Should be out within the next week! The third part to Whispers of a Legend! So excited because afterwards I'm pulling them into one book, Whispers of a Legend, Volume 1.  Then its going into print!

Guess what? I'm getting my rights back to Dream Walker! So coming in April I'll have another Indie release. Renaming Dream Walker to Dreamscape. Noticed after Dream Walker was released too many other titles with the same name. If I ever go back to Dream Walker and continue the series, I'll call it Book 1 the Dream Walker Series.

I say if...why? Because I have so much I want to finish before I go back. I love my book Patriot Secrets. It was always set up to continue. I'll let you in on a secret. Ssh! Patriot Secrets was part of a much bigger book. I  divided the manuscript. Had to. Patriot Secrets is over 110,000 words. But it was always part of the plan to have The Winds of Betrayal series. The only problem when I went back to revise The Winds of Betrayal, I decided I needed another book in-between Patriot Secrets and The Winds of Betrayal. I have been working on The Ruse of Love on and off since then.

So The Ruse of Love is next on my list for a couple of reasons. First the Tides of Charleston series. The last book in the Tides of Charleston series, Another Night Falls, has a couple of characters from Patriot Secrets. You see I know what happens in my little brain during my version of the American Revolution. Another Night Falls doesn't need The Ruse of Love, but it will give a better underlying understanding of the whole picture. In the perfect world, I would have had released- Patriot Secrets, The Judas Kiss, The Promise, The Ruse of Love, Another Night Falls, and Winds of Betrayal. Well, I am releasing them in that order except going through different means of publishing.

Then I have to turn back my attention to Whispers of a Legend. The next parts to Whispers comes from the second book, The Time of the Nuxvenom. I have this book in rough draft. It shouldn't take too long to get it to publishing form. I just have to decide whether to continue to release in short installments or the whole book at one time.

I also have another book, Broken Legacy which I love, but I need to have time to work on it. Then my biggest project...Belle of Charleston. I need to write full time. But this is reality and I have to slow down and take one project at a time. The Ruse of Love.

The Ruse of Love follows Jonathan Corbett down to Charles Town in the midst of the turmoil of their war against the British and each other. The Ruse of Love, like Patriot Secrets, will not be a light romance. It couldn't be with the subject matter. Think John Jake...he's the one that inspired me to write this series.

I'm excited today because I'm going down to Rhode Island and hopefully met up with Ruth Cardello and Annette Blair at the RIRW monthly meeting! So I have to much to do.

Have a good one!

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