Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amazon Select and Patriot Secrets!

My publisher, Wild Child Publishing, put my book, PATRIOT SECRETS, into Amazon Select! Patriot Secrets is free until Sunday night. At the moment, Patriot Secrets is # 1 in Historical Romance, #1 in Spys, # 3 in Thrillers, #45 in Free Kindle! 

So excited because I love this book. It's my mother's favorite book of mine. Patriot Secrets would be considered historical fiction, not really historical romance in the true sense of the word. Oh, without a doubt a love story centers the story. A forbid love- a love that Hannah can't deny- yet if you have read any of my books, you know that I write to my own drum...I mean story. The story takes me.

One of the elements of most of my books is that I center my story around a strong heroine. Most of the time I write series, the exception was Daughter of Deceit. Patriot Secrets is part of Winds of Betrayal Series. Whereas Patriot Secrets introduces us to two siblings, Hannah and Jonathan, Hannah's story is the centerpiece of the book. She is the one in the midst of the spy ring. The next book in the series, The Ruse of Love, will focus on Rebekah Morse. She is mentioned briefly in Patriot Secrets.

I wrote a book, a long book, called Before the Sun Sets. To sell the book, I had to break it up into two parts (does this sound familiar- The Judas Kiss and The Promise in the Tides of Charleston series). The difference is that I broke up the book myself. The result was Patriot Secrets. I've always had the first draft of Winds of Betrayal, the second half of the original book. The problem to me when I sat down to revise Winds of Betrayal something was missing, a key element...

One of the first lesson I learned when writing was show...don't tell.  In Winds of Betrayal, I had Jonathan returning north having served in the Southern Campaign. Within the book, you discovered what happened to Jonathan during that time, but to be connected to his story I realized I had to fill in the missing pieces. I couldn't just tell you...I had to show you...I had to write The Ruse of Love. The first draft is complete. I have to edit it with lots of revisions. Then onward to the completion of the series where everything climaxes- explodes- in The Winds of Betrayal.

My hope is to have The Ruse of Love released before Another Night Falls with Whiskey Creek Press in September. Not a must, but it's my goal.

At the moment, though, my attention is on Patriot Secrets. I hope it can maintain its numbers. I was so happy when it appeared on Ereaders News Today first thing yesterday morning. I love Ereaders News Today. I would highly recommend the site to anyone who is looking for a free book especially the ones on the Amazon Select.

Still haven't received my proof for Whispers of a Legend, Volume I. Probably a good thing since I have so much going on. Expecting my edits back on Daughter of Deceit any day now! I'll be so happy to get it set and start promoting it again.

On a side note, whose going to see Hunger Games? It's finally going to be released.  I want to go this weekend, but don't know if I'll get to. Loved the book.

All good...have a good one!

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