Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today through the 18th- DREAMSCAPE- is FREE on Amazon!

My first backlist book republished as an Indie! When I decided to retitled Dream Walker, I was thinking out loud about maybe Dream Escape. My husband suggested Dreamscape. What do you think? I like it. It's his second suggestion about my writing I took. He came up with the Tides of Charleston series name also. The reasoning behind the Tides of Charleston...the connection between England and Charleston during the American Revolution. The tides would bring the ships into harbor. Thus the Tides of Charleston name! Here I was thinking he never paid attention to my ramblings!

Working hard pulling together Whispers of a Legend, Volume 1. GX has put together a great cover. He surprised me with a difference that I love. Can't wait to show it to you. Shouldn't be much longer.

Okay, I'll admit I have been engrossed in my writings, book releases and promotions. Over on Novel Works this week, it's having one of its best week ever. Astraea Press has done a tremendous job. What a great group of authors! I have to say that I don't know who their cover artist is, but what beautiful covers. Expecting my best numbers on Novel Works. The authors certainly used Facebook to their advantage. I have always tried to tell groups that the more interaction the more exposure. Astraea Press has certainly set a standard. Great job!

Around my house, my son's poor doggie, Dexter, got Lyme disease. He went in for his yearly heartworm test. I guess now they test for Lyme disease too especially where we live. He had it! The poor thing. He wasn't showing any signs and his titer although high wasn't over 200. Don't know what else we could have  done- he had the vaccine and Frontline. Although if the truth be told, I probably wasn't as aggressive putting Frontline on during the winter and we definitely didn't have a normal winter this year.

But on a good note, my youngest thinks she has made up her mind up about college. Her first choice was ODU. When she got her acceptance, she hesitated, but yesterday she told me that she was going to go to ODU. Although I don't know what I will do without having her close to home, I think if that's what she wants she should go for it. Life's too short to hesitated.

I'm so happy we decided to take the family trip to Ireland this summer now too. I said at the time it probably be the last time we could have the whole family together. Life is going to take them in their own direction. It's as it should be. So, I'm going to end on that note. Have a good one! And don't forget to get your copy of DREAMSCAPE. It's free!!!

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