Friday, March 23, 2012

Patriot Secrets...Spies and Thrillers

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in New England. It was, I didn't get much writing done. I went out with my doggies and ended up pulling weeds out of one of my gardens. I should have put my gardening gloves on, but you know how it is. You're out in the sun. You see one little weed. I thought I don't need my gloves for one little weed, but I didn't stop with one. I ended up cleaning up the whole of the garden. Felt good to be outside. Felt good, except now I have blisters on my hands. My own fault.

Something else is my fault. Patriot Secrets did really well free. My publisher pulled it off Free after it peaked at #32 free kindle. It started to decline so she pulled it. Should. I feel it was a good move. Want it to go out on free high. You can always put it back on free and then off again. At the moment I'm writing this its #45 in paid kindle for Spies Stories and Tales of Intrigue and #54 in Books in Spies Stories and Tales of Intrigue.

Spies Stories and Tales of Intrigue...the perfect category for Patriot Secrets. Perfect because it is exactly that...a spy story...full of intrigue. In all the time Patriot Secrets has been released, I never thought to promote it as a spy story or thriller. That's my fault.

I never thought when I began writing that so much would go into creating a book. The easy part is writing. The hard is catch the eye of reader. The good news...Patriot Secrets now has found its home where it should have been all along!

So if you're looking for a tale of intrigue, mystery, history, and romance, take a look at Patriot Secrets. It won't disappoint!

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