Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Amazon Select Books

Back in 2008, I released my first book by Wild Child Publishing- Dream Walker. I had such dreams before it was published. I was so naive. I thought it would just magically sell itself. I found out its quite different out there in the world of publishing. Writing a book is the easy part. Promotion...a whole different ballgame. Now I've taken it a step further and went Indie...

Amazon Select has allowed me exposure. For the first time in my writing career, I can see the possibilities of making money with my writing. Back in October, I released Whispers of a Legend and over on Barnes and Noble, I collected a small following which I greatly appreciate. I sold more copies of my book than I ever had with my traditional publishing. I found a sense of satisfaction with the reviews. The readers have been too kind to me with Whispers of a Legend over on Barnes and Noble.

Because of the readers on Barnes and Noble, I released the third installment through Smashwords. I admit there was a draw to pull all of Whispers back and release it under Select. The I have held back at the moment. Not to say I won't put Whispers on Select at some point...maybe the fall before I come out with Whispers IV. I couldn't do it at the moment, because I want everyone who waited patiently over on Barnes and Nobles the opportunity to get the third installment. At the moment, I putting together the manuscript to put Whispers of a Legend, Volume I out in print. Whispers of a Legend, Volume I will hold all three books. So when or if I pull Whispers, the print version would still be offered. That sounds fair. I hope so. Love my fans on Barnes and Noble.

As I mentioned above, my first book Dream Walker- I got the rights back. So what did I do? I renamed it, revised it a tad, and got a beautiful cover. I released it yesterday! It will be free this coming week- March 14-18th.

So in a span of a week, I added two books to my list of Indies (and one off the list of traditional). I'm going through with my edits that the marvelous Faith Williams did for me on Whispers. First I'm reposting the revised version on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

This week- don't miss out on Dreamscape. It will be FREE March 14th-18th! Then don't be surprised to find that Patriot Secrets with Wild Child Publishing will follow March 21-25th FREE! I have always felt that Patriot Secrets is my best book...which you will see the sequels coming soon.

As for Daughter of Deceit... I am bound and determined to succeed with this book. I have a great new cover by Calista Taylor. It's in the midst of edits. As soon as the edits are complete (which I've been told won't be until around the 23th) I will put up the new cover and revision and it will go free again!

This week on Novel Works I have another publishing house, Astraea Press, coming in...Suzanne G. Rogers group of friends! Suzanne's a great author. She has a young adult series you may remember The Last Great Wizard of Yden. 

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