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THE JUDAS KISS. It's the title to my next release set hopefully for January-the first book in the Tides of Charleston Series with Whiskey Creek Press. It's my first historical romance since Patriot Secrets although in truth Patriot Secrets is historical fiction with strong romantic elements.

I'm excited about the Tides of Charleston Series for a few reasons. When I was doing research on Patriot Secrets, I had focused on the American Revolution in the North. Williamsburg, the setting of Patriot Secrets, had been a hot bed for the Call for Independence. At the beginning of the war, most of the action took place up in the Northern colonies from Massachusetts down to Virginia. I found the whole of the American Revolution both fascinating and intriguing. I discovered the Culper Spy ring and I was hooked.

Now, I have my reasons why the rest of the Winds of Betrayal Series hasn't been published as of yet. However, it doesn't mean I haven't continued on with my interest in the American Revolution. I have a story to complete and I have every intention of doing so. I haven't stopped writing about the American Revolution. Following Patriot Secrets, the sequel will take Dr Jonathan Corbett south to Charles Town, South Carolina. That is the reason I began doing research on the Southern Campaign. The more research I did on the Southern Campaign, the more confused I became. How is it that more hasn't been written about this piece in history?

The people of Charles Town (Charleston) lived captivating lives. On one side you had the harbor; the other the wilderness. The elite society considered themselves on the same lines as the aristocrats in England. They lived life in extravagant luxury, educated at the best schools and traveled extensively. Then you have the mountain men to the west. The men and women who carved out a frontier before anyone went West. Loyalists. Patriots. Men that lived by their own rules. Violence was common place. Common sense...well?

Can you get the sense of why I found all so intriguing? I have my theory on why more hasn't been written in historical romance. I believe it has a lot to do with slavery. Most of the romance books I have read pertaining to the Southern Campaign or even the South itself before the Civil War try to have the hero/heroine strive against slavery. There is one problem with that picture. It goes against the historical accuracy of the times. Back during the American Revolution, slavery was an accepted practice. You had your sympathizers, but if you're writing about that era in the South, you can't simply dismiss the practice or turn a blind eye to what was going on. You can't rewrite history. It has to be included in your writing.

Who watched the movie The Patriot? Did anyone find it slightly over the top when Mel Gibson's character  didn't have slaves. He had freed slaves working for him. Was that Hollywood stepping in to make the movie politically correct? I know they rolled Gibson's character from a few Southern hero's at the time into one person, but none of the heroes from the war that I know of had freed slaves working for them. George Washington owned slaves. Yes, he freed them, but it was in his will. Does a good deed count after one's dead? And everyone knows about Thomas Jefferson. These were our Founding Fathers. The only well-known Patriot I know that took a stand against slavery was John Laurens from Charles Town, South Carolina. (I may love history, but I'm not an expert historian there may have been others I'm not aware of.)

Yes, slavery was an abomination- without question- inexcusable to the extreme, but it shouldn't stop one from writing about the era. It only means when you do write about it, don't ignore that piece. It is history. As I said you can't rewrite history, but you can learn from it.

I fell in love with Charleston when I did my research. I love its rich history, the good, the bad and the really bad. So much to write about and explore. With The Judas Kiss, the Tides of Charleston series will be launched. The series follows two siblings. Cathryn Blankenship, the only daughter of the former Governor of Antigua who settled in Charles Town, and Sumner Meador, her half-brother, the bastard son. One will stay true to the crown; the other will answer the Call for Liberty.

The Promise, The Judas Kiss sequel, will be released in May. In September, Another Night Falls will follow. Action, suspense, and romance!

And I will let you in on a little secret. Before Another Night Falls is released, I'm planning on releasing the second in the line with Patriot Secrets. I say this for a reason. Yes, it's set too in Charleston and you may recognize some of the characters as their lives may intersect with each other.

So much going on. So much to do. But it's all good! Happy Holidays!

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